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The Library

Welcome to the fan fic section! So far there is one fan fic in the library.

The Newcomer

By Karin Pyrak

Rating= Not Yet Rated

If you would like to add your masterpiece to the collection (I also accept Angel Fan Fics) send it or a hyperlink of it's page to Please make sure to tell me what the rating of your story is, based on the rating below:

GIf your story is G I don't see how it could possibly be a Buffy Fan Fic
PGMinimal Violence, child friendly
PG-13Violence, Minimal Cursing and Sex(pretty much the average Buffy episode in my opinion)
RLots of Violence, Cursing and, or Sex
NC-17A Small line between a R and X (if your not sure which it is put which one you think it comes closer to)
XGraphic Violence(for instance the discription of a girls organs getting ripped out in great detail), Graphic Sex(again if it's described in great detail)
I will NOT take any XX or XXX. You can send it to me but there is no way it will ever make it's way onto this site unless you tone it down a bit.