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Cordelia passed the 'Welcome to Sunnydale' sign Spike had run over so many times in the past. "Now, can we wash my car?" Cordy asked impatiently.

"Yeah," Angel replied.

Cordelia swerved across the road to the gas station/carwash.

"Don't kill us before you get there," Angel gripped the armrest.

"I won't," Cordy said and sped to the change slot to the carwash. Then she drove through it.

After she got through it, she got out of the car and looked at it. "Much better." She got back in. "Where are we going?"

"Let's go to the mansion. You need some sleep. I'll lurk around town for a couple of hours. See if I can find anyone."

"Ok." Cordy swerved on the road again and drove to the mansion.


Willow went home after she left Giles', but Buffy needed to patrol. She didn't want to put Willow in any danger. She needed to figure out why those vamps were in town besides the hellmouth being here. She was at Restfield Cemetary earlier so she went to Austin Family Crypt. Once she was there, she didn't see one vampire. She walked around the crypt twice. Then she waited for a few more minutes. When nothing moved, she started to walk back to the dorm.

Angel stepped out of the shadows of the nearby woods. He kept a safe distance behind her on their way to the dorm.

Buffy sensed there was someone behind her. It felt kinda like.... "Angel?" Buffy asked quietly. No answer. She walked a few steps and spun around. She didn't see anyone. She gripped the stake in her jacket tighter. She turned around again. She still didn't see anyone. She walked the rest of the way to the dorm. When she got there, Willow was already asleep. I'll just tell her about this tomorrow. Buffy thought.


Eventually, Anya had convinced Xander to wear something a little more romantic. She wasn't lucky enough to get him to wear a tux, but she did get him to wear khakis and a baby blue polo shirt.

"That's a little better," Anya said looking at his outfit.

"Ok, I refuse to get more dressed up than this!" Xander said and pulled his shirt away from his skin.

"Oh, you look just yum. I could eat you right up. But you told me we were going out tonight, so that's what we're going to do."

Xander wasn't sure what to say. "Ok..."

Anya tugged him by the hand. "Let's go before eyerything closes."

Xander let himself be tugged by Anya.


Angel followed Buffy home to make sure she got there safely. After she walked into her dorm building, Angel couldn't decide what he was going to do next: Go to the mansion to check on Cordy, go to Giles' and tell him he's back like he did on Thanksgiving, or follow Buffy and tell her he's back. Angel finally decided he would go to the mansion then go to Giles'. He would wait a while to tell Buffy he's back. Angel turned and walked toward the mansion.

When he got there, he heard Cordelia screaming. He ran into the mansion and followed the screams. They were coming from his old bedroom. He stopped running when he reached the door. He stood and watched her for a couple of minutes. She was in his old bed sleeping. She had tears running down her face and she was twisting and turning under the covers.

Angel was at her side in an instant. He was trying to wake her up. "Cordelia..." he said quietly so he wouldn't startle her. He shook her.

Cordelia's eyelids flung open. She sat up quickly. She looked at Angel and hugged him tightly. "Angel!" she said.

"What was it?" he asked.

The tears began rolling down her cheeks again. "Doyle. He... He-" Cordy was cut off by her own sobs.

Angel waited for her to continue.

Cordy pulled away from him and wiped her hair out of her face. "I saw Doyle die again," she said quietly. "But this time it was worse. It seemed to take longer, and he couldn't stop the light. He tried, but he couldn't." Cordy was sobbing again. "After he..... the light lowered and was going to kill all those demons we tried to save. Then you jumped and turned it off." Cordy hugged Angel again. "I was alone in the world. You can't leave me. You're all I have now."

Angel hugged her for a few minutes to comfort her. Then he said, "Are you going back to sleep?"

Cordy pulled away from him again. "What?"

"I was thinking we could go to Giles'."


"To let him know we're back."


"Will you come?" Angel hoped she would. He needed to see Buffy again. He thought maybe Cordy could lure her to the mansion in the daylight.

"If you're going. I don't want to stay here alone."


"Wait. I gotta clean up first. I look a mess." Cordelia sauntered off to the bathroom.                                                

~An Hour Later~

Cordelia came out of the bathroom. "How do I look?"

Angel looked at her and raised his eyebrows in question.

"Do I look like the 'Sunnydale Cordelia' or the 'L.A. Cordelia'?"

Angel quickly decided what she wanted to hear. "Sunnydale."

"Good. Let's go." Cordelia walked outside to her car. Angel followed her.

Part Nine