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Now, all twelve vampires were attacking Willow and Buffy. Willow was trying her best to stake the vampires tht were on Buffy through the back. Buffy was trying her best to kick them off. Willow's spellbook was gone. She couldn't find it anywhere. They were down four vamps.

"I can't believe we still have to fight eight of these things," Willow said.

Buffy grunted and kicked one of the three vamps off of her.

Willow felt one of the vamps attacking her evaporate into dust. "Giles!" Willow said relieved.

Willow got up off the ground. She saw Spike standing a few feet away. "Hey," she smiled.

He walked closer to her.

"Spike," one of the vamps said with his teeth gritted.

Spike turned to him. "Daniel!" he said sounding surprised to see him.

"We heard you took a trip to the vet," he said.

Spike was taken aback. He turned tootot Willow. "If I hold him, do you think you could kill him? But torture him first? And make it quick."

Willow nodded quickly and went for the Slayer bag. She got out a cross, a bigger-than-normal bottle of holy water, and a stake.

"We have special treatment for you, Daniel," Spike muttered in his ear. "Rip his shirt open," he said to Willow.

Willow obeyed and smiled. Then she took out the cross and put it up against his flesh. Smoke rised from his skin. After Willow had seen enough, she tossed the cross on the ground behind her and picked up the holy water and stake. She poured some of if on him, then waited for the signal from Spike to stake him. He gave her the signal, and Willow staked him.

"Now, that was fun," Willow said.

"That's going to be the only one you get to do that to. He made me mad about a century ago. Then he disappeared."

"We'll chat later. Right now, let's help Buffy," Willow said.

Spike grabbed a vamp by the arms taht had his back to him. Willow staked him. When Buffy was off the ground, they stood by and watched her kill the remaining ones.


Cordelia and Angel were in her car on their way to Sunnydale. They were about halfway there. They hadn't really said anything. A little small talk, but that was it.

Angel finally got enough courage to ask her. "What exactly was in your vision?"

Cordelia kept her eyes on the road. "I saw Buffy under two vamps. They were too strong for her, and more were coming."

Angel was silent.

"Angel?" Cordelia asked.

She was starting to worry about him. He was never quite after he learned of the new message from The Powers That Be.

He looked at her. He was fully vamped out. "Was Spike there?"

Part Five