Chick and Duck

When Joey was watching this show on chicks (chickens), he thought they were cute so he bought one as a pet. They had the chick for a while, and that's when Chandler and Joey both fought more often. They decided they weren't ready to have a chick, so Chandler went to return the chick. The store said that they didn't have a place for it so they're gonna have to kill it. They do that to other animals, too. So Chandler went home and explain it to Joey. Chandler also took home a duck afraid that they might kill the duck, too.
Chandler named the chick Little Yasmine considering Yasmine Bleeth, his favorite character from Baywatch, is also a chick. Joey said that if the chick and the duck had a baby, they could call it Chuck. Chandler said,"Or Dick." Now I'm not sure if they still have the Duck and Chick, but they haven't showed up in the new episodes.

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