Trouble With Boys - Loreta

610 TOW The Routine

Doo o do o o o
Doo o do o o o
Doo o do o o o
Nothing but trouble

Here comes jenny with Danny from down the street, yeah
She says shes in love but she falls for every boy she meets,
She says he's smart, couldnt make it hard to do, yeah hey
I think he's crazy, I don't think she knows what to do, yeah
Boys are why's, they ifs and they're maybes , they think
they are so big, but they're just big babies

Boys in trouble with
Boys in troubles with, boys
they are nothing but trouble

(repeat chorus)

They'll make you think they thought the hell about them, but
boys are trouble
Trouble is I love them

They tell ya that they love ya
its easy coming easy go
They pretend they need ya
They tell ya what they think you wanna know
They can say what they want
We'll aways tell'em:
Cant live with them
Cant live without them

(chorus 2x)

They say how well
That you can break they' re mind
They said they loved ya
but they left you behind
I used to lie in bed
And cry myself to sleep
He made me a promise that
That he'd never keep

Doo o do o o o
Doo o do o o o
Doo o do o o o
Nothing but trouble

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