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Name: Marc Spector


Relatives: Elias, Father...Randall, Brother (Deceased)...Mother - Unrevealed.

Affiliates: Former member of Avengers West Coast...Confidant of Jean-Paul ("Frenchie") DuChamp...Spider-Man, Punisher, Avengers, Werewolf By Night (Jack Russell)

Major Enemies: Bushman, Midnight Man, Arsenal, Morpheus, Black Spectre.

Powers: Moonknight has a level of superhuman strength whenever there is a full moon...He is also  very skilled at hand to hand combat and an Olympian level gymnast and acrobat...Trained in Martial Arts & very experienced with many weapons, especially throwing weapons such as a boomerang, scarab dart & throwing iron...He also uses a grappling hook as an important weapon.

Origin: Marc's powers are derived from the Egyptian moon god Khonshu as he declared himself the moon's knight of vengeance...He fell upon a statue of the moon god after being part of an archeological dig in Egypt.

1st App.: Werewolf By Night #32:

August 1975

Origin Issue: Moonknight V1 #1

Spider-Man Appearances:  Amazing Spider-Man #220 & 354-358...<#em>Spectacular Spider-Man #22 & 23...Marvel Team-Up #144 & Annual #4...Web Of Spider-Man #93 & 94...Moonknight V2 #2, 19-21, 32, 33 & 57.


Moonknight appeared very little after his 1st appearance in Werewolf By Night #32, but was in his 1st featured story in Marvel Spotlight V1 #28 & 29...He received his first comic of his own and was to go on to see 2 full time series of 38 and 60 issues as well as 3 limited series and a special to date and became one of the most  popular newer characters in the Marvel Universe.

Spider-Man and Moonknight appeared together plenty of times over their long careers...The first was when these two got tangled up in Spectacular Spider-Man #22...They met again in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #220...Spider-Man also appeared in Moonknight's title as well...A 3 parter with the Punisher and a special 2 parter involving the Hobgoblin.

Green Spider rating: 8 (out of 10)

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