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You know you're a Charles Fan if...
                                                        (This'll apply to like, three people)

1.  blond jokes are no longer funny.

2.  you try to get your boyfriend to change his name. *cough*

3.  you actually succeed with 2.

4.  you find yourself wearing green sweaters to school...and, um, blue shirts...

5.  you try to get your boyfriend to dye his hair.

6.  you dye your hair red to match your boyfriend's (newly dyed) blond hair.

7.  you actually do  numbers 5 and 6.

8.  you suddenly have this strange aversion to stripes.

9.  Jeffrey Jones is cuter than Brad Pitt (And he is!!)

10. whenever you do a toast,  you confuse people by wishing that their buildings go condo.

11. golf shoes look fashionable to you.

12. your parents know who Charles is despite the fact they've never watched the show or movie.

13.  you rename all your pets Charles.

14. you honestly don't mind when somebody calls you a chicken.

15.  you start to find small, minute similarities between your life and the Deetz's.

16.  you don't trust girl scouts selling cookies door-to-door anymore.

17.  ALL your online names have something to do with Charles...*cough*

18.  realty is starting to look pretty good as a career.

19.  you're suddenly allergic to dogs.

20.  bird watching is now your number one hobby.

Added 1/3/00

21.  you've actually considered spending $20 on a custom-made 14k gold necklace with Charles' name on  it. *cough*

Added 2/6/00

22. Your parents just bought a $500 pure-bred kitten and you convinced them to name it Charles. (I'm serious- I did it! He's soooo cute!)

23. The bid wars on eBay for that autographed 8x10 of Jeffery Jones start to run into the triple digits.

Added 2/14/00

24. You won the above bid. Easily.

New! Added 1/16/01!!

25. If you were really disappointed by that "Charles in Charge" show...

26. If you don't like someone's artwork but won't comment negatively on it...

Feel free to send something! Anything! Please?.