//||Personal Thoughts (Marc's Journal) ||\\

December 2, 2000
U know wuts really dumb??? jeez... like a couple seconds ago, i went to the kitchen and was REALLY hungry, but I know i can't eat anyhing cuz i'm trying to cut weight....so this is what i do...I try to convince myself i'm not hungry, by eating something not bad...DUMB DUMB DUMB...U know what i decided to pop in my mouth???? a jalapeno......DAT ISH WAS HAH-HAH-HAH HOTTTTTT...i sweat to god, i though i was gonna die.  But no!!! Smart Marc didn't jes stop at one. Marc didn't notice how hot it was until the second one was already in his mouth...DAMN...there was nothing to drink either!!! All I had was water, and i think that made it even hotter in my mouth. Allrity, dats da story, it still burns, but the worst is over.  I'm jes chilln rite now, it's 3:25 and i jes got off of work like an hour ago. I work hard fo da money!! but wait, i need to work harder = (  i'm in serious debt right now... It seems like i loose money faster then i make it, when my original intent is to save.  I've got crazy ass bills i need to pay: phone bills, cell bill, wrestling gear...*ugh, it jes doesn't end.  I'm out of money, and Christmas is comin up. Thats the worst feeing- not being able o get things for ur loved ones = (.  I'm gonna start working double, and gonna have to sacrifice a couple weekend wrestling practices to do it.  That should make up for it, and i should get paid before Christmas, so itz all gewd...  Man, I think i'm over doing it...my schedule is jes way too busy... I have to make time for work, wrestling, school, and raider team... I have like no extra time. In fact, this is my extra time! i'm a friggn looser! i'm spending it working on a webpage! eh, o well...uhm, i got my permit FINALLY on the 28th.  I got it just in time too! Once my birthday hits June 30th, I get my LICENSE, and i'm jumpn in my car and drivn off to jest anywhere!! I don't even care where!!!  I don't know y i waited this long to get my permit, but i basically got it at the last possible minute. From then to June it would have been 6 months, and i'll b 16- the minimum age neway. So i'm pretty much straight.  uh lets see...today is my lolo's (grandpa) Birthday!! we're goin out to eat, but i'm dieting so, i'ma sip my sprite and have a couple peices of sushi.... thas it though. Man...I've been starving myself since friday...I'm sooo damn hungry rite now... All i feed mysef is water and juice, and the occasional rice-cake or jalapeno (i'm soo dumb, thats the first and last time).  I'll eat better later... maybe...ehhh who knows...wutever- that's enough, THE END.