Marcel the Monkey

Favorite Song: Lion Sleeps Tonight
Favorite Game: Play with Monica's Kitchen Tools
Favorite Toy: Curios George

Age: about 2 years old
Race: Black capuchin monkey with white face
Owner: Ross

Ross got Marcel from his friend Bethel who rescued the monkey from some lab. Marcel had always loved playing with Monica's kitchen tools and Monica had always hated Marcel. When the gang played poker at Ross' apartment, this smart capuchin monkey put the CD in the CD player and played the Lion Sleeps Tonight. As I have learned, this is, by the way, the smartest monkey (correct me if I'm wrong). He even takes the remote control of Monica and Rachel's TV and turned it to SAP, which makes the people on TV speak Spanish. As time went by, Marcel matured. He started humping things and even "played" with Rachel's Curious George doll. They had to give him to San Diego Zoo. Later on, Ross found out that Marcel landed a career on acting. He's making a movie called Outbreak II - The Virus Takes Manhattan. To get Marcel's attention, Ross and everybody sang The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Ross spent onde day with him and that was the last time we saw our favorite monkey, Marcel.

Marcel Starred In The Following Episodes :
110. TOW The Monkey
115. TOW The Stoned Guy
116. TOW Two Parts, Part 1
117. TOW Two Parts, Part 2
118. TOW All The Poker
119. TOW The Monkey Gets Away
121. TOW The Fake Monica
212. TO After the Superbowl

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