06/03/02 - New lyrics on the lyrics site.

4/25/02 - Added Bruce Willis on the Guests page. Sorry, I haven't updated in a while! I've just been busy.

3/21 - I got scripts for season 8!

2/08 - I finally got my frame to work. It's not as good as I wanted it to be, but oh well. I also updated all of the biographies a little bit.

2/05 - New Guys and Girls pics. I'm still trying to update this frame so just please bare with me...

11/30 - New picture up on the Pictures page. You can actually buy that picture at AllPosters.com. Check out the picture first though. Then click on the picture to buy it. Since I have a 3 Girls page, I added a 3 Guys page. You guys know those dolls you find on the net? Well, I found a Friends doll and put it up on my drawings page. It should be on the very bottom. Brad Pitt was a psycho on Friends on the recent episode. Hehe.

11/09 - Found out Chandler's job.

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6/06 - Updated Lyrics. Added lots and lots of lyrics. I hope you'll enjoy it because it took me lots and lots of time.

5/21 - I made this page. =) Last Thursday's episode is when Monica and Chandler got married. Don't read on if you don't want to spoil the show...Rachel might be pregnant... Yes, that's not a typo. I almost cried when I found this out but yes it's true...

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