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Picture Archive

Cartoon images
Movie Images
My stuff!


Cartoon Images

Charles stuck
Charles at the meance courts
Charles half electrocuted
Charles hanging out of the car window
Charles in a whirlpool
Isn't he cute?!
Charles unsure of himself
Charles running like an idiot
Charles on a "jungle" gym
 Delia worried
 Charles in the morning
 My all time favorite
 What a cute little bee   
 Car ride 
 This is just weird  NEW
Charles and Delia have a bit of a communication problem   NEW

Movie Images
Charles laughing at Delia
Group hug!
Charles calling Maxie
Charles and Delia outside
Charles slightly irritated 
Charles, um, dancing *hehehe*
The Deetzs meet the Maitlands
Pleased to meet you
Hug Finally working on 6/19/00
Good close-up Finally working on 6/19/00

My Stuff
(I colored most of these on the computer, unless otherwise indicated. Please don't take any of my drawings without my permission.)

Charles and Pikachu (I was really bored)
 Happy New Year!
 Charles just covering his eyes 

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