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About Me

Well, since you clicked, here it is.

All about me, what can I say? I am a Canadian living in Chemmy Ontario, I love wolves, games, and various outdoor activities. I also love the internet, but I don't spend too much time on the net anymore. Below you will find various pictures I have selected to show ya'll which include me, my g/f and my friends, :0)
Halfway through the summer I will have pictures of me and my g/f, because she is coming up from the states to see me, :0) which is gonna be the greatest day of my life, so keep tuned in to my web page for the pics of her visit, it is gonna be a blast,

days 'til my Birthday!!

Here is a pic of me.

Here is a pic of the most beautiful girl in the world, aka My g/f Jenni.

Here is a pic of my friend Richard.

Here is a pic of my other friend T.

Here is a pic of my g/f Jenni and her best friend Sandi.