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Nadia Bjorlin Fact Sheet

Birthdate August 2 (she is a Leo)
Siblings Three brothers and two sister
Parents Fary Bjorlin and the late Ulf Bjorlin
Height 5'8"
Other Musical Inclinations As you know, Nadia sings beautifully - but she also plays the flute, guitar, harp and piano
Where you might have seen her before Nadia was in Ricky Martin's video, "Shake Your Bon Bon" (she was a go-go dancer with a short skirt)
Nadia's first appearance on Days of Our Lives November 24, 1999 - the 8,680th episode of Days of Our Lives. However, her face was not actually shown until December 6, 1999
Pets Nadia owns a couple of birds, and a puppy named Tiger
What she cannot live without Chocolate!
Where she has lived Sweden (until the age of 8), Florida and New York. She currently lives in L.A.
Favorite Book "Song Of The Lark" by Willa Cather
Ideal Date Jensen Ackles (Eric Brady, DOOL) - good choice!
Favorite T.V. Shows "E.R.", "Law and Order", "Will and Grace", "3rd Rock From The Sun"
Worst high school subject Math
Where Nadia started Commercials, and she also did some acting in Europe
Contract Status Nadia's contract goes through October of 2002
Nadia's experience on kissing Nadia had to do a screen test, and she had to "stage" kiss someone! She was not sure what to do, so she ended up asking someone!
Her picks Christian Bale (from "Little Women" and "Swing Kids"), Brad Pitt ("Legends of the Fall" and "Meet Joe Black")
Languages spoken Swedish (at home), Farci, French, Italian, and Russian (mainly in opera)
Sibling Showbiz Connections Nadia's sister, Camilla starred in Baywatch
Nadia's Roots Nadia's mother, Fary is Persian, and Nadia is very connected with Persian culture. She loves the food, music and customs associated with it. She also speaks Farci, the language of Persians

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