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Alternate DBZ


DBZ-Is it victory or defeat that waits in the dark...

Wow, I'm tired. I went to the Rib Fest where I live and I just got back from my Uncle and Aunt's house and already people are launching the fireworks. There really is no point in making more android chapters since the tapes will be out tomorrow but I'm still going to make 'em for people who don't by the VHS. I'm posting the chapters July 8th, the day before I leave for Vegas. Yea, its great knowing I can watch the Android tapes on vacation. Probably on the car ride to the airport since we have a T.V. in the...damn! the TV's getting fixed. Well the hotels better have a VCR or they're gonna get a nasty letter from your's truly. >:( Well, i checked out what episodes happen in the tapes and I am very disappointed. It seems the last ep. of the second tape, Dr. Gero, is when #17, and #18 get activated. Looks like we'll have to wait 'til August to see some dicapitation. >:(

What's in a Chapter?

For each chapter I must have some background of it first like a basic idea of what goes on. When I have that I write out a rough draft of what it will be. Then I go to lots of sites to make sure the episode summary is accurate. If alot of sites have the same thing it's right. Then I go to a site that has the Japanese scripts or watch subtitled movies to find out what they say. Next, I put the dialogue in and rewrite. After proofing it I make one final copy of it. For the final step I write in all the legal crap and copyrights to FUNimation, TOEI Animation and Bird Studio. Once that's through with, the chapter is done! This whole grueling process usually takes 5 days to a week. Two weeks if I'm in a bad mood ^_^

AND NOW...Finally, I give you ALTERNATE DBZ!

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Past Updates

"So, you wanna see my sword, huh?"-Trunks


DBZ News

DragonBall Z: Season 4 Voice Actors!

Me and my friends have been discussing with eachother and we have decided OUR opinions of what Season 4 villains should sound like. If you have any email me and I'll post them below!

Android 18: VA of Liutenant Noine from Gundam W
Android 17: VA of Turlus from Tree of Might
Android 16: VA of Recoome
Android 19: VA of Garlic Jr. from Dead Zone
Cell: Brian Drummond (YEAA!!!)
Dr. Gero: VA of Anubis from The Ronnin Warriors

At the bottom of my site is the Submition Form for the Alternate DBZ Webring. Do not enter the information. Just press submit to clarify you want to join and you will be taken to the REAL form. Then enter your info. and I will add you to the ring.

-I will rebuild my Fanart section when someone sends me a fanart.
"The number one cartoon in America. This is only the beginning..."-Wall Street Journal

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-I am NOT the creator of Dragon Ball Z! Akira Toriyama is and he deserves all the credit for any DBZ-related thing on this planet. So don't tell people that I'm doing something illegal cuz I'm not!

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