Hidden Desires, Part 25

©2003 -Vertigo-

Brooke walked carefully and quietly to her front door. She slowly inserted the key, making as little noise as possible. The last thing she wanted to do tonight was have a chat with her mother and she tried ever so stealthily to avoid it. She opened the door silently, slipping inside unnoticed. She was quite proud of herself as she closed it behind her, not even Fred was aware that she came home. Sure, he was an old man, and could hardly see or hear any more, but he always knew when she was coming and greeted her happily. She placed her keys on the table by the door, cringing when they tinkled a bit. She stood by the door with a triumphant smile. All the lights were out, and once her eyes adjusted to the dark, she tip-toed into the kitchen for a bottle of water.

"Must have been some party."

"YAH!" Brooke jumped out of her skin and dropped her water. "Daddy! What are you doing sitting in the dark? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?""

"Bert? What just happened in there?"

Brooke and Bert froze at Harriet's voice. Brooke made a scared face and shook her head rapidly at her father pointing towards her mother's voice.

"Nothing dear, go back to sleep." Bert assured

Brooke let out the breath she was holding and sat heavily into a chair at the table. "Well? What are you doing up? Are you waiting for me?"

"Nooo." Bert said, waving his hand around. "I couldn't sleep, that's all."

"Uh huh." Brooke didn't believe him one bit. "This is new. You're waiting for me and mom's sleeping."

"Your mother had a headache this evening and you know her, she gets woozy on a Tylenol. She's sleeping it off as we speak." Bert crossed his legs and leaned back in his chair. "So, how was the dinner party?"

Brooke grinned. "Come on daddy, you know it was a date." she patted his hand across the table. "It was great. We had salmon and roasted potatoes, and blackout cake. Have you ever eaten that before? Its totally sinful."

"Yes, I have had blackout cake, but your mother won't buy it any more. I don't bother cutting myself a slice, why should I when it's only going to tip over and fall apart on my plate? I eat it with a spoon, straight from the box. Your mother doesn't like that very much." he grinned.

Brooke giggled quietly. "Bad daddy." she scolded playfully.

"How is Cayden?"

Brooke rolled her eyes. "She's fine."

"Good." Bert nodded, and sat silently for a while. "Was everything alright between you two?"

"Daddy, everything went fine. She wasn't mean at all today, in fact she was.... rather good." The blonde answered cryptically, failing to hold back a shiver at the memories. She stood up quickly to cover it.

Bert raised an eyebrow. "Is that the same shirt you left in? It looks different somehow."

Brooke turned her back on her father and nodded, "Yeah, its the same shirt." This is what it looks like after Cayden's big ol' hands have been under it. "Well, I'm sleepy, I have work tomorrow." She turned to leave the kitchen and banged right into her mother. "Oh great."

"Brooke dear! How did everything go? How was the food? Was Cayden rude? Did you enjoy yourself? What did they serve for dessert? How did you get home?"

"Mom! One question at a time!"

Bert snickered under his breath and Brooke shot him a killer look.

Harriet put on a pot of water and pulled out three cups. "I'll make tea!"

"Mom, I'm tired and I want to go to bed. We'll talk in the morning."

"Nonsense, it's not late, you stay up until all hours watching television anyway. I want to know what happened tonight."

"Of course you do." Brooke groaned, and sat down again, resigned to the fact that she wasn't going to get out of this. Fred came trotting into the kitchen and tried to climb up Brooke's leg. She looked down at the small dog and smiled. "Hail, hail, the gangs all here." Brooke watched her mother as she busied herelf at the stove. Her hair was sticking out all over the place, her bathrobe tie was twisted and her slippers were on the wrong feet. She chuckled to herself. How someone could get stoned on Tylenol was beyond her, but then again her mother was not the average human.

Mrs. Hewitt turned and faced Brooke. "Honey, so, what did they serve?"

"Salmon, it was good."

"They had blackout cake, Harriet." Bert added in a pouty tone.

"Hmm, well, maybe one day when your father learns some manners we could have blackout cake here too."

Brooke shook her head, grateful when the tea kettle began to whistle. She gave her father a pleading look and he just shrugged. They were stuck there, more to the point, Brooke was stuck there. Bert could leave at any time and the fact that he stayed showed his support for Brooke and she smiled gratefully at him. He nodded almost imperceptibly and accepted his cup of tea.

"Here, "Mrs. Hewitt said, giving Brooke a steaming cup. "What else did they have?"

"Salad, with cucumbers," she said to her father, "and little roasted potatoes. They were really good, I think Wade put paprika on them. Why don't you use paprika on the potatoes?"

"Your father's delicate system doesn't care for paprika. He gets heartburn and keeps me up all night moaning and groaning..."

"Harriet! I am not delicate!"

"Of course not dear." she said sweetly, while nodding to Brooke. "Did you have wine? Was it fancy?"

"There was wine, but it wasn't fancy. It was just two couples having dinner... and dessert." She added with a grin to herself.

"Were you dressed appropriately? What were the other people wearing?" Harriet asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Wade was wearing a stunning strapless sequined evening gown and Jodie was wearing a day-glo orange tube top with a blue suede tarzan loincloth. Cayden was naked." Brooke replied.

Harriet was aghast at first until she saw the shared smirk between father and daughter. "You think that's funny? I'm on medication, it's not nice to tease someone when their senses are all a jumble."

"Sorry, mom." Brooke said, while still smirking. "Everyone had clothes on, even the cat."

"Are you teasing me again?" Mrs. Hewitt narrowed her eyes at the both of them.

"Would I tease you? Anyway, it was a great dinner, and an even better dessert."

"What did you talk about? It doesn't take so long to eat? Did you play games afterwards or something? Cayden would be just marvelous at Trival Pursuit. What is it you young people do on a dinner date?"

Brooke stayed perfectly still until the urge to blush subsided. "Oh, you know, we talked... about a lot of things. Boy am I tired, I better get to bed." She stood up and stretched loudly to make her point clear.

"That's it? You talked about things? It doesn't sound too exciting of an evening if you ask me. In my day...." Harriet stopped and raised an eyebrow at her daughter. "Dear, what happened to your shirt?"

Brooke did blush this time, and quickly reached behind her to pull the shirt taut. "Uhm, nothing mom... its not tucked in, that's all."

Harriet eyed Brooke skeptically. "No, it looks all stretched out like..." Her eyes widened and she gasped. "DID YOU HAVE SEX?" she asked so loudly, everyone was startled, including Fred.

"NO!" Brooke replied, equally as loud, but in a very high pitched voice. "Of course not...."

"Brooke! There was another couple there! Dear lord, what did you do, run off to the bathroom for a quickie?" Mrs Hewitt covered her mouth in shock.

Brooke turned bright red and her mouth fell open. She wanted to defend herself but was too horrified.

Bert cleared his throat nervously. "Harriet, she said she didn't, so she didn't."

"Then why is that shirt so stretched out? Hmmm? Can you explain that? Oh my! I didn't raise you to have sex on the first date!" Harriet was frantically walking back and forth in the kitchen with her crazy hair. "And that other couple, what can they be thinking?"

"MOM! I didn't have sex!" Brooke managed to defend herself, lamely as her intense blushing told another story.

"Bert, speak to your daughter, tell her what happens when a girl gives it up so easily. What is that they say about the cow and the farm?"

"It's a cow and milk, mom."

"Harriet, leave her alone! She said she didn't have sex and I believe her. There's probably a perfectly good explanation."

"Thank you daddy." Technically, they didn't have actual sex, but still, Brooke felt guilty that her father believed her. Now she had to come up with something believeable while under the microscope. Not a very good liar, especially to her parents, Brooke panicked.

"I'm waiting." Harriet pressed her daughter, arms folded, and foot tapping.

Bert was looking eagerly at Brooke and she smiled weakly. "We had a tickle fight." she said, then rolled her eyes at her own excuse. "And everyone's clothes got pulled...."

"Tickle fight? At your age?" Mrs. Hewitt harrumphed. "Hardly! I mean I know you and Cayden like each other, and probably cuddled and canoodled, but Brooke, I don't believe a tickle fight for a second."

Brooke raised both her eyebrows. "Canoodled?"

"I can see it happening." Bert said with a nod.


"No, honey, a tickle fight. You know, a little wine, some blackout cake...all the fixin's for a tickle fight if you ask me." He gave Brooke a hushing look and folded his hands on the table, asking her to leave it up to him.

"That's because you can't imagine Brooke in any other circumstance. A tickle fight my foot. There was some hanky panky going on and you just don't want to admit it. Bert, you can't even look at her when she wears that bra."

They all looked at Brooke's chest.

"See, I can look at it." he said proudly. Brooke covered her chest with her arms.

"Can we leave my boobs out of it?"

"Oh, I think it's your boobs that got you into it." Harriet said accusingly. "I knew that bra was a bad idea."

Brooke gave her mother a surprised look. "What? You picked the thing out for me! It was supposed to get Cayden's attention and now that it did, it's a bad thing?"

"Wait a second, just what kind of attention did it get you?" Bert asked, suddenly concerned.

"Oh lord." Brooke covered her face. "I didn't have sex." She took a deep breath and stood tall. "I'm going to sleep now. I have to be up early tomorrow for work and I am finished with this conversation. Good night daddy." She kissed him on the head.

"Then you didn't have sex?" Her mom asked.

"For the last time, no. We ate, and talked and that's it."

"No kiss hello or good bye?"

"Of course there were kisses, we're dating mom."

Looking satisfied with the answer, Harriet unfurrowed her brow. "Well, alright. I suppose a few kisses are okay. I mean, you two are dating."

"Glad you approve, because, you know, I wasn't going to kiss the woman until I had your permission."

"Bert! Do you see how fresh your daughter is to me?

"Leave her be, Harriet. She just came home from a date and you're jumping all over her. I'm sure if there was anything interesting, she would tell us. Now say goodight to her and we can all go to bed."

Harriet stuck out her bottom lip. "Good night dear."

"Night mom."

Brooke ran off to her room and threw herself onto the bed, letting loose a scream into her pillow. "Oh my god! That was just insane!" she said to the dark empty room. She began to mimick her mother. "What did you two run off to the bathroom for a quickie?" She covered her face and shook her head. "How the hell did she know that?"

After undressing and getting settled, Brooke began to replay the evening in her mind. Pretty soon, she was reliving the events in the bathroom, and it was becoming impossible to sleep. She could feel Cayden's hand's touching her, her lips devouring, her tongue teasing. The blonde squirmed in her bed, and her nipples sprung to attention as she recalled what it felt like to have Cayden's hot tongue tasting them. She groaned, knowing that the more she thought about it, the hornier she'd become, but she couldn't wipe the thoughts away. She slipped a hand under her pj's and began caresssing her breast, recalling the feel of Cayden's lips. This was much better than any fantasy she'd had in the past, now she had actual sensations to work with. Her soft caresses became deliberate and soon her other hand drifted between her legs. It would be a long while before Brooke got any sleep.


The tall shopkeeper didn't get much sleep either, and was pretty slow moving this morning. To avoid setting off the alarm, she put her coffee on the sidewalk in front of the shop as she opened up the door. As it was, whenever she pushed her way inside the shop, her back pack would slide down to her elbow and jar the coffee, making a mess, and that's where the problem would start. Without having to juggle the extra item, she was able to run to the alarm unincumbered, and shut it quickly. With a smug smile, she sashayed to the door to retrieve her coffee. When she opened the door, she jumped back a step as Brooke was standing there holding the cup.

"Morning." The blonde said cheerfully, sliding into the shop.

"Um... morning." Cayden replied, totally flustered. The blonde looked really cute in her work clothes, a shiny little sleeveless top and a sweet short tailored skirt. Cayden wanted to touch the shirt, it looked so smooth.

Brooke leaned against the counter. "Surprise." She said, scrunching up her nose in a cute way.

"Yeah." Cayden agreed with nod. "No work?" she took the coffee and put it on the counter, dropping her back pack to the floor.

"Yes, but I woke up pretty late this morning, my co-worker Bev is covering for me. I figured I'd say good morning to you." At Cayden's blank stare, Brooke became nervous. "Are you mad?"

"Mad? No! Just surprised." The tall brunette smoothed her hair, then picked at her nail. "I'm kinda happy you're here." she said quietly.

Brooke's smile lit up the shop. "I felt like last night ended too soon." She reached up and took Cayden's dark glasses off, swallowing hard at the striking blue of Cayden's eyes.

"Yeah, me too." Cayden replied, not knowing what to do with her hands. She looked at them, put them on her hips, then shoved them in her pockets. She felt uneasy without her glasses.

Brooke stepped closer to Cayden and smiled sweetly before slapping her in the stomach.

"OW! Hey! What the hell was that for?"

"That is for shoving me into a cab last night." The blonde said, narrowing her eyes.

"Huh? Well, how were you supposed to go home?" Cayden asked, confused.

"It would have been nice to have you smooshed up against me in the cab again." Brooke tried to lighten it up, seeing as Cayden had no clue. She stepped closer and put her hands on the tall woman's hips. "Besides, it would have been the chivalrous thing to do."

Realizing her mistake, Cayden blushed and felt guilty. "Oh. Yeah. I'm sorry." she became upset with herself and tried to pull away, but Brooke held her tight.

"Don't run off. It's okay, I'm not angry with you or anything. You'll learn. I suggest you have a chat with Jodie or Wade on the rules of a relationship." she half joked.

Cayden took her hands out of her pockets and covered her face. "I'm an idiot, huh?"

"No, just clueless. I'll have you opening doors and pulling out chairs in no time."

Cayden grinned. "So, it's like that, is it?" She shivered a bit as Brooke began to drag her fingertips up and down her long arms.

"Absolutely. I like being treated like a lady, but don't go overboard. I'm only joking about pulling out chairs." Brooke said with a grin of her own, leaning into the tall woman's body.

"So, are you making up for lost cab time?" Cayden asked of their closeness.

"Oh yeah." Brooke got even closer and slowly inched her way to her tip toes. "Cayden, I'm trying to make the first move here." she said, tilting her head back.

Cayden snorted, "Oh, you know me, clueless." she said before lowering her head to meet Brooke. She sighed at the sweet contact with Brooke's lips. They were so soft, and it was wonderful to kiss them... to kiss Brooke. The blonde's hands stopped tickling up and down her arms and rested on her shoulders. Cayden groaned as the short nails dug into her skin. She kissed Brooke like she was starving, making the blonde lean heavily into her and sigh loudly.

Brooke savored the taste of Cayden's mouth; sweet, with a hint of coffee. She held the tall woman close, not wanting the kiss to end, and hummed happily. Having Cayden pressed against her was becoming her most favorite thing and she wanted to be in this position as much as she possibly could.

  When the kiss eventually broke, Brooke laid her head on Cayden's chest and wrapped her arms around the tall womans body. They stood like that for long moments, just basking in the feeling.

"Your heart is beating as fast as mine." Brooke noted, not lifting her head.

Cayden grinned shyly. "Yours is doing the same thing?" Brooke nodded and pulled one of Cayden's hands to her chest. "Wow, it is." The tall woman felt a sense of relief from the hard thumping against her hand. She wasn't the only one going through these changes.

"I guess kissing is a big hit with the both of us." Brooke joked and let go of Cayden, stepping back enough to resume touching the tall woman's arms.

Cayden groaned softly, and closed her eyes. "That feels good." she admitted, placing her hands on Brooke's waist and enjoying the sensations traveling through her body.

"Perfect. I want to make you feel good." Brooke said in a half-whisper.

"Well, you are." The shop keeper said, opening her eyes and watching the finely manicured nails work their magic on her skin.

"I mean, the big picture. I don't ever want to make you feel bad, or frown. You have a gorgeous smile, did you know that?"

The brunette blushed. "I don't know what it is with you, but I blush at the drop of a hat. I can't tell you how many women compliment me, but when you do it, I get shy. I'm not shy Brooke."

"That's because I'm sincere. They all just want to get in your pants. You know me better."

Cayden smirked. "So, you don't want to get in my pants?" She asked playfully.

"Oh my god yes, but you know what I mean." Brooke kissed Cayden on the bicep, then pulled away from her grasp.

"Leaving so soon?" The tall woman joked, feeling lonely already.

"I have to get to work... eventually." Brooke said with a giggle.

Cayden pouted. "What if I want you to stay longer?"

"Cayd, I want to, trust me, I want to, but if I don't get way from you now... you're just too tempting." The blonde took a deep breath and grinned. "Why do you think I slept so late? I didn't want to wake up from my dream."

"Oh?" Cayden smirked.

"You don't have to be so full of yourself you know." Brooke playfully swatted the tall woman's arm.

"You dream about me, that's cool, and what you said yesterday, about... you know... when you...do it." The shop keeper blew on her nails.

"Like that's a big shock. I told you that before, and I know you think about me when you do it, so don't act all smug." Brooke teased.

"I do not!"

Brooke gave the tall woman a peck on the shoulder. "Yes, you do. Your red ears are a dead give away." Brooke smiled knowingly, she didn't think now was a good time to tell Cayden she heard her.

"Yeah... well... maybe. Once. Maybe." Cayden stammered. She did that very thing not soon after Brooke left last night, and just remembering the act was making her horny.

"You're cute when you're mortified." Brooke chuckled, pulling Cayden into a hug. "I have to get going, seriously. You try and have a good day today."

"I will as soon as I get to my coffee." Brooke started walking towards the door and Cayden jumped in front of her to cut her off. "I think another kiss would help me have that good day."

Brooke felt a warm surge in her stomach, Cayden was making a move all on her own. She accepted the kiss, her mouth already open when their lips met. Their tongues tangled restlessly, both trying to dominate the other. Cayden's hands reached for Brooke's ass, holding both cheeks tightly, pulling the blonde close. Brooke withdrew her tongue, bringing it back inside of her mouth, giving Cayden control of the kiss. The brunette slid her tongue sensuously around in Brooke's mouth, tasting every niche and space deliberately, before licking and sucking each lip provocatively.

Brooke's sex flinched and she groaned loudly, pulling away. "Okay... enough." she said breathlessly. "No one's ever made me this hot this quickly before. You make me nuts!" Green eyes stared into blue in disbelief. She couldn't believe how wired her entire body could become from kissing this woman.

"I didn't do anything." Cayden said, innocently, her hands drifting lightly up and down Brooke's back.

"Like hell you didn't! That last thing you did with your tongue... I felt it everywhere, and I do mean everywhere." Brooke closed her eyes and tried to ignore the tingly sensation between her legs that Cayden's touch was causing.

"I like kissing you, I like the way you react to me, so I want to do things to make you react." Cayden shrugged, then grinned. "You'll have to get used to my creativity."

"You're going to kill me one day, I just know it. We're going to finally make love and I won't even remember it because I'll be the one lying there in a coma through the whole thing." Brooke whined and banged her head against Cayden's breastbone. "You smell good, you look good, you kiss divinely..." Brooke ran her hands up the back of Cayden's legs and squeezed her hips. "...and you feel extroadinary.... God do I want you."

Cayden swallowed hard, her arousal peaking quickly. "Me too."

"Okay, for real, I'm going now." Brooke said, not moving.

Cayden felt good, she didn't want Brooke to leave, she was thoroughly enjoying the feel of the shiny shirt as it slipped beneath her hands. She continued to caress the length of Brooke's back, not helping the blonde's dilema.

"That feels so nice, I think I could fall asleep just like this." The blonde sighed in contentment then dropped her hands from Cayden's hips. "Okay, I'm moving, for real. I let go, now you have to."

Reluctantly, the shop keeper removed her hands and pouted. "Go on, I know you have to get to work."

"I'm still calling you later, okay?" Brooke asked, looking into bright blue eyes.

"Sure. We can make that date for Outback."

"Cool." Brooke smiled, happy that Cayden remembered and seemed eager. "You're going to have to step to the side. If I try to slide around you, I'm going to get stuck to you again. I'm magnetized to you or something."

Cayden chuckled. "I know what you mean." she stepped away and held the door open for Brooke. As the blonde walked through, she gestured to the door. "Eh? Am I learning?"

Brooke grinned. "You'll be a stellar pupil. Thanks sweetie."

Sweetie? Cayden felt suddenly shy again. "My pleasure. Get to work safe."

"I will. You go drink that coffee, it's probably cold by now."

Cayden was disinterested in the coffee, cold or otherwise. She watched Brooke walk until she disappeared around a corner, then turned back into the shop with a crooked smile. "I like suprises. Especially when they come in attractive little well dressed packages."


Brooke snuck into work, quite late, and slipped to her desk. Bev ran into her cubicle right away, eagerly awaiting the outcome of the date.

"Well? What happened?" she asked rubbing her hands together.

"It was very interesting, to say the least. Wade and Jodie are great, and the food was delicious, but dessert was even better." Brooke said with a sly grin.

"Dessert? What did they have?" Bev asked, then after looking at Brooke's expression, it dawned on her. "OH! Dessert, dessert! Really?" She asked both eyebrows raised high. "Last night?"

"Noooo." Brooke corrected. "No, well, almost, but no. I'm still a virgin lesbian if that's what you mean."

"Almost?" Bev narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean by almost, and where were Jodie and Wade at this time?"

"God, you sound like my mother. We were in the bathroom, Jodie and Wade were in the living room."

Bev made a sour face. "The bathroom, Brooke? Kids do that in disco's and bars. Couldn't you at least get to a chair?" she scolded.

Brooke had the good sense to look guilty. "Well... I just wanted a kiss, but it got out of hand, and before I knew it, I was laying on my back, choking on my wonderbra."

Bev laughed, the image was more than she could stand. She covered her mouth so she wouldn't guffaw out loud.

Brooke looked around nervously, the strangled sounds Bev was making was sure to draw a crowd. "Bev! It's not that funny."

"Oh, yes it is!" She said between fits of shnorfles.

"It didn't come out right, I wasn't actually eating it or anything, it was just.. oh never mind." Brooke pouted.

Bev controlled herself and took a serious expression. "No, I'm sorry, go on."

"I don't know if I want to now." Brooke said, swivelling her chair the other way.

"Aw, Honey, come on. Tell me what happened."

"I called her into the bathroom to jump her for a kiss but in no time, we were totally carried away. We almost did do it right there on the floor. Once my head bumped into the toilet though, I put an end to it. Boy, was Cayden upset. She was all revved up and frustrated, and I wasn't doing any better, but I had to stop it then."

"You did the right thing, Brooke. That wouldn't have been a charming memory at all. Your first time should be special, don't you think?"

"Totally. Speaking of charming, Cayden is not one of the more well mannered type. Can you imagine she shuffled me out the door and let me go home alone?"

"What? You didn't say anything?"

"I did this morning and she was genuinely embarrassed. I don't think she really meant to be rude, I think she just didn't know any better."

"Well, you can't blame her then. You've got some training to do." Bev joked.

"I feel a bit embarrassed myself. Am I stereotyping if I expected her to just do these things?"

"Perhaps. Maybe she always had a more masculine partner that did these things for her in the past? Then again, maybe she doesn't label herself at all."

Brooke thought about that. "I wouldn't consider her masculine. Actually, I wouldn't consider her feminine either. She's just Cayden."

"That's good enough. As long as it doesn't matter to you. However, you must let her know how you prefer to be treated, after all, she doesn't know and can't read your mind. She's going to have to adjust to you and visa versa."

"This is going to be fun." Brooke said with a groan.


Jodie showed up at the shop around noon and found Cayden swinging back and forth in her chair, a pleasant expression on her face. "Are you drunk?"

"What?" Cayden asked in confusion. "Why would you ask that?"

Jodie studied her friend and hummed in thought. "Why are you so happy? It's totally not like you."

"Please, can't I just have a good day?"

"No. Spill it. Something happened."

"Okay, Brooke came here this morning and did she ever look cute! She had on these adorable sandals that tied up around her ankles and really soft shirt..."

Jodie started chuckling.

"What?" Cayden wondered what was so funny.

"I should have known. Brooke, that's what." Jodie said with a smile.

"Do you want to hear or not?"

"Of course!" Jodie sat up on the counter and waited for Cayden to continue.

"Well, she brought me my coffee and we kissed a couple of times. God, Jo, she feels so good in my arms, I didn't want to let her go. It was scary and great at the same time."

Jodie beamed. So this is what Cayden is like in love. It was a dramatic, yet wonderful change in her usually cranky friend. Of course now the down side was having to hear about every little adorable breath that Brooke took, but she didn't mind.

"She felt it too, our hearts were beating the same way, and kissing her... man... I could kiss her all day!"

"That is so cool, Cayd!" Jodie hopped off the counter and hugged the tall woman. "This is great!"

Cayden suddenly pushed Jodie away and looked serious. "Jo, I made a big mistake last night by letting her leave all by herself."

"I could have told you that."

The shop keeper pinched the waitress on the arm. "Then why did you let me?"

"Hey! No pinching! You have to learn your own lessons!" Jodie said, rubbing her arm.

"Not if I have you I don't. Start talking, what do I have to do? She wants to be treated like a lady, but not too much, no pulling out chairs." Cayden looked expectantly at her friend.

Jodie pursed her lips in thought. "Sounds to me like you need butch lessons. Okay, first things first, she lives with her parents. You have to get on their good side, pronto. Make an impression, a good impression. No farting or belching out the alphabet, that's not the butch that we're looking for here."

Cayden listened and nodded. "Okay, what else?"

Jodie got comfortable, it was going to be a long afternoon.