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Nadia's Other Appearances
Nadia's guest spots and filmography

Nadia Bjorlin appeared on the E! Network on their television series, "Search Party". She was a guest host along with fellow Days of Our Lives star, Kevin Spirtas. The show took place in Maui, Hawaii and it aired on March 27, 2000 and April 3, 2000.

Other celebrity guests that also appeared on "Search Party":

  • Jason Brooks (ex-Peter, Days)
  • Alison Sweeney (Sami, Days)
  • Austin Peck (Austin, Days)
  • Arianne Zuker (Nicole, Days)
  • Victor Alfieri (ex-Franco, Days)
Synopsis of "Search Party": Celebrity guests and E! network viewers travel to exotic beach resort locations and team up to compete in crazy athletic events and off-the-wall scavenger hunts.

Nadia had this to say about the experience: (from her March 14, 2000 Chat) "...I did "Search Party" for E! Entertainment Television in Hawaii and they wanted me to be host for one of the episodes one day. That was definitely crazy! I even walked up to an elderly man and asked him if I could dump and entire can of shaving cream down his pants -- and he let me empty the entire can!! And for the show I also asked a guy if he would take all of his clothes off in public -- AND HE DID !! That whole show was pretty crazy!!"

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