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Willow walked into her and Buffy's dorm room. She threw her backpack on the bed. "Ugh! College gives too much homework. I'd rather be fighting demons," she said aloud. She wasn't sure if Buffy was home but this was a good way to find out.

No one answered. "I guess she's not home," Willow said.

She walked to her computer across the room and turned it on. She decided she should get a start on her homework before it got dark. She needed to get out of the dorm so she was going with Buffy to patrol that night. She didn't care what she said.

Right before she connected onto the internet, the phone rang.

Willow sighed and answered it. "Hello?"

"Hey, Will!" Xander greeted her.

"Hey! It's been a while since I heard from you."

"Two days."

"That's a while in my book."

"Yeah, well. Me and Anya have been hanging out a lot more than usual," Xander said.

"Oh," Willow said.

She wished Xander would wake up and smell the vengeance demon. Anya would get her powers back someday and all Willow would be able to say would be 'I told you so'. She also really hated Anya because she was yet another girl that was keeping her and Xander apart.

Xander sensed the tension. "So, we were wondering if you would like to hang at the Bronze like in the old days."

"She's going to be there?" Willow asked.


"When are we going out for this outing?"

"Right now. If you want."

"I can't. I have homework." Willow hung up the phone.

Xander was shocked Willow had hung up on him.


Buffy walked into the dorm finding Willow working hard on the computer. "Did Giles call wanting you to research a demon?"

"No. This is for Psych class."

"Oh, the paper about the parts of the brain."

"But Xander called. He wanted me to go to the Bronze with him." Willow was obviously upset.

"Why's that so bad?"

"Anya's going to be with him."

"Oh, I see," Buffy said.

"Why can't he see she'll turn evil and try to kill him like Faith did?"

"She's not Faith."

"Yeah, but still," Willow said and sighed.

Buffy looked at her watch. "Oh. I gotta go. Duty calls."

"Can I come tonight? You never know when you'll need someone to do a spell."

Buffy thought about it. "Good point. Let's go." She picked up her Slayer bag.

Willow followed Buffy out the door with her favorite witchcraft book in her hand.


When Willow and Buffy arrived at the cemetary, Buffy felt a vampire immediately. She threw down her Slayer bag at her feet and took her fighting stance.

"Already?" Willow asked.

"Yeah. Stay here and be careful."

Willow nodded.

Buffy looked around for a vamp. She felt someone grab her neck. She gasped. She was thrown into another vampire. She quickly regained her footing and jumped up. She did a front kick to the one who had thrown her and a back kick to the one holding her neck.

"Will, quick! Get me a stake!" Buffy managed to yell before the vamps were attacking her again.

Now, the first vamp was on top of her leaning toward her neck. The second vamp was holding her arms down. "Willow!" Buffy cried.


Cordelia had calmed down a little and was on her way back to the office. She figured Angel needed her. She stopped in front of his door and fell against it. Cordelia got a rush of images. She saw Buffy struggling under the two vamps and Willow trying to stake them. In the distance, she saw about ten more vamps approaching them. Cordelia had a migrane.

She was massaging her head when Angel came out of his door. He saw the pained look in her eyes. He knew that look. He saw it in Doyle's eyes right after he had a vision.

"What did you see?" he asked.

"Get me some asperin," Cordy said.

Angel moved to the office. He took some asperin off his desk. He handed them and a glass of water to her. She swallowed the pills.

"You know, you're really going to have to do something about those headaches. The visions wouldn't be that bad if-"

"Cordelia," Angel interrupted her.

"Oh, right. We have trouble. In Sunnydale."

Part Three