TOW The With the Worst Best Man Ever
OK, you guys, this is my first time making a quiz. So if you think it's stupid or there's something wrong with it, then so what? It's my first time!

1. How many times have Phoebe peed since she's been in the bathroom?
None of the above

2. When they were talking about planning a bachelor party, Ross changed his mind about his Best Man, who did he pick?
None of the above

3. What did Joey borrow from Monica??
A sponge
A big bowl
He didn't borrow anything
None of the above

4. Where did Ross have his last Bachelor party?
At Ross's apartment.
Basement of Pizza Hut.
At a strip bar.
None of the above.

5. What did Rachel and Monica end up giving Phoebe for her Baby Shower?
Clothes for the babies.
Maternity Clothes.
None of the above.

6. What was written on the front of the shirt as a party favour for Ross' Bachelor Party?
"Ross Geller, Bachelor Bash 1999"
"Ross Geller, Bachelor Party 1999"
"Ross Geller, Bachelor Bash 1998"
None of the above.

7. What did Joey loose?
The wedding ring.
Joey didn't loose anything at all!
None of the above

8. What name did Ross, Chandler and Joey make up?
Chan Weyn
Gunther Central Perk
Viva Las Gay Guys
None of the above.

9. Where did they find the object Joey lost?
The chicken ate it.
In the ring box where its supposed to be.
The duck ate it.
None of the above.

10. Who did Ross end up picking as his best man?
Both Chandler and Joey.
None of the above

Good Luck!

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