Hidden Desires, Part 24

©2003 -Vertigo-

Cayden wondered what Brooke really wanted by calling her to the bathroom. The door was closed and she could hear La La purring from where she stood. She tapped on the door tentatively. "Brooke?" The door opened enough for her to see one green eye, "You called for me?"

"Yeah," Brooke answered nervously.

Cayden let herself in, then closed the door behind her, mindful of La La. The small blonde was standing by the bathtub, next to the john. "So...."

"Um..." Brooke looked the tall woman over, then smiled. Cayden looked good, real good, and she had her all to herself. "I thought I could use a little more convincing." she said coyly.

Cayden's body twitched as all of her muscles felt the jolt of nervous excitement. "You could, huh?" she replied while trying to figure out how to get the three steps to Brooke without stepping on the cat or falling into the toilet. Her worries were over when Brooke moved to lean against the sink and crooked her finger.

"Kiss me, Cayden."

The tall woman advanced eagerly, and in one long step was as close to Brooke as she could be. Never before giving kissing so much thought, this awkward moment puzzled her, and she felt her palms start to sweat.

"What's wrong?" Brooke asked in a whisper, afraid Cayden was backing off.

"I think I'm nervous." Cayden said quietly, confused by her emotions.

Brooke placed her hands on the tall woman's hips and pulled their lower bodies together. "You weren't nervous before, in fact," she moved her hands up to grasp Cayden's ribs, "you knew exactly what you were doing."

Cayden's lips formed a lopsided grin. "I think quickl under pressure. This is quite planned." she said with a raised eyebrow. "As is this." she reached over and opened the door, letting the cat free, then locked it behind him. "So..."

"Do you not want to kiss me?" Brooke asked, tilting her head back invitingly.

"Hell yeah, but I feel like it counts, I don't want to screw it up."

"Trust me Cayden, you can't screw it up." Brooke assured, gripping the tall woman's ribs tighter.

Cayden closed her eyes and hoped for the best. She felt all the hairs stand up on the back of her neck when her lips touched Brooke's. In less than a second, their mouths opened simultaneously and each tongue darted out eagerly. Brooke whimpered as their tongues danced sensuously, and she pulled the shop keeper even closer.

A surge of adrenaline sparked through Cayden's body and she momentarily lost her mind.

Brooke grunted in surprise as she was suddenly lifted off the floor and placed onto the sink. The thin porcelain edge didn't offer much balance so she instantly wrapped her legs around the tall woman for security, lacing her fingers behind Cayden's neck.

The shop keeper groaned at the intimacy of the position, her hands were shaking from the rush, and she wedged them between their bodies. Her heart pounded when Brooke's stomach muscles contracted at the contact.

Brooke pulled away and buried her face in Cayden's neck. "You make me so crazy." she breathed into the still damp black hair.

Cayden shivered as the warm, moist, breath touched her skin.

"And you smell so damned good, I can't control myself." Brooke added before throwing her head back for another kiss.

Cayden silently agreed and she devoured the blonde's lips. She never felt the way she did at this moment, and was just a tiny bit at ease with Brooke's admission. Being out of control was a rare thing for Cayden, but in this instance she really didn't want to think about it. Brooke's hands were traveling all over her body, leaving tingles and goose pimples in their wake. All the shivering she was doing caused her nipples to react strongly, and they became rock hard and very sensitive. Just the thought that they were so close to Brooke's, possibly even touching hers made Cayden terribly horny.

Brooke adjusted her body for comfort and in doing so, felt Cayden's extremely hard nipples brush against her. She arched her back, crushing their breasts together, drawing a sexy groan from Cayden.

The tall woman's knees trembled and she leaned heavily into Brooke. The small woman had to let go of Cayden and brace her hands on the sink, creating a gap between their bodies. One blue eye opened to see what happened and when she saw Brooke's body, arched back in invitation, Cayden had only one urge, and she acted on it without thought.

Brooke had no idea what her posture looked like to Cayden and was startled when her breasts were covered by two large, insistent hands. She gasped and then groaned deeply, her hips surging into Cayden's abdomen.

Arousal ran through Cayden's veins like wildfire when Brooke bucked against her. The heat on her belly felt delicious. She could barely feel the points of Brooke's nipples poke into her palms and she groped excitedly, kneading them, rubbing them, cursing the material impeding her touch. She wanted to feel the soft flesh in her bare hands, rub her cheek on those breasts, taste them. Her mouth began to water and she pulled away from the kiss.

Brooke opened her eyes slowly, trying to focus. She was far more aroused than she'd ever been in her life, and her heart beat wildly when she came to her senses and realized this was really Cayden. Cayden was actually squeezing her breasts, breathing erratically, looking at her through half-lidded, sexy, blue eyes. Oh my god.... this is so much better than any dream. She took a deep, shaky, breath and glanced up at Cayden's parted lips. They were wet and swollen and looked so hot. She lunged at the tall woman, arms tight around her neck, legs wrapped around Cayden's waist. The tall woman stumbled backwards under the attack until she hit the door.

Brooke kissed Cayden aggressively, hungrily, pressing herself into the brunette's stomach. She sucked Cayden's tongue into her mouth, and the shop keeper's legs gave out, bringing them both to the floor in a tangled heap. Cayden groped blindly for Brooke's ass and pulled her close, flexing her stomach muscles as Brooke's sex made contact.

The blonde took Cayden's hands, and brought them back to her breasts, craving the tall woman's touch. She placed her own hands on Cayden's breasts and the shop keeper groaned pitifully, her senses overloaded. Brooke hummed in pleasure, finally having her dream come true. Her sex throbbed painfully in empathy as she pinched and toyed with Cayden's nipples.

Cayden saw stars. The material of her shirt was so worn it was almost invisible. Somehow, Brooke knew exactly what she liked and was doing it to perfection, making her stomach clench. She could feel herself getting wet, and the shorts that rode up on her when she slid to the floor felt horribly tight. She couldn't control her moans as Brooke fingered her nipples to complete distraction. Fuck, this is so good.. she just can't be straight... what was I thinking? She shook her head and broke the heated kiss, having to pull her tongue forcefully from Brooke's grasp. She banged the back of her head on the door and closed her eyes tightly. "God, Brooke, " she panted, "I need to touch you." Brooke latched onto her neck and began licking and biting the sensitive skin, her hot tongue and sharp teeth igniting a raging fire in Cayden's sex. She pushed forward suddenly, trapping Brooke beneath her, forced her hands under the blonde's skin-tight shirt, and with a throaty moan, dropped her head for another torrid kiss.

Brooke felt as if her skin was on fire where Cayden touched her, and she unlocked her ankles, planting both feet on the floor to give Cayden room to move.

The shop keeper took advantage of the space and stretched her legs out, sliding them both across the bathroom floor, until she had proper leverage. She leaned her lower body heavily into Brooke, drawing a strangled whimper from the blonde. She also let loose a groan into Brooke's mouth as her clit received some much needed attention. Not wanting to give up the delicious contact, she fumbled desperately to get to Brooke's bare breasts, but was unable to in her current position. She grunted, tugging at the shirt. "Off." she demanded breathlessly, pulling Brooke's lower lip with her teeth.

Brooke arched her back off the floor and tugged at her shirt, lifting it under her chin. Cayden's hands pulled at the bra in frustration, so Brooke twisted around until she was able to open the clasp.

The moment Cayden's hands touched the bared skin, she froze mid-kiss and held her breath. Perfect, they feel absolutely perfect. She sat up, with the need to see them, to see Brooke.

Brooke took the opportunity to catch her breath as Cayden lifted up her weight, she was blissfully light-headed from their frantic activities. Green eyes watched blue as they drank in her naked breasts, and Brooke shivered from the look of pure hunger on Cayden's face.

The brunette watched her hands carefully as she brought them back to touch Brooke's breasts. They were perfect pale globes, not too large, not too small, with the most beautiful pink nipples standing proudly in the center. Cayden licked her lips, glancing at the blonde's face to gauge her reaction as she lowered her head for a taste.

Brooke groaned loudly as Cayden's hot tongue bathed her left nipple. She grabbed the brunette's head with both hands and begged her not to let go.

The tall woman knew for sure there was a wet spot on her shorts from the rush of arousal. She wrapped her lips around the perfect bud and began to suck, reveling in Brooke's reaction.

The blonde thrashed when Cayden bit her nipple, her head coming in contact with something hard. She opened her eyes to see where she was, and upon seeing the toilet, a feeling of panic overcame her. Oh my god! She tried to sit up, but couldn't as Cayden held her down, and she eventually gave up as the tall woman created a fire in her groin. She turned her head the other way, and was staring at a litterbox. "Cayden, wait..." she said, pulling the brunette's head away from her breast.

Cayden looked up in concern. "Did I hurt you?" she muttered breathlessly.

"God, no, but we have to stop." Brooke said, shimmying out from under the tall woman and sitting up.

Cayden looked completely baffled. "What happened? What do you mean, stop?"

Brooke started to dress, putting her bra back in place.

"No... what are you doing?" The brunette protested, and tried to stop her.

"Cayden," Brooke started, pulling down her shirt. "This isn't right."

Cayden's eyes went wide, was Brooke crazy? Isn't this what she was trying to do from the very start? She took a deep frustrated breath and calmed herself. "I don't get it? From the moment we met you have been flaunting your tits at me, and now, when I finally have them, it's suddenly not right?" The tall woman was annoyed, highly aroused, and quickly becoming angry.

Brooke took Cayden's hands in her own and sighed. "Yes, I have been tossing my tits in your face, and yes, this is what I wanted, but not here, not in the bathroom with my head in a litterbox, and Jodie and Wade waiting on us."

"God, Brooke! Do you have any idea how turned on I am? How could you just... I mean... Brooke! This isn't fair! I had it in my mouth!"

Cayden sounded like a little kid who lost her lolly pop and to Brooke it was sweet, even though Cayden was suffering.

"Oh, and you don't think I'm on fire here? It was my tit in your mouth! I have been dreaming about this moment for a long time, and let me tell you something... I thought my dreams were pretty vivid, but hell..." Brooke took a deep breath and closed her eyes, "those dreams had absolutely nothing on the real thing."

La La started scratching on the door and both women turned to look.

Cayden frowned deeply, she was coming to her senses, but even though her brain was telling her Brooke was right, her body was screaming otherwise. "So, we just stop? Just like that? You better tell my vagina that it's all your fault, because I don't think it had any idea it was being punished."

Brooke tried not to look at Cayden's crotch, but the tall woman spread her legs and pointed to it. "Please don't torture me." she whimpered.

"Oh no, you apologize to it, because right now it's in heat." Cayden said with a smirk, feeling good about Brooke's dilema.

The blonde smirked too, there was only one way to get Cayden to stop looking so smug. She bent her head towards Cayden's sex, and smiled deviously. "I'm sorry sweetie, I got entirely too carried away, but I promise you, when the time is right, your mommy can suck my nipples to her hearts content. In fact, I can hardly wait for your mommy to suck on my nipples again, roll them around in her mouth... bite them... while my naked body squirms underneath hers. Just think, she'll be naked, and I can get a hold of her tits too, and..."

"Brooke!" Cayden closed her legs tightly and groaned. "That's just about enough. God! You're evil!"

Brooke grinned in satisfaction. "That'll teach you to get cocky with me."

"You are so mean." The tall woman stood up and grimaced. "Okay, you'll have to leave the bathroom, I need to wipe some of this away."

"Why wipe it away? You can always use it ya know." Brooke said with a sexy smile.

"I'm not going touse it, with you waiting on the other side of the door."

"Hell, that's what I was going to do."

Cayden received a loud signal from her crotch and it made her shudder. "Oh, no you don't. You will not do that anywhere near me. No way. You suffer like I suffer."

Brooke chuckled. "You can't handle knowing that I do it." Cayden shrugged and looked away in embarassment. "I think about you when I do." Brooke said, leaning into Cayden.

A strangled whimper escaped the shop keeper. "God, why are you doing this to me?" She asked, looking everywhere but at Brooke.

"Admit it, you think about me when you do it too." The small blonde rubbed her cheek on Cayden's breast.

The tall woman jumped away. "I do not." she said, blushing darkly and running from the bathroom.

Brooke laughed, but ran from the bathroom too as La La darted in and headed straight for the litter.


Wade and Jodie had been doing their best not to hold a glass to the bathroom door. They cleaned off the table, and prepared dessert, but not knowing what was happening in the bathroom was killing them. Finally Jodie started towards the closed door when a series of moans stopped her dead in her tracks. She ran back to Wade, arms waving frantically and nodding like crazy. "I think they're doing it!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"No! In the bathroom?" I feel faint." Wade said sitting heavily on the couch. "Has Cayden no couth?"

A thump was heard from the bathroom and both of them turned to look.

"Then you tell me what that was!" Jodie said, hands on her hips.

"I have the right mind to go in there and drag them both to a bed." Wade said, stomping his foot. He advanced towards the bathroom, Jodie right behind him.

"What if they're really doing it Wade, do you want to see that?" Jodie whispered.

Wade stoppped moving. "On second thought, there's a scrummy, new, fluffy bath mat in there."

The door suddenly opened and they both ran into the living room looking innocent. Cayden barreled in, red faced, her hair in disarray and she stormed her way to the sofa. Jodie and Wade looked curiously at each other until Brooke hurried in. Like Cayden she to was flushed, her hair a mess, but her shirt was stretched completely out of shape. Cayden stared at the floor, Brooke stared at Cayden and Wade and Jodie stared at each other.

"So...." Jodie said, picking up a plate of cake. "Dessert?"

Cayden crossed her arms over her chest and sighed. She made a very unpleasant face as she crossed her legs, then she stood up. "I'll be right back."

"Oh, no you don't." Brooke jumped up to follow the brunette. "If I can't, you can't."

"I'm not gonna! I just need to.... wash up."

"I'm coming with you." Brooke announced.

"I can manage all by myself. Been doing so for quite some time now." The tall woman bit back.

"You're just cranky because you're horny."

"And who's fault is that?"

Jodie and Wade watched the back and forth with great interest.

Brooke grinned. "Hey, it takes two you know."

Cayden frowned. Brooke sure was right. If anything, Cayden instigated the whole thing, and she really had no right to complain. She glanced at Brooke who was smiling, and had no choice but to grin back. Brooke was the one with her bare back on the bathroom floor and if she could smile, Cayden could certainly find the humor.

"Okay, we have two grinning lesbians, this is much better." Wade commented. "Let's eat cake!"

"I'll get the coffee," Jodie said, "Brooke, you come with me, we still haven't finished that conversation." she winked, pulling the blonde with her.

Wade made a sour face. "It's that vagina conversation." he told Cayden.

The tall woman nodded. "I rather not hear that either." She commented, leaning over to inspect the cake. "OOo, is that Blackout cake?"

"But of course." Wade said with a proud smile.

"Well? What are you waiting for, get me fork!" Cayden said excitedly.


Jodie started the cappuccino. "Cinnamon?"

"Yes, please"

"Details woman! What just happened in there?" Jodie asked, putting down the coffee. "You have that 'I just had sex look.'"

"Almost. We got a little carried away in there, but it just wasn't right."

"I get ya. You want romance, flowers, satin sheets, foreplay." Jodie winked.

Brooke chuckled. "Hey, I'm not that picky. I just didn't want to make love with Cayden for the first time with cat litter in my hair."

Jodie's eyes went wide. "So you're telling me that Cayden started it?"

"Actually, I started it, but girlfriend took it and ran." The blonde swallowed hard. "God, she's incredible."

"Oooo, you must elaborate." Jodie leaned over and giggled excitedly.

Brooke blushed slightly, she never was one to kiss and tell, but she was about to burst. "I'll tell you what, if that's how she sucks my breast, I'm such a dead woman."

"Oh my god! It went that far?"

"It sure did." Brooke closed her eyes and sighed in pleasurable remembrance.

"Wow.... she's that good?" Jodie was thrilled. "No one's ever said that about her before... then again, I never asked, but still, you'd think if she's that good they'd want to brag."

"Hell no! They wouldn't want you to know. They'd want her all to themselves."

"Like I'd want to steal that piece of work from anyone.... no offense." Jodie grinned.

"None taken. I know what you mean, but I'm perfectly aware of what I'm getting into. That woman runs hot and cold so fast. Maybe that's why I like her so much. There's never a dull moment.

"Brooke, she's cranky, stubborn, broody.... then again, she sucks a mean breast. That oughtta count for something."

Wade popped his head into the kitchen. "Hey, where's the damned coffee?"

"Vagina! Vagina, vagina, vagina." Jodie exclaimed.

"EW!" Wade ran away.

Brooke laughed and stood up."I suppose we should get in there with the coffee."

"Never mind, I'll get it myself." Cayden said, walking to the cappuccino machine. "Did you have a good chat?"

"Oh yes... very informative." Jodie said with a smug smile.

Cayden blushed and shot Brooke a look. "Oh?"

"Yeah. So, stud muffin, what were you talking about in there?"

"Well, it wasn't vaginas."

"You guys better get in here, I can't keep La La away from the cake forever." Wade shouted.

Cayden hurried out, she'd be damned if the cat was going to get any of her cake. Brooke was hot on her heels and sat as close as she could to Cayden on the couch. The taller woman moved away, trying to put some space between them, but Jodie smooshed up to her other side, trapping her.

"Don't you all look comfy. Three pretty lesbians all in a row." Wade commented.

La La leapt up onto Cayden's lap, his tail straight up in the air, poking the shop keeper in the face. She swatted at his tail and pushed him towards Brooke. "You remember Brooke, the chicken lady?"

"You just come here sweetie." Brooke cooed. "I like you just fine, of course you remember me."

"How can he not? An elephant never forgets." Jodie joked, getting a snicker out of Cayden.

"He's not fat..."

"He's big boned." Both Cayden and Jodie finished Wade's sentence.

"Well, he's not." Wade said defensively.

Brooke smiled as La La purred loudly. "You know, he is a little on the hefty side, Wade."

Wade frowned. "He only eats once a day, and he hardly gets any table food."

"HA!" Cayden shouted.

Wade rolled his eyes. "Speaking of food, how's the cake?" He changed the subject quickly.

"It's delicious, I don't think I ever had this before, what kind is it?" Brooke wondered.

"Blackout cake. Cayden's favorite."

Brooke turned her head in time to see Cayden inhale a forkful. "I see. What else is her favorite. I need to know these things."

"She's a typical meat and potatoes butch. Shove a burger down her throat and she's happy." Wade joked.

"She really likes Italian food, Chinese too. Come to think of it, she's really not that picky." Jodie said with a wink.

"You know, I'm sitting right here." Cayden pouted. "I can answer for myself."

"Okay, so tell me, what is your favorite meal in the whole world?" Brooke asked.

"My all time favorite?" She asked, giving it some thought.

"Anything she doesn't have to cook." Wade quipped.

"Zip the lip, bra man." Cayden flicked a crumb at Wade. "I can cook if I need to. I can grill just about anything."

"Please Cayd... grilling is a top ten requirement in the butch handbook."

Cayden turned her whole body away from Wade and rolled her eyes. "Anyway," she addressed Brooke, "My all time favorite would have to be baby back ribs and garlic mashed potatoes."

"Oh baby!" Brooke agreed heartily. "Have you ever eaten that at Outback Steakhouse? They do it to perfection."

"Absolutely, I love it there." Cayden nodded.

"Gee, I haven't been there in a long time." Brooke hinted.

"Me neither."

Jodie poked Cayden and the brunette jumped and poked Jodie back. "Why'd you poke me ?"

"You are so clueless." The waitress sighed.

"What?" Cayden asked.

"Jodie wanted you to ask me out to Outback." Brooke assisted.

"Oh." Cayden grinned in embarrassment,. "You wanna go to the Outback?"

"Hmmm, I don't know Cayd, Australia is a bit far." Brooke kidded.

"Oh, you're really funny." Cayden pretended to be offended.

"Sure, I'd love to go. It'll be cool. We can both get messy and not be embarrassed."

Cool." Cayden agreed.

Brooke leaned into Cayden and kissed her on the cheek. "Thanks.

Cayden swallowed hard and closed her eyes. Just when I thought I cooled off.

"Whassamatter there, Cayd? You look a little warm." Jodie joked.

"That's cuz I am." she replied, narrowing her eyes at where Brooke's body touched hers.

"Want me to blow on you?" Brooke teased, blowing softly on Cayden's neck.

The tall woman shivered, groaned then jumped up off the couch. "I need more coffee." she announced and ran into the kitchen.

Brooke snickered. "I never had it like that before, this is so cool."

"Remember what I told you, use your power wisely." Jodie said with a wink.

"That is so neat! I never saw Cayden this hormonal before." Wade said, clapping excitedly.

"I feel bad for her actually." Jodie remarked. "I know what it's like. There was this one girl, who took no interest in me and I was totally in lust with her. Everytime she was around, my crotch would draw me right to her. One night, I was at a club, and my groin jumped to attention. To my sheer delight, she came right up to me, and laid a big hot kiss on me. We hardly made it back to her place without tearing off each others clothes and as soon as I got her panties off, she got her period."

"Ew!" Wade exclaimed with a pinched face.

"So there was no reason why you couldn't get some was there?" Brooke asked.

Jodie sighed. "Yeah, there was. She didn't think it was fair for her if I got all the action, so she made me wait what turned out to be a full 7 days! It was torture! We saw each other every day, and I swear my poor little hoochie was blue."

Brooke grimaced. "I'm torturing her aren't I?"

"Well, yeah, but I'm sure you're suffering too, so it's not so bad." Jodie said with an understanding smile.

"Crud. I'm not being fair to her. Maybe I shouldn't hang around her until ..." Brooke stopped talking when Cayden reappeared.

"Not hang around me until when?" The brunette asked in confusion.

"I feel bad, your hoochie is blue and I'm blowing on your neck." Brooke said with a pout.

"My what? Jodie, what are you telling her?"

"I just said..."

"Never mind! I don't really want to know." Cayden said, sitting down again.

"Do you think it would be best if we don't see each other until the right time?" Brooke wondered.

Cayden felt a knot in her stomach. Not see her? Can I do that? Hell, do I even want to?

"I mean, if it's hurting you." Brooke added.

"It's not hurting me, being horny is not killing me. Besides, how will we know it's the right time if we aren't together?"

"She has a point." Wade said with a nod. "Besides, I don't want to live with her if you deprive her of those." he pointed at Brooke's breasts.

"They are quite exquisite." Jodie agreed. "If I had a taste of those, you'd have to get a pry-bar cuz girl, I'd be at them all day."

Both Brooke and Cayden blushed.

"By the looks of that shirt, I'd say that was her intentions." Wade pointed out, aiming his look at Cayden.

Brooke grinned and Cayden blushed harder.

"That's alright honey, I certainly didn't mind." Brooke assured the red faced shop keeper, rubbing her thigh as she spoke.

Cayden looked at Brooke's face and impulsively tucked a few stray hairs behind the blonde's ear. Brooke watched as Cayden then stared at her hand in embarrassment. "Never mind, I'd have done the same thing."

"Sucks when you have no control huh?" Wade joked.

"Ya know, I sense a little chuckle in that statement." Cayden said, pursing her lips at Wade.

"Just a teensy one." he admitted. "I like seeing you be human for a change. It's refreshing."

"On that note, It's kinda late, and I should be going." Brooke announced. "I still have to walk Fred."

Cayden stood up quickly. "I'll walk you to the door."

"Don't give the neighbors a show. Mrs. Ginzburg still thinks you're nice." Wade warned.

Cayden walked Brooke to the door and they both stood awkwardly in the doorway.

"I do hope you're going to kiss me goodnight. You see... I can't really make the first moves, I can't reach your lips without a little help."

Cayden grinned. "I didn't think of that. Of couse I'll kiss you good night." She said, making herself shorter so they can meet halfway.

Brooke melted into the kiss. Cayden's lips were magical to her and the woman could do no wrong when it came to kissing. She savored the taste of the brunette's mouth, and when the kiss ended, placed a few smaller kisses on each of Cayden's lips.

"That was cute," The tall woman said with a grin.

"So, why does Mrs. Ginzburg think you're nice?" Brooke asked, tracing Cayden's full lips with her finger.

"I helped her with her groceries once and now I get a card every Channukah." Cayden replied in a distracted whisper.

Brooke stood on her tip-toes and asked for one more kiss, which was slow and sexy. Her uncontrollable groan signalled the end and they both pulled away, heavy lidded and smiling.

"You sure have a way with those." Brooke said breathlessly, once again touching Cayden's lips.

"I could say the same thing about you." The shop keeper agreed. "Go on, and go home before I drag you back inside and disappoint Mrs. Ginzburg."

"I had a great time Cayden. Can I call you tomorrow?"


"Good night then." Brooke said, turning away.

Cayden watched until Brooke was gone before closing the door. Then she ran to the window and waited until she got in a cab.

"How's it feel, stud?" Jodie asked, suddenly at Cayden's side.


"I know. You can always talk to me."

"Thanks, I just might."