//|| Shout Outs ||\\

Dayna - hey hey!!! Ur one of my FILIPINA friends!!! there is a difference... neway, I hope u can forgive ur Kuya for leavin u out last time, when it was ur idea to put in this section.  I'm so so sorry = ( .  To make it up, i made u first, hehe....  Dayna, Dayna, Dayna, i've know u for like wut, since seventh grade?  3 years man... Damn.  we've been though some ish though fo real, like journalism....and now chemistry!!!  Wutever u do,  don't forget though, ur my little sister 4 eva!   

Joel - Wassup man?? I don't even know if u go online at all, but its fine, I'll write some stuff newayz....  U know us Raiders are hot ish and all....haha!!! and once biyatch ass Col. Dyer leaves, hardcore black ops begin... Were gonna make the new guys CRY!!!!  Can't run your 3 miles with weight on your back?  GO HARD OR GO HOME....  Man, I talk to u everyday at lunch so I really ain't got nothin new to say.  What I will say AGAIN is to either get with, uh, that girl, or don't... Dis shitz confusing you.  It's all good though, just roll wit it, and who knows???  U might get with CATHY!!!!  She'll stop thinking about Cano eventually.  As far as I know, ur next in line rite? Rember though, she doesn't like the taste of it......hahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhaahha

Mark - The last couple weeks have kinda sucked.  WE HAVN'T BEEN ABLE TO LIFT!  It's cuz of wrestling man, taking up all my damn time...  U know that's what it's all about though - GETTING SHWOLE BABY!!! SUPER SHWOLE!!  As soon as I get time though, i'll drop you a line.  Can't wait to start lifting and  sippin SHWOLE juice.  I really need to get some of that extra testosterone runnin. Hah.  By this summer, I'll have my license, so I won't have to be bummin rides all the time.  Do I give you enough gas money??  If I don't, let me know.  Can't have you gettin broke for gas.  See you in French...  O yeah, good luck with Tessa!

Chris (a.k.a. bastard)- First of all, lets get something straight.  Stop stressing over Mei-Mei!!!  Ur not sure if she likes you rite?  Here's the plan that you have to get though to your brain.  Ask her out. Simple as that!  She says no? Say F*uck you and move on! She says yes? Then ur straight, u get da girl.  Everyone says ur sooo much better than her Jabroni boy-friend.  Let's see....ur a Senior, u got a car, and you got dough!!! Whats there not to like?

Tessa - Hey sis!!! What's up? There's no way I can finish this page without mentioning u =)...  What are you, besides a "sweedish star"?? hehe... Ur a big sister, a love docter, love philosipher, fellow french student, and my female insight.  Without you, I wouldn't understand women....  What else is there to say? U and ur bun are always right!  Thats right, Mark and You.  Never wrong.  Ur both Junior's too! so independent *sigh....  u guys are so lucky to find eachother.  And I'm still taking your advice! I'm open minded, and still expecting the unexpected...

Jeremy - Uuuuuhhhhhh- Ohhhhh!!! Make way for like my only filipino friend!!! Wassup Dawg???  I'm pretty sure u can't read this, which sucks because of your little messed up situation... But's it's fine man.  In like 2 months or whenever everything is straight, were gonna chill hella lotz more.  Remember though? U introduced me to the Asian Community!!! hahaha... And since u have to change ur look, I'm 99% sure my prejudice parents will like you...  They'll think ur a different dude, just watch.  Whenever we can though, we need to go play tennis with some GQ Asians again...hahahah.  Hope things stay straight with u and vivian.  If u two click this much, ur bound to stay together...

Gina - Gina!!!! Wassup sup sup?????  How is the only non-flip girl that calls me kuya?? I know u jes like to chill all da time... how is good old single life?? I hope it's treating u alright, cuz it looks like ur just kicking it!! Chilln, Relaxn,....chillaxn baby!  Health really really sucks rite now for real, but we'll get through it together- just keep trying to keep me awake ok? And wut about soccer, hehe...I'm not that bad considering i havn't played since i was like, 9...but wut about u?? ur my soccer role model!!! newayz...i'll talk to da GiggleBoxGina latr = ) 

Lynna - I finally put u in, yes, me, Marc, put u in dis section...c? all u need to do is ask! I've only known u for a year, but i feel like i really know u cuz of dis summer...remember boot camp??? it seems so long ago though for some reason... u were one of the people who hooked me up with Jenna over there...  That was kinda crazy, but u were there, and it wouldn't have been the same without you!! I hope to see u at camp again!!  maybe we'll be in the same company again! I'll see u in ROTC anyway, so I'll see u there...

Fatima - Hey ading!!!!! Wuts up???  Man, i forgot U??? What was i thinking???  I'm sowwie, well we don't really chill dat much, but we chat lotz rite?? and dere was dat time we chilled on halloween, dat was alrite i guess... Wen ur free, and i'm free, we should chill more k?? MOST OF ALL i need to thank u for being there when i was feeln down...I know u havn't been feelin great lately, so wenever u need dat shoulder to cry on, or dat thing to punch or release ur anger on...i'm here for u alwayz <3