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Anya stopped in the middle of the road and looked at Xander. "Where are we going?"

"That restaurant you like," Xander answered. The name of the restaurant escaped his mind.

"What's the name of it?" Anya asked.

"I... don't remember. Sorry," Xander said.

Anya gave Xander a disappointed look.

"I'm sorry. I'm just worried about Willow."

"You're always worried about Willow. You never worry about me," Anya sounded sad.

"We've been through this when we lost our voices."

Anya sighed and decided not to say anything.

"Great, now you're mad at me."

"I just can't believe you forgot what my favorite restaurant is!" Anya crossed her arms over her chest. She walked ahead of Xander.

Xander groaned and ran to catch up.

"Take me home!" Anya demanded.

"What about our anniversary?"

"There is no anniversary. Our whole relationship has been a joke!" Anya started to walk faster.

Xander stayed in his spot and wondered how he could make Anya happy again.


Angel and Cordelia walked up to Giles' doorstep. Cordy looked at Angel. "You knock."

Angel gave Cordy a weird look. Then he knocked on the door. Giles answered it. "Angel, Cordelia. It's nice to see you." He could tell Cordy had been crying. He gave her a warm, comforting smile.

"Hi," she said shyly.

Giles had never known Cordy to be shy. Whatever's wrong is something major. he thought. "Come in," he said.

Cordy and Angel walked in and sat on the couch.

Giles decided instead of pushing Cordelia to tell him the problem, he would just talk about what has been going on in Sunnydale. After all it had been a while since they saw each other. True he had seen Angel over Thanksgiving, but they were busy with the 'Native American' problem and hiding the fact Angel was back in town from Buffy.

"A lot has happened since you left. One of the things is we have gained some unbelievable help." Giles paused.

"Well, who is it?" Angel asked dreading the answer from the tone in Giles' voice.

"Well, it's-"

"Peaches." Angel heard Spike say from the bathroom.

"Spike?" Angel raised his eyebrows at Giles in amusement. He tried to stifle a smile.

Giles shrugged. "Well..." he sounded embarrassed he turned to Spike for help.

"Aren't you afraid he'll kill you?" Cordelia asked.

"Not a problem," Giles said. "He can no longer bit people. There's these new commando people in town. They got ahold of him and somehow made him unable to hurt anybody."

The next sound they heard was Spike's chains rattling. "When I get out of here, I'll kill you!"

Giles looked from Cordy to Angel. "We'll see about that...."

Part Ten