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Nadia Bjorlin Chat Continued
Nadia Bjorlin Chat
March 14, 2000

Are you going to ever develop a relationship with phillip???
Nadia: Hmm.. maybe, maybe not. Actually I don't know, they don't tell me these things!

How long does it take you to memorize your lines?
Nadia: I'm a pretty quick study -- I usually read them the night before. Then I finalize them once I get on set, while I'm sitting in the make-up chair. When I'm getting my make-up done, I learn my lines.

Would you ever do a scene for Days you didn't believe in?
Nadia: I think I would because I know that the writers of Days wouldn't ever write anything that would be distasteful. Or ethically or morally wrong.

How long did you live in Sweden?
Nadia: I lived in Sweden until the age of 7.

Nadia: Yes, I have some birds and I just got a puppy a week ago! It is the cutest little thing. His name is Tiger. My Birds don't have names. They're little finches -- they're my mom's actually. My mom loves birds, we've always had lots of pets. When we lived in Florida, we had big parrots and other birds and they had names...My mom may have named these birds, but I'm not aware of it.

Do you get recognized a lot??
Nadia: Surprisingly, I do sometimes. It sometimes frightens me because I wonder if I actually look like my character on TV.. why they would recognize me!! I really appreciate it when people say nice things about your work or take time out of their schedules to comment on your work. It means a lot to me.

So what would be your ideal date? or have you been on it already?
Nadia: I don't think I would have an ideal situation planned out...Just, if you clicked with someone, anything you do would be fun. Whether it was just walking down the street window shopping, or going to dinner or sitting on the beach. It all depends on the person really.

Do you have your own place or do you live with your parents?
Nadia:I live with my mom and one of my brothers. I lived here for awhile by myself and then my mom moved here from New York. Which is nice. She's like my best friend. She's a cool mother, she's fun to have around.

What's your favorite book?
Nadia: My favorite book (when I'm not reading scripts!!!).... Right now it would be "Song of the Lark" by Willa Cather.

What kinds of foods do you like?
Nadia: All food! I love food in general! I would have to say that my favorite food is actually medeterranian and greek food.. Probably because I'm half Persian. My mother cooks Persian food very well.

Hi Nadia, You have an amazing voice. Do you have any future plans for a C.D.?
Nadia: Thank you.. I do, hopefully. I would love to. I'm sort of in the process right now of working something out. I would like to record a pop music album.

Which Days charecter are you the most like?
Nadia: I would have to say no. All the characters are pretty screwy on the show. There's something severely wrong with at least one of them :) I couldn't say that I could relate to any one of them.

Who's the biggest star you've ever met?
Nadia: You know what? I don't really get star struck..I've actually met a lot of people because my parents were very famous in father especially because he was in show business. I basically grew up meeting lots of music stars, kings and queens of different countries and having to perform for them. I can't really name one person in particular that I've been particularly amazed with anyway...But I've met a lot of nice ones!

Have you had any really funny embarrasing moments on the set yet?
Nadia: Funny moments happen all the time. Not any particularly embarassing ones. But we're always cracking up!

Do you want to pursue a music career?
Nadia: If i had to choose between one or the other... I don't think I could choose. But as I've mentioned, I'm interested in recording a pop album. I don't think I could choose just one though. It's like saying "who would you prefer, your mom or your dad?"

Nadia: My mom is very proud of me. She obviously tries to keep me very grounded. She always has with all of her kids. Which I think is wonderful. I don't think that anyone should think that they're better than anyone else -- for ANY reason.

Do you really wear glasses?
Nadia: No, I don't!

How do u keep in shape?
Nadia: Haha, I'm not in shape! Extra chocolate and ice cream. Chocolate every day -- I have to have chocolate every day ! I don't have a set regiment of anything. I should -- I've been meaning to join a gym. I actually wanted to buy a treadmill if anyone wants to sell me theirs :>

Earlier you talked about Celine Dion, is she your favorite singer?
Nadia: She's one of my favorite singers, definitely. There's also Whitney Houston.. I love singers who REALLY sing...Barbara Streisand..People like that.

How do you feel about playing the part of an unpopular person?
Nadia: It's like a nightmare come true, it really is!! :) I think it's great because It's nice to play a role that I won't be stereotyped into. People have always seen me as more of the Belle kind of character -- so it's nice to play someone the complete opposite of what I would imagine myself playing. I'm able to show a broad spectrum of myself. I'm sure eventually Chloe will change and I can show a different aspect of myself. In the sense of a nightmare coming true -- when I walk onto set and we're filming a scene with me walking into a classroom and everyone turns and glares at me, I feel like I'm really feeling that. Sometimes tears well up in my eyes when they aren't supposed to in these scenes. We have to stop because they cut and tell me "That's not what Chloe is about.."...and I apologize, but sometimes it happens. It really shows me what it would be like to be like that in high school and how you would never want to be picked on. Sometimes when people meet me in person they think I'm like my character..People take characters in soaps very seriously and they think I'm actually like that. I've either met people or got letters saying "don't let Philip pick on you." or "stop being mean to your mother". I even got a letter once from a person telling me clothing to wear. Telling me to take off the black clothing and the glasses.. Trying to give me fashion advice. And saying that the kids would like me more if I tried changing myself.

Nadia: My parents.. My mother in one way, and my father in another way. My father was a performer.. the one with the amazing talent. He wowed audiences and I always wanted to do that as well. And my mother, because she's the one who always kept the family together and has been the strong one and has always known what to do. She's always been there and had the right answers.

Whats your favortie Ice cream flavor?
Nadia: Anything with chocolate ! I have a weakness for anything chocolate. If you want to win my heart, that's how you do it ! Just bring chocolate.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Nadia: The craziest thing ? Hmm...I don't know.. I'm sure I've done a lot of crazy things..But what comes to mind first is, I did "Search Party" for E! Entertainment Television in Hawaii and they wanted me to be host for one of the episodes one day. That was definitely crazy! I even walked up to an elderly man and asked him if I could dump and entire can of shaving cream down his pants -- and he let me empty the entire can !! And for the show I also asked a guy if he would take all of his clothes off in public -- AND HE DID !! That whole show was pretty crazy!!

Do you every get afraid of over zealous fans?
Nadia: Afraid of them? No..I think I appreciate them more than anything because where would any of us be without them. I feel more flattered and honored that people feel this way about me or appreciate what I do...Or take the time out of their busy lives to come and see me at some event or ask me for an autograph.

Do you reply personally to letters you receive?
Nadia: I do. I hand-write each one of them, which is why sometimes it takes awhile. I sign the pictures and I read them all myself. And I keep them all too

What was your worst subject in high school?
Nadia: Math, definitely. I hated Math !!

Do you have any personal appearances scheduled in the future?
Nadia: No, I don't. I wish...Call the publicist at NBC and tell them to book me on something!! :-) I would love to come out and meet some fans.

Do you keep a journal of your life?
Nadia: No, I don't. I used to keep a journal when I was younger but then I stopped keeping a journal when I realized that all of my brothers took a real liking into finding where it was and reading it! After that I figured that it probably wasn't a good idea.

I'm an opera singer by profession and I've watched and loved DAYS since it's been on. I was of course intrigued by the addition of Chloe! You seem pretty calm and cool.....Are you??? The Queen of the Night aria is a wicked aria...
Nadia: I'm sitting in my room right now chatting away.. But thank you for the comment.

Alright everyone, last question for the night coming up !! What's the best thing that you like about your work ?
Nadia: What I love about this job is waking up every day and knowing that I have this place to go to...That I have a job, and it's doing what I absolutely love doing more than anything in this world...Which is to entertain people. And to be able to express myself. It was great chatting with you all. I would keep chatting if they would let me!

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