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Reece Corbett sat on the large leather couch, leaning forward, reading the newspaper that was laying open on the coffee table. Her small Miniature Pinscher, "Smudge", was lying on his back, his tiny legs splayed in all directions as he snoozed on her lap. The tall brunette cocked her head as the sounds of muted cursing drifted down into the living room from the bedroom above. She sighed heavily and reached for her coffee.

The blue-eyed club owner had come home only a few hours before dawn, but she didn't bother going to bed. Instead, she made a pot of coffee, slipped into her most comfortable jammies, and settled in for the morning from Hell. Why bother crawling into her soft bed when her wife was only going to keep her awake.

Reece tried to be as supportive as possible, but whatever she did, it seemed she was only making matters worse. She decided to just steer clear of her harried wife. It would be for the better, for both of them, in the long run.


Faith Ashford stood in front of the full-length mirror, staring at her reflection. This skirt is too short, she thought as she yanked it down in the back. She shook her head in disagreement with her blouse, throwing open the closet door and biting her bottom lip.

A few months ago, the aspiring actress was offered her second role in a movie, an Independent Feature that looked extremely promising. It was the role of a lesbian, a rather complex role, where the heroine actually comes out on top. The openly gay actress drooled over the part, having been told that it was written specifically for her excited her. However, no one knows how, but word of this movie circulated among the crowd, and the bigwigs in charge were flooded with calls. Since playing a lesbian in a movie was ultra-chic, the big stars were either appalled that such a little known actress should acquire a juicy role without even trying, and they rest were all jealous. Agents pushed their top name clients, and before anyone could control it, the persistence became overwhelming. To soothe the masses, an audition was set up, with full reassurance to Faith, that no matter who reads, she will still get the part.

Still.... Faith was a nervous wreck.

Her agent, Brad Rogers, assured her there was nothing to worry about, that this part was written for her, but Faith couldn't help but panic. Irrational fears cropped up. What if Demi Moore or Jennifer Lopez reads for it? Surely they’ll get it over me! Names like that can bring an independent film the kind of notoriety that could benefit them big time. Faith was beyond worried. She had nothing to prepare herself, no script, nothing to study. She was going to this audition blindly, on the word of her agent and a man she met at a cocktail party.


Reece glanced up towards the stairs as she heard Faith descend, only to watch the blonde woman stop, panic, then run back up. The tall brunette sighed heavily, and went back to reading the paper. She tried several times to convince her wife that the outfit she had chosen was perfect, but apparently, based Reece's facial expression, the outfits in question were either too frumpy, slutty, or plain. The club owner had no idea she could say so much by simply looking at her lover. She honestly didn't think she conveyed anything other than sincerity, Faith's choices were all okay with her. Besides, who will be paying attention to the color of her shirt anyway? That shouldn’t have any bearing on the way she reads a script. Reece sighed once again and prepared herself for her hyperventilating wife as she came down the stairs.

"Okay, tell me the truth."

Reece kept her face as neutral as she could. "I think you look fine."

Green eyes widened in horror. "I knew the skirt was too short!" she yelled.

Reece threw her hands up in defeat and stood up, knocking the small dog to the floor. "Sorry Little Man, your mommy needs attention." She reached out to her retreating wife. "Faith."

The actress spun around and stared at her frustrated lover.

"You need to breathe, now come here," Reece insisted, wrapping her arms around the smaller woman. "This is not like you. Where is my strong independent wife? Now, you just close your eyes and breathe."

Faith did as she was told and tried to concentrate on the small of her back, where Reece was rubbing tiny soothing circles.

"Hon, you look fine."

"Then why'd your eyebrow go up? Why'd you grin like that?"

Reece furrowed her brows. I did all that?

"You looked at me with that... hungry look," The blonde mumbled into Reece's chest.

"Shit, Faith, in my eyes, you always look sexy. I can't help it, You'd look edible in a paper bag."

Faith snickered despite her nerves. "Thank you baby," she said with light sarcasm.

"Well, its true!" The tall woman defended herself. She pulled away and nudged Faith's forehead with her chin. "Look at me, babe." Green eyes met sincere blue. "I mean it. To me you'll always be sexy and desirable. I can't fake that your not. I think you looked fine in every outfit you showed me this morning. Honestly."

"I'm sorry Reece, I'm being a terrible pain in the ass. I'm so nervous."

"You have every right to be. I could never do what you do. You have guts."

"Oh Reece, that's so sweet!" Faith laid her head against her lover's chest and wallowed in the strong embrace. Reece was trying so hard, and doing so well for being way out of her element. "I love you for being so patient with me, I know I must be driving you crazy."

Reece kissed the top of Faith's head. "Go on, you're going to be late." She reluctantly released her hold on her lover. "Are you sure you don't want me to come with you? You know... for support?

"Oh Honey, you'd be cooped up in a room full of people, or stuck in the car for hours. Not to mention you've become the "great Reece Corbett, wife of lesbian actress." You'd never last. Thank you for offering again though." she smiled at Reece's persistence even though it would be hell for her.

"Well then, give me a kiss and be on your way."

Faith drew closer and stopped short of the kiss. "The lipstick, Reece."

The tall woman stuck out her tongue and Faith's met her halfway. The two rubbed tongues much like Eskimos rub noses.

"Mmm, you better go before I don't let you," Reece purred.

Faith fanned herself. "Whoo, don't even start." she warned before turning on her heel and leaving.


The tall brunette wanted to sleep, and she knew she could, Faith would be gone for the duration of the day, but, Reece was too tense to sleep. She didn't think she'd be, and she actually wasn't until she laid down and closed her eyes. She fought the tension enough to begin drifting off, but as soon as she got to that blissful state, she'd jump up. This was foreign to her, and frightening. Rarely had the club owner been scared of anything. She was discovering a whole world of new emotions since she met Faith. She yawned, but knew it was for nothing, there was no fighting it any more. Just as she got comfortable, her heart began beating rapidly and she sat up in bed. "Shit, I gotta get a grip! You'd think that I was the one auditioning." She turned to complain to Smudge, but he was more interested in sleeping. In actuality, Reece wished there was someone there with Faith for support. Brad had mentioned a personal assistant, to handle Faith's appointments and fan mail, but Faith nixed the idea. She insisted Reece was all she needed. Reece smirked at the negative reaction, she didn't want any lackey following her wife around all day either. However, at this moment, Reece did want someone there to at least sit with Faith.

After trudging downstairs and staring blankly into the open refrigerator a while, Reece decided that the only logical thing for her to do was to hit the gym. She changed into sweats and sneakers, and inspected the length of her hair. It was long enough for a Pony tail, one that would stick off the back of her head and look stupid, so she opted instead for her favorite baseball cap. Putting the old, frayed hat on, she kissed the dog and left.


Cori paced her house like a nut for most of the morning. She promised Faith she wouldn't go crazy with nerves for her, but she couldn't keep her word. She was so frantic with worry for her friend that she could hardly think of anything else. She hoped Faith would call her, give her an idea of what was going on. Oh, Cori had total confidence that her friend was going to get the part, she was a stunning actress, but she still couldn't help feeling empathetic for what Faith was probably going through. "God, she must be a wreck! All alone in that room, probably surrounded by primped and preened, pretentious butt-wipes." Cori paced from the bedroom to the kitchen and back again. "Come on Faith, call me." She groaned and flopped down on the bed, spreading herself out face down. "Heh," she giggled. "It smells like my woman." This kept Cori entertained for a while.


Reece was full of nervous energy so her workout was intense. The tall, muscular, beauty was stripped down to a half-shirt and lycra shorts and still, the sweat continued to form. Once upon a time, she never noticed the women who stared at her, mouths agape and eyes wide, but ever since Cori clued her in on it, she tried to be less showy. Cori made it a point to tell her how little Faith would appreciate the open-mouthed drooling and the occasional request for a flex. Reece put the shoe on the other foot for a change and decided that if any woman, or man, was to look at Faith in such a way, she'd most likely tear their eyes out. To make a conscious effort, it started with Reece working out during off hours, and ended with the tall woman wearing baggy sweats. She began to enjoy the heavy clothes as they made her sweat more, burning more calories and body fat. Soon enough Reece was in peak condition, and loving the way she looked. Faith too appreciated Reece's body, and proceeded to show the tall woman how much by worshipping it every chance she got.

Today though, Reece was hyperactive, and the clothes felt like they weighed a ton, she felt like she couldn't breathe. She relished the cool air as it hit her over-heated skin now that she ditched the sweats. However, several others also enjoyed the effects of the cool air on the buff woman's flesh, and they stared openly.

Reece decided that a little show couldn't hurt too much. She strode over to the squat machine and winked at a small Spanish woman. The tall, ripped, club owner stifled a chuckle when the woman blushed. Oh, yeah, Corbett, you still got it. As she dropped into her first squat, the group of three women stared wide eyed. By her fourth squat several more gawking women and men arrived.

The owner of the gym just happened to pop by at this particular time and was curious as to the small crowd that had formed. He strolled over to observe, and what he saw took his breath away. Perfect, just perfect, he thought as he admired Reece. He waited until she was finished stretching after her squats at which time he had to stifle the urge to applaud.

Reece noticed the suit and smirked to herself. Nothing like showing off to the lesser sex she always said. She stood up taller and straighter as he approached her.

"Hi, I'm Jeff, pleased to meet you."

Reece eyed the extended hand. My, isn’t he a bit brave?

"Yes well," he put his hand in his pants pocket, "I was just watching you and I must admit I was pretty impressed with what I saw."

Reece ducked her head slightly and flashed him a half a smile.

"Oh, forgive me, you don't have a clue who I am." He chuckled nervously. "I own this gym and I was just wondering if you're a pro?"

Reece smirked. "Nope."

"No?" he asked in disbelief. "Well then, are you interested in a job here?"

Reece pursed her lips and cocked her head as she seemed to be considering it. She glanced at his hopeful face and grinned. "What kind of a job?" she asked, bored. Reece Corbett was very happy with her club, and her life, and wasn't about to change anything, but a little play time was always fun.

"A personal trainer, we'd love to have someone like you on the staff," he said enthusiastically.

"Well, I don't know. I'd have to think about it." Reece replied as her cell phone rang.

"Let me leave you my number..."

Reece held up her hand to cut him off as she answered her phone. "Hi hon. Really! Oh wow... that sucks... oh babe, before you go any further, Jeff here wants me to work as a personal trainer at the gym." Pause. "Yes, I'll have to wear my gym clothes." Pause. Reece took the phone away from her ear so she wouldn't go deaf. Everyone could hear Faith screaming and Reece was bit surprised that her wife had it in her to be heard over the piped in music. Putting the phone back to her ear she smiled and chuckled as Faith went on about the detriments of showing off Reece's fine assets to a bunch of drooling airheads who just may not resist the urge to touch, and Faith will have to pull their fingers out. "Ok, hon', hang on a sec," Reece turned to Jeff and shrugged. "My wife won't let me," she said with a devastating smile.

Jeff bit back his shock. "Oh, ok. Maybe she'll reconsider?"

"I'll work on it, but I'm not promising anything. She has me on a pretty short leash."


Faith took in the various women in the room, some known, most unknown, but there were so many of them. Faith was overwhelmed with the crowd. It was wall to wall women of all shapes and sizes. She knew she had only one thing on all of them, she was gay. She went over to the sign-in desk and saw 20 or so names ahead of her. No longer nervous at all, she became annoyed, signed her name, and walked out the door. She leaned on the wall outside and calmed down. She was angry that this whole thing turned into a circus. She tried Reece at home, and when she didn't answer, Faith tried her wife's cell and was infinitely relieved to hear her voice. She calmed immediately and her whole body went limp. That is until Reece mentioned a job at the gym, then Faith about lost her mind. All of her pent up anxiety came out in her emphatic tirade against Reece showing off her body. Feeling much better and a little guilty for losing her temper, she groaned into the phone.

"Oooh honey, you know what that sound does to me," Reece purred, trying to lighten the mood.

"I am a wreck Reece, I'm sorry I behaved like a lunatic."

"Oh no, don't apologize, I really don't want to work here anyway. It was riot though to see his face when I told him you won't let me." Reece chuckled. Faith smiled in response. "Baby, I was wrong, I need you."

Reece's stomach dropped. "I knew it! I should have been there with you. Fuck!!"

"No, honey calm down, I miss you, that's all. Now that I hear your voice, I'm so much calmer," Faith explained.

"I still say I should have been there with you, you're upset and I'm not there." Reece was practically pouting.

Faith smiled warmly, Reece's voice doing almost as much as her hug would. "It's really alright, I swear. Don't work yourself up over nothing."

Reece scowled. "Okay," She took a few calming breaths. "Would it be a bad thing if I came to pick you up?"

Faith hummed in pleasure. "Oh no, that would be a very good thing. I'm starved."

"About when do you think?"

Faith glanced at her watch. "A few more hours, but I'll wait for you either way."

"Okay babe, good luck. I know you'll be just fine.

"Thank you, I love you. I feel so much better now."

"Love you too. Break a leg or whatever you're supposed to break."


Cori couldn't stand it another minute. She called Reece to find out what was happening with Faith's audition and Reece informed the dancer that she was naked and going into the shower. Cori feigned a swoon, told her she'll be right over and hung up before Reece could protest. The dancer let herself in and plopped into her favorite recliner with Smudge. She was anxiously awaiting the tall club owner and when the water stopped and Reece didn't appear soon enough for her liking, she went up in search of her. She stopped at the top of the stairs and stared.

"I didn't expect you to come up." The very naked woman explained with a smirk.

"Christ Reece, does Faith realize how fucking perfect you are?" Cori leaned on a wall.

Reece chuckled, turned her back on the dancer and flexed. She laughed as she heard Cori slide down the wall. "May I get dressed now?"

"Please," Cori squeaked.

The club owner walked naked into the bedroom and closed the door behind her. Cori hid her face in her hands in disgust. "That is so sick. She's like your sister-in-law."

When Reece emerged, Cori was no longer on the floor. The tall woman snickered and went downstairs to find the dancer. "That better be coffee I smell."

"You're damned right." Cori met her in the living room with two mugs and gave one to Reece. "So what's happening? Tell me!"

"She's pissed. The place is wall to wall beauty queens and she's feeling a bit annoyed. "

"Why are there so many people?"

Reece shrugged. "Beats me. I'm going to pick her up in a few, by then she should be near hysterical." The tall woman frowned.

"Shit Reece! I hate that she's going through this, it's gotten so out of control. The damned part was written for her." Cori said angrily.

"I know that, and you know that, but those actresses in there all think they have a shot. That's what's making Faith so pissed."

"I can imagine. Hey, let me come with you?" Cori asked hopefully.

"Well, I don't know. I was kinda hoping to ease Faith's tension in my own special way." Reece said with a smirk.

"Oh come on! You guys should be past that Honeymoon stage, where the hell does lesbian bed death fit into your lives? There will be plenty of time for screwing later. I think she needs a massage, not an orgasm."

"One can never go wrong with an orgasm, Cor."

"Put it away Romeo, finish your coffee so we can get going."