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HI this is my web page.I hope you like it,and if you do not,go to Sailor Moon

In the cartoon Dragon Ball Z,my favorite character is Trunks.

In DragonballZ Gohan the guy on the right is the son of Goku.He started out no good,but it looks like Piccolo changed that. Piccolo trained Gohan very hard for the fight against Nappa and Vegeta .Gohan marry Vidal and has a girl named Pan. More on Gohan click HERE

Vegeta the guy on the left is the son of King Vegeta.He was taken by Frezza at the age of 13.King Vegeta and all the Saiyans on the planet tried to stop Frezza,but Frezza killed King Vegeta and bluwup the planet.When Vegeta was older he was sent to Earth to take it over but,Goku kick his butt and vegeta got in his spaceship.Later on,Vegeta marries Bulma,but they didn't stay together very long. For more info on Vegeta click HERE
Goku the guy on the right is a Saiyan sent to Earth when he was a kid to get it ready for takeing over but he forgot.When he was older he marries a girl named Chi-Chi.They have two kids one named Gohan and the other is named Goten. For more info on Goku click HERE
Trunks the guy on the left is Vegeta's son,and made he's frist ever apearance when Frezza came back for revenge.It looked like Frezza got kill by Goku,but Trunks kills Frezza by cutting him in hafe.For more on Trunks CLICK HERE

Broly the guy on the left is the legendary Sayan and the bigest Sayan there is.He is a bad guy but I like him.FOR MORE INFO ON BROLY CLICK HERE

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