The One With Ross' New Girlfriend

1. When Ross got out of the airplane, who did he have his arm around?
No one

2. Who was waiting for him at the airport?
The whole gang
Monica and Chandler

3. Who cut Joey and Chandler's hair?
Vidal Phoebe
Pantene Monica
Great Clips

4. How did Ross decide he was gonna move on and find a girl, not Rachel
By Chandler's help
By Joey's help
He made the decision all by himself without any outside help whatsoever

5. When did Frankie, Joey's tailor, did his first suit? (This is tricky looking for the exact answer)
When he was 15 or 16
He's too confused to know

6. What was the stupid thing Rachel did the next morning?
Told Julie to shave her head
Convinced Ross to shave his head
Slept with Paolo the Italian guy

7. Who's hair did Monica want her hair cut like?
Demi Moore
Jennifer Aniston
Britney Spears

8. Who's hair did Phoebe cut it like instead?
Christina Aguilera
Boy George
Dudley Moore

9. What bad thing did Frankie do to Chandler?
Definite touching
Definite cupping
Definitely nothing

10. Rachel was gonna tell Ross about her feelings about him that night, what made her stop?
She realized how Ross feels about Julie
The whole incident with Chandler and the tailor made her forget about it
She just wasn't ready to tell him

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