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I guess my page got boring

Here you will find Links to various wolf/game/mIRC pages I have found.

Worforge Utilities
The Thowawa Page
mIRC-X Home Page
Maritimes Page
DroidBot Home Page
Sacred Wolf Dreams Spirit World
Carla's Home Page
Penguin's Igloo

100 Wolf Pictures
A1 Intra's Wolf Links
Bearman's Yellowstone Wolf Update
Complete Text of Down's Ruling by Preditor Project
Defenders of Wildlife
Dept. of the Interior News Releases
Endangered Species -U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Expanded Index to Wolf Related Sites
Gray Wolf Recovery Status Report
the Gray Wolf Web
GREEN-a Defenders of Wildlife Project
Guardians of our Spirit
Hummingbird's Lodge
Index of Wolf Pictures
International Wolf Center
Lotikwaho-Brother Wolf
Misc Wolf Interest Sites
Minnesota Wolf Alliance
Mission Wolf
Morning Star Outreach
NWF No. Rockies Project
North American Wolf Assoc.
Ocean Learning Wolf's Home Page
Ralph Maughan's Wolf Report
Realm of Wolfhawk's Lady
the Return of the Preditor by Outside Online
Running Deer Wolf's Den
the Searching Wolf
Silver Wolf's Den
Snow's Paw Prints
Southern Roclies Wolf Web
State Regulations for Wolves & Hybrids
Stormy's Wolf & Wolfdog Den
Tenniere de la Louve
Timber Wolf Information Network
Tom's Wolf Links
the Total Yellowstone Page
Two Socks
TwoWolf's Den
Whytewolf's Domain
Wild Sentry
Wildlife Research & Education Foundation
Wolf & Hybrid Rescue Links
Wolf Dog Coalition
the Wolf Dunn
Wolf Haven
Wolf Information Center
Wolf Interest Sites
the Wolf Pack
Wolf Park
Wolf Park's Links to Favorite Places
Wolf Recovery Foundation
Wolf Resources on the Net
the Wolf Sanctuary
Wolf Scratchpad
Wolf Sites
Wolf Song of Alaska
Wolf Soul's Lair
Wolf Spirit Pages
Wolf Update
Wolf Whisper
The Wolfdogs Resource
Wolflover3's Links
Wolfprint's Den
Wolves, Man & Truth
Wolves on the Web
World of Lady Wolf
Worldwide Wolf Watch
Yellowstone Wolf Tracker
Yellowstone Wolf Update