Quiz 2

TOW Monica Gets a New Roomate
Ok here's the second quiz I made!

1. In Chandler's dream when he was naked, What was there instead of...you know?
a TV
a Phone
a Cucumber

2. Who walks in the room after Ross says, "I just want to be married again"?
His ex-lesbian wife
A really gorgoeus woman who he becomes attracted to.

3. What were they watching in Monica's apartment?
A spanish soap opera

4. Who's Monica's 'not a real date' tonight?
Mr. Heckle's
Paul the Wine Guy

5. Why did Phoebe say 'that can't be good
Because her nails didn't grow at all yesterday.
Because 4 of her eyelashes came off
She didn't say

6. What was Joey and Chandler helping Ross with?
assembling the bookcase
carrying the couch
washing dishes

7. What did Monica break?
Paul's watch
Ross' bookcase
Rachel's lamp

8. What did Rachel buy to cheer herself up from not getting a job?

9. What made it obvious that Ross and Rachel are gonna go out sometime?
They both were looking out the window when Ross says,
Ross asked Rachel out.
Ross was really sweet to Rachel in this episode, trying to confort her and then he kissed her.

10. What job did Rachel get?
An assistant buyer at Bloomingdales.
A waitress at Central Perk