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The shows In between the end of Leno, and the start of Conan in Houston

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Go here to Email Channel 2 with complaints about the timing of The late night with Conan O'Brian show
Website for the late night with Conan O'Brian show.
Website of the Basterds commiting this Insanity

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NEWS: KPRC has moved Conan O'brien to 1:10. It was on at 2:10. they switched it with the martin short show. this is the first step on the road to bringing him back to 11:30 here in Houston. check back every few months, and keep the fight going.

If you watch Late Night with Conan O'Brien on NBC regularly, youll know that here in Houston, Conan is on at 1:10 in the morning. Everywhere else in the nation he is on right after Jay Leno. But if I want to watch conan here in Houston, Texas I have to wait past Blind Date at 11:35, another Blind Date at 12:05, and then a rebroadcasting of the 10 o'clock news at 12:35, then Late night with Conan O'Brien at 1:10 in the morning. This is crazy that the funniest of late night shows is on at 1:10 in the morning anywhere. Send Emails to Channel 2 KPRC, the local NBC station, and tell them to put Conan on at the same time here as the rest of the Nation!

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