Caution: Under Construction, Part 3

©2001 -Vertigo-

Sheridan stormed up the stairs and shouldered her way through Bobby and Tony, not stopping until she was in a space all by herself. She was fuming. She lit a cigarette and threw the pack against the wall. What the fuck was that all about? She paced back and forth, swinging her hands in the air. What, does she think she's so goddamned special? The muscular blonde stopped by an opening in the wall and watched as Keefer scrambled into a cab. She adopted a stiff shouldered pose and aped the tall woman. "No, I don't want to inspect the closet, and I'd appreciate it, Ms. Landers, if you'd stop staring at my tits."

The guys exchanged confused looks as they watched Sheridan bound past them. They could hear her muttering and stomping around, and all three men raised their eyebrows at the same time.

"No way..." Tony said.

"I think Patch has just been turned down," Bobby pursed his lips.

"By the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!" Phil added.

"Jeez, that's gotta suck. I wonder what happened," Bobby looked to Phil who just shrugged and nodded his head at Sheridan who just entered the room.

"What are you all staring at?" She asked angrily.

"Come on, hon, it's not the end of the world," Tony said sympathetically.

Sheridan scowled and flicked her cigarette at him.

"Hey, what are you, stupid or something? You coulda took out my eye," he said as he stepped on the butt.

"Mind your own business for a change," the blonde bit out as she folded her arms across her chest and looked miserable.

"What happened? You were only gone a few minutes," Phil dared to ask.

"Nothing. She inspected. And if you wanna know, she was flirting with me! I saw it plain as day! Who is she to get all offended, anyway? I know she's queer, I knew it immediately, she was checking out my ass for Christ sakes!" Sheridan kicked a bag of cement in anger and regretted it instantly.

Bobby grimaced, "Hey, so she turned you down, what's the big deal, really? You've been turned down before. Why are you so pissed off?"

Sheridan frowned. "I don't know," she admitted. Why am I so upset? So, the most gorgeous woman I ever laid eyes on took offense to my advances. Now she pouted. Fuck... is she hot though. "I'm over it. Let's get to work," she limped back to the guys and turned up the radio real loud.


Keefer leaned her head back on the seat and sighed. Well, that was certainly... interesting, she thought. God, she was worse than the men! And what did I think I was doing, looking at her ass? The tall woman felt a blush creep up her chest. It was a very nice ass. But god, she caught me staring... and that cocky little smirk she had on her face pissed me off. She closed her eyes and swallowed hard. And the way she kept staring at my breasts... I know she saw my nipples get hard... I just know she did. The blush traveled to her cheeks as she recalled the twinkling green eyes meeting hers. She knew I was flirting with her... what the hell was I thinking? But that hard, little body... stop it! Stop it now, Keef! Keefer put her face in her hands and groaned. I paused... I goddamned paused. And she grinned. I actually thought about the closet and she knows I did. The tall woman cringed. What on god's green earth did I think I was doing, anyway? I do not flirt. Blue eyes popped open as she sat up straight. Oh, I certainly did. Shamelessly. I stared at her ass like she stared at my chest. And why did I get so mad? I gave her all the reason in the world to come on to me. Keefer shook her head and groaned out loud again. Dammit. I want her. The tall woman stared out the window and her heart pounded furiously. She wished she'd never gone to the construction site today. Meeting Sheridan Landers changed everything.


The blonde's mood had improved as the day went on. No one mentioned the tall inspector; in fact, they avoided the subject like the plague. The guys had never seen Sheridan so miffed over a snub before and they didn't know how to act. Instead, they joked and goofed around for the rest of the day and were all relieved to see Patch laughing along with them. They were sure she was going to go out tonight and all weekend, for that matter, inevitably getting lucky. She would be back to her old self on Monday.


Pharaoh danced his happy dance and Zeus looked on with interest as Sheridan tied her boots. She was going out tonight with an agenda. I wonder what kind of underwear she was wearing. Green eyes widened as the thought sprung into her mind without warning, "What the fuck was that?"

Zeus seemed to shrug and Sheridan ran her hand through her hair. "I know I wasn't thinking about her underwear," but now that the seed was planted, she couldn't think of anything else. A thong. Had to be a thong. I don't think I've seen jeans look quite so good before. Her eyebrow rose as she recalled the long legs and how they met a perfectly round rear. Her belly tingled with a familiar feeling. Oh, no... she stood up suddenly and flung her arm in the air. "What are you doing?"

Grabbing her car keys and leather jacket, she ran out of the house like a woman on a mission.


Keefer turned up the heat in the den and closed the door. She then grabbed two towels, took off her shirt and bra and knelt by the bathtub. "Here, Feefs! Bath time!" she said cheerfully, laughing as she heard the dog running full speed through the house.

When Keefer found Fifi, she had been a mess. The prognosis was not good for the poor dog. The mutt was tied up in an abandoned garage that somehow caught on fire. It just so happened that the tall woman was walking by as it burst into flames. She didn't see how it happened and she didn't care either, all she heard were the panicked barks of a burning dog. She broke through a window and climbed through the wreckage to free the dog, knocked on people's doors until someone was kind enough to rush her to the hospital. There was no doubt in her mind that she would be taking her home, if she lived. She had been burned over 50 percent of her body and the vet didn't give her a chance in hell. Keefer visited the dog every day and was shocked to learn that she was recovering well. The dog went through so many painful procedures, that the brunette thought it may have been more humane to have put her down before trying any heroic deeds. But one look into those soulful, brown eyes convinced her she'd made the right decision. She was living all alone and became attached to the little dog very quickly. One day when she arrived at the hospital, the dog began to thump her raw tail in happiness and Keefer cried. The dog was terribly scarred and the tall woman needed a pretty name for her, so she came up with Fifi. The dog tried to lick her face when she asked her if she liked her new name and so it stuck.

"Okay now, sweetie, let's go," she patted the edge of the tub and smiled as the dog scrambled to get in.

Fifi required medicinal baths every week to keep her skin healthy. Keefer didn't mind and it became part of her weekly schedule. Friday nights were reserved for bath time and Fifi loved her bath. So much so, that the brunette had to strip from the waist up as the excited dog repeatedly jumped up on her to lick her face, splashing her in the process.

In the beginning, Danni used to bitch and complain about how much time Keefer spent on the dog, but one day she happened by the bathroom. Seeing her tall lover topless and unashamed while she bathed her dog, gave Danni reason to set aside time on Friday nights to stand outside the door and secretly watch her lover. It was the only time Danni could openly admire Keefer's breasts and Keefer never made the connection as to why Danni was so amorous on Friday nights.

After Fifi was rinsed off, the tall woman wrapped her in towels and carried her into the den where she placed her on the floor. Fifi was used to this ritual and once she was unwrapped, she shook for all she was worth. Only having half of her fur, the spray wasn't too bad and Keefer never minded, anyway. The dog lay down obediently and waited for her mommy to tell her it was okay to leave the room.

Keefer closed the door behind her and left the dog to air dry in the warm room. She whistled as she cleaned up the bathroom, then stripped the rest if her clothes off to take her own shower. She briefly wondered where Danni was then shook the thought away. I don't care where she is, she told herself, but it didn't work.

The tall woman found herself thinking about her lover and whom she might be cheating on her with. She tried to figure out what the woman looked like, what her name was, what she did for a living. Images of Danni rolling around in bed with faceless strangers barraged her mind; she couldn't shake them away. Working herself up to just short of a panic attack, Keefer took long deep breaths to calm down. Why do I care? If she is, she is. It doesn't matter with whom.

The tall woman dried off and wrapped a towel around her long hair. She walked naked into the bedroom and slipped on a nightshirt. Looking at the clock, she realized she had spent longer in the shower than it seemed and went to the den to retrieve the dog. As she opened the door, she had a flash back from that morning. Sheridan Landers' cocky smirk flashed before her eyes. She felt her heart pound in her chest. Where did that come from? She let Fifi out of the den and returned the temperature to normal. I know I wasn't thinking about her just now. While she wondered about that, another image came to mind. The little blonde's ass as she followed it down the stairs. Mmm, mmm. You could bounce a quarter off that butt... Blue eyes went wide. "Oh no... what is wrong with me? I don't say things like that." But you know you want to see what else bounces off that ass now don't you, Keef? A hot blush covered her cheeks and a curling feeling developed in her belly. And those abs, I could see them plain as day through that tight T-shirt... The feeling traveled down between her legs and she stopped in her tracks to assess it. She tested it. She pictured Sheridan's breasts and gasped. "Oh god," she whispered, never having felt that sensation before. "Oh, Feefs," she groaned, "I think I just found out what horny really means."


Sheridan watched the women trickle into the club from her vantage point on the stage. She had finished working off her day's stress, but couldn't put a dent in her libido. For her, seeing all the good-looking ladies filing into the club was like a kid with ten dollars in a candy store. She had stopped dancing a while ago and just stood there letting the sweat dribble down her back as she watched the procession of potential conquests.

Sharon hopped up on the stage and stood behind her. She turned the blonde's head in the direction of a petite strawberry blonde and spoke into Sheridan's ear. "Got called to her house today... she tried to throw her girlfriend out and the girlfriend made a scene. Blondie, there, finally succeeded. She's one tough little shit, but she's got something to prove tonight."

Sheridan digested this information. Sharon had a point, this chick had something to prove to her ex and wouldn't it be lovely if Sheridan were the one to prove it? On the other hand, this was a serious rebound situation. Can't have any emotions involved. "Nah, I'll pass. Go get her, Shar," the blonde gave her tall friend a pat on the leg and went back to making her choice.

Just as she was about to jump off the stage on a mission, Susan walked in with her redhead in tow. Shit. Can't they go somewhere else? she thought as she squirmed her way to the bar. Finally standing close enough to the woman she was eyeing, Sheridan presented her with a toothy smile. "Hi there, can I get you a drink?" she asked her voice dripping with sensuality.

The woman took in the muscular form, her tight shirt and black jeans. "Uhm, sure, why not?" she smiled back and moved as close as she could to invade the adorable blonde's space. "Beth," she offered her hand.

"Sheridan," she grinned triumphantly as she accepted the hand.

From a distance, Susan narrowed her eyes then grabbed Danni in a hungry kiss.

Danni tore away from the assault and took a deep breath. "Lemme guess... it's that short, butch chick from last night."

Susan looked guilty but nodded.

"Hey, I don't care, I just want to know why does she work you up like that?" the red head wondered.

"She turned me down," Susan shrugged. "You don't mind that I'm using you like this?" she asked seriously.

"Hell, no! I'm doing the same thing," Danni laughed. "My Keef ain't giving me any," she admitted.

"Well, that's her loss, sweetie. She don't know what she's missing," Susan purred.

"Oh, believe me, she does. She's just a cold fish in the sack. You, my dear, are a wild woman," Danni wiggled her eyebrows and leaned in for a kiss.

Sheridan over heard the last part of the conversation as she made her way up to the second level with her new chick. Danni pissed her off. Susan, she could understand, she was fucked up and why Danni ever got involved with her was beyond Sheridan's imagination. However, Danni had a lover and she was cheating on her, not too subtly, either. Poor Keef. "Red there needs her ass kicked," she muttered as she purposely banged into the couple. I bet her girlfriend hasn't got a clue.

"So, Sheridan, are you into fucking women?"

"Oh, Beth, you hit the nail on the head," the blonde grinned and pulled Beth down onto her lap. Green eyes watched Danni and Susan for a while until Beth's tongue reached her ear and then her eyes rolled shut.


Keefer scanned the channels as she did every night, but this night she didn't see what was on the screen. Her mind was abuzz with thoughts of Danni and Sheridan. She'd be so angry with her lover, she'd want to scream and then a sexy thought about the cute little blonde would pop up and erase everything. Her stomach was so confused, it was in knots. Keefer was switching from acid to arousal so often, her insides couldn't keep up.

Fifi nudged Keefer's hand until she began to stroke the dog's head. "Sorry, Feef, I'm so distracted tonight," she stretched her fingers to scratch behind the dog's ears. "There, is that better? Does that feel good?"

The dog pressed her head into the hand and wagged her tail.

"I think I'm going crazy," the tall woman announced to the room. She lifted one leg onto the couch and rested her chin on her knee. "Why do I keep thinking about her? She's obnoxious and rude, she has no class and she has way too high of an opinion of herself."

Fifi rolled over onto her back and sighed. Keefer scratched the dog's belly and smiled. "You, are spoiled rotten," she told her happy dog. Danni's voice popped into her head. You spoil that mutt, Keef. I wish you'd touch me as often as that dog...

Keefer shook the voice away. She was so angry with Danni right now that if the redhead were to walk in the door, she'd throw something at her. "Why doesn't she just leave me for this other woman?" she asked Fifi. "Apparently, she's happier with her, she spends all her time with her now," she sighed loudly in defeat. "I want to know what she looks like. I need to see her so I know it's true." Keefer stewed a bit. "Then, after I see her... them... I'll throw that shithead out in the street." Tears sprang to her eyes and she sniffled, "You will not make me cry, Danni. I refuse."

Fifi turned back over and saw her mommy in distress. She immediately leapt up and licked the tears away. She kept it up until she heard the wonderful sound of mommy laughing, and then was satisfied to lay her head in her lap and go to sleep.


"Holy Hell, Sheridan... That was... Whoo," Beth lay exhausted in her bed.

"Yeah," Sheridan agreed as she rolled off of Beth and stood up.

"Where ya going?" Beth sat up in alarm.

"Home. I can't leave my dogs alone. Where's my other sock?"

"Oh, yeah, well I understand," Beth said sadly.

Sheridan pulled on the missing sock and searched for her shoes. "Hey, you wanted me to fuck you, no strings... right?" she asked with annoyance.

"Well, yeah, but do you have to run away right this second?"

"Uh... yeah."

"But I didn't touch you, aren't you... needing a little something?" Beth asked with a smirk.

"Nope, came already, sorry." Sheridan pulled her shirt over her head and tucked her bra in her coat pocket. "Maybe next time."

Beth laughed, "Who are you kidding, Sheridan, your reputation proceeds you. I know all about you. I'll never get the opportunity again."

"You never know," she shrugged. "Hey, look," she sat on the bed and softened her voice, "I'm usually not like this, but I have a lot on my mind tonight. I think I need to be with my dogs." Beth gave her double-raised eyebrows. "Oh, man, that's not how I wanted that to sound..."

Beth smiled, "I gotcha. You need to be with your babies. It's okay. Go home, Sheridan."

"Thank you. I'm sorry about this, really," she kissed Beth quickly on the lips and jumped out of bed.

"And just so you know, you live up to that reputation of yours... stud."

The blonde chuckled as she closed the door behind her.


Keefer woke up in a sweat, her heart pounding loudly in her ears. "Wow. That was... something," she whispered hoarsely. The dream had been so real, she could still feel the fingers on her body. "Wow," she repeated, shivering from the erotic visions in her head. "I never did that before."

Whatever force had been making her think of the blonde construction worker all day had just invaded her subconscious. Keefer had her first erotic dream and Sheridan was the star. A deep red blush covered the tall woman's face as she tried to erase the images flashing before her eyes, "God, I really am going crazy." She was highly aware of the feeling between her legs and it scared her. She was so wet; she feared she might have peed herself. Lifting the covers, she spread her legs and looked, just in case. Nothing on the couch. She hesitantly reached under her nightshirt and made contact with a slick inner thigh. She gasped out loud, "Jeez, I'm dripping wet!" she tentatively touched her sex and jumped a mile high from the sensation. "From arousal!" This made her blink rapidly. Danni complained repeatedly about Keefer's lack of natural lubrication, she hated the artificial, sticky stuff and was offended that Keefer couldn't produce any of her own for her.

The tall brunette sat back on the couch, stunned. "I don't believe this. Danni could be touching me for hours and I can't even get wet. I have one dream about that little cocky construction worker and I'm Niagara Falls." Just the thought of Sheridan made her tingle between her legs. A strange scent wafted towards her nose. "What is that?" she sniffed under the blanket. "Good lord... that's me!" The thought crossed her mind to touch herself again, but then she blushed furiously and shook her head. She'd never done that before and she wasn't about to now over some silly dream. But then again, she'd never felt like this in her life and it was beginning to make her head spin. Another image of the dream flashed by and she inhaled sharply as a throbbing began between her legs. She started to slide her hand towards the ache, slowly, until she felt her pubic hair under her fingers. She took a deep breath and slid lower, shuddering fiercely as she felt the pools of wetness between her legs. A groan escaped her lips and she snatched her hand away in shock at the sound. She sat up quickly and flipped on the television.

"Sheridan Landers, what have you done to me?"


The blonde construction worker was beat this afternoon. In order to keep her mind off of the tall inspector, she went to the job site and busied herself with just about every activity that came up. She was confused at her behavior the night before. While she was doing her thing with Beth, she repeatedly saw the inspector's face every time she closed her eyes. It bothered her in a way that wasn't familiar. Sheridan was a little angry with herself for not being able to control the visuals that kept popping into her head. While she didn't lie to Beth about coming last night, she failed to mention it was to the image of the tall brunette writhing beneath her. What is with this woman anyway? She was a total bitch! The muscular blonde didn't understand why she couldn't keep this woman off of her mind. Hell, I don't even know her first name!

The sweaty woman couldn't have been more ready for a hot shower and a soft pair of sweats. Sheridan had big plans involving a TV dinner, the television and the couch. It was few and far between that she stayed home on a Saturday evening and she was going to enjoy it. Sheridan took the dogs out immediately, before her shower so she could relax the rest of the night. Once the dogs recognized the change in routine, they were happy as could be. They pulled her to the park quickly, did their business fast and pulled her home. If she thought she was tired before, she was exhausted after the tug of war that was their walk.


Keefer left her office in relatively good spirits. She didn't normally work on Saturdays, but she wanted to get rid of the last few inspections and go back to her nice quiet office on Monday. Not to mention, she didn't really want to spend the whole day with Danni. Work was certainly a good distraction; today her thoughts were less about Danni and more about Sheridan and the effect the cute, yet arrogant blonde had on her. At first, she was afraid of the new feelings she'd developed while thinking of the short blonde woman, but just being able to experience them at all gave her a pleasant rush. All these years she had been thinking that sex was a chore, an overrated chore. Now, when the images came to her, the tingling she felt in her groin made her smile. She wondered if a thought could make her feel so good, so alive, what would actual sex feel like with Sheridan Landers?

The subway ride seemed shorter than usual with her constant daydreaming. Keefer worried briefly that it might be unhealthy to be thinking about a stranger in the ways she was, but once the twitchy feeling appeared between her legs, a blush covered her face and she couldn't imagine a feeling that was so good as being bad.

The tall brunette let her hair loose as she walked to her house. She felt somewhat confident and walked with a little spring in her step. Reaching her front door, she smiled as Fifi danced for her. "Hiya, sweetheart! Who's mommy's baby? Who's my big girl?"

The mutt wagged her whole backside in response, twirling circles around Keefer's legs as she locked the door behind her. The inspector stooped down and let Fifi climb up on her knees, showering her face with hello licks. "That's a good girl."

Making her way through the house, Keefer was surprised to find to empty. Danni was nowhere to be found and the tall woman startled herself by smiling and heaving a sigh of relief. "Well, that oughtta tell me something," she chuckled to Fifi. Since it was safe to assume Danni wouldn't be home until the wee hours, Keefer decided it was going to be a pampering night. She started a bubble bath and while the water was running, grabbed a bottle of wine and a bunch of magazines. "It's going to be a good night, Feefs," she smiled happily and took off her clothes.


Sheridan lay on the couch in her pajamas, eating ice cream out of the pint. Zeus's big head rested solidly on her thigh, his eyebrows alternating between "please" and "I love you." Pharaoh sat on the floor at her side, his good ear standing at attention, licking his chops intermittently. The blonde tried to ignore them; they'd already gotten more of her TV dinner than she did. "I don't see either of you," she said out loud. Pharaoh leaned forward until his nose was an inch from her face and huffed. "I still don't see you." Zeus nudged Sheridan's thigh with his wet nose and started a pathetic whimpering noise. She was quickly losing her cool. Pharaoh's soulful eyes watched attentively as the spoon lifted to her mouth he stared at the hunk of ice cream, begging it to fall off.

"OH, FINE!" she yelled and directed the spoon to the Pit Bull's open mouth.

Zeus was very unhappy with this turn of events and he leapt up onto the prone woman, standing his 100-pound plus weight on all her sensitive parts.

"Jesus! Fuck!" She held out the pint of ice cream and Zeus tore at it until the contents fell out into her lap. It was a feeding frenzy on Sheridan's naked thighs as the two dogs licked up the ice cream in earnest. The blonde squirmed and shrieked, swatting at her babies until they were finally convinced they got every last drop.

"Well, thank you very much... both of you," she growled as she stripped off her wet boxers. The dogs converged on her and both attempted to snatch the boxers out of her hand, Pharaoh to hide them and Zeus to kill them. Sheridan lifted them way over her head and ran to the bathroom to wash her legs.

When Sheridan came out of the bathroom, the phone rang. It was Sharon telling her about the scores of eligible women just waiting for her to arrive. Sheridan wasn't feeling much like going anywhere, but now that the cop mentioned the women, she started to reconsider. All those hot women just waiting for me to choose... In a matter of seconds, the blonde's mind was made up and she told her friend to expect her in a half hour.


Keefer lounged in the bathtub with her magazines and her wine until the water became too cool to bear. Totally refreshed and having the house to herself, she slipped on a short, silk robe and decided to give herself a much-needed manicure. Bringing all the necessary items into the living room, she turned the ringer off the phone and she and Fifi settled on the couch for a girl's night. Keefer flipped on the TV and hummed to herself as she filed her nails.

A short while later, the answering machine came on and Keefer cursed herself for forgetting to turn the volume down. A dark eyebrow lifted as a strange woman's voice floated through the room.

"Hey, Danni, it's me, pick up. You there? Well, okay. I thought you were coming to meet me tonight?"

Keefer's gut twisted.

"Oh, well. You must be in the shower. Anyway, I'll be at the club, see you later."

Blue eyes narrowed to slits as she stared down the machine. Sooo, you're the floozy Danni's been sleeping with... Keefer stood up and began pacing. Maybe I should show up at the club and see what 'Miss Voice' looks like. The tall woman became more agitated the more she thought about it. If I only knew what club. Keefer stopped pacing and turned her head to face the coat closet, an evil smile took over her face. Storming over, she threw open the door and began rifling through her girlfriend's pockets until she found what she was searching for. BINGO! A matchbook advertising the club with a phone number scrawled on it. Susan, huh?


Sheridan pulled her black car onto the sidewalk and marveled at how packed the club was. There wasn't a parking spot for blocks. This was sure to be a night she would have regretted missing. Once inside, she made her way over to Verna for her nightly sugar.

"Hey, Sher, I didn't think you would make it."

"Would I let you down, sweetheart?" the blonde winked.

"Well, what are you waiting for? The world is your oyster tonight, girl!"

"I count on it, Verna," Sheridan wiggled her eyebrows and strode away.

Green eyes scanned the packed dance floor. She instantly spotted Susan and squeezed her way in the opposite direction. Wonder where Danni is tonight? she chuckled to herself. Probably already tired of Susan and her bullshit.

"Sher! Over here!" Dawn yelled out waving over her head with both hands.

"Whassup?" Sheridan asked, slapping her friend on the shoulder.

"Would you believe Marie hooked up?" Dawn asked wide-eyed.

"No fucking way! Where? I gotta see this!" The blonde stood on her tiptoes and looked in the direction Dawn pointed to see Marie dancing her heart out with a cute woman in a low-cut dress. "Well, well... Marie's gonna get some," she teased.

"I know. Good for her. Have you seen Sharon?"

"Are you kidding? This place is so packed I barely saw anything." Sheridan lost her balance as someone rammed their shoulder into her side.

"What the fuck?" she asked angrily, turning to face the smirk of the dreaded redhead, Danni.

"Oops, sorry, guess I didn't see you," she snickered.

Sheridan bristled, "You got a problem with me, Red? Cuz I already want to kick you in the fucking ass. Just give me half a reason."

Dawn intervened and pulled her friend back a few paces. "Yo, Sher, chill out," she said in her ear.

"I don't like this bitch, Dawn. She's a low life," she said loud enough for Danni to hear.

"What was that?" Danni asked, posturing in Sheridan's personal space.

"You heard me. You're trash. You got a woman who probably has no fucking clue you're dicking around on her and you have the nerve to disrespect her with a cheap tramp like Susan."

"Hey, Sher, it's not your business... what's up with you?" Dawn signaled for Sharon as soon as she spotted her.

"You're right, Dawn." Green eyes never left Danni. "She's nothing. Just get out of my face, Red, before I shove my foot up your ass."

"You have some nerve to judge me," Danni yelled. "The fucking whore of the club is telling me who I'm disrespecting. Who I fuck is my own business, so butt out," Danni poked Sheridan in the chest and it took both Sharon and Dawn to hold her back.

"Let it go, Sher. Let her walk."

The blonde was too riled up. "Maybe I should find this Keef and show her what a real woman is all about," she spat after Danni's retreating form.

The redhead turned around and laughed, "Good luck, her legs are sewn together at the knee." Danni wiggled her eyebrows, "But she's a hell of a looker. Good to keep around," then she disappeared into the crowd.

"That son of a bitch," Sheridan muttered. "Poor fucking, Keef. I hope she has three women on the side and gives Danni fucking herpes."

To be continued...in Part 4