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Nadia Bjorlin Chat
Nadia Bjorlin Chat
March 14, 2000

How old were you when you started acting?
Nadia: Probably around 13.. I started singing when I was like 7 years old. With the singing, came the acting because i started doing musical theater and doing opera. It just sort of came along naturally!

Do you find it hard to keep a balance between career and personal life?
Nadia: No I don't actually. I have time on the weekend for personal life. Most of my friends are actually people from the set, people I work with. Since we spend a lot of time together, I sort of consider some of my time at work being social as well. We usually hang out or do things together. But sometimes yes it is hard. I can't really go away for weekends or take vacations or things like that because you always have to be around to work.

Nadia: The entire character is very different. The reason she dresses in black probably reflects how she feels inside. She doesn't have very high self-esteem at all. She's extremely different from everyone else. Her interests, upbringing and life is different. She's basically been tossed from foster home to foster home. She's never really had any love from parents or anything. She's grown up on her own..Dressing in black reflects how she feels. She wants to be that way. Plus it's very simple -- she's doesn't have to deal with looking fashionable in the morning -- it's just something to wear!

What would you be doing now if you wasnt on Days of Our Lives? and how did you get to be on the show? do you like it?
Nadia: I'm sure I would be singing professionally as well as probably doing commercials or still auditioning and trying to get some other kind of acting work. I can't imagine doing anything in life except singing and acting. As for the second part of your question, I auditioned in New York and flew out to L.A. for a screen test...a few days later I found out that I got the role and I moved out to California!

Who helped you the most when you first got to days ?
Nadia: I would have to say Patrika Darbo who plays my mother. She gave me little hints as to which camera was on me..Little acting tips. She took time out of her own life when we weren't on the set to get together with me and practice before we could shoot. Just so we could get a bit of chemistry going.

Where did you receive your music training?
Nadia: Mainly from my father who was a conductor and composer of classical music. He passed away almost 7 years ago, but I continued on with my music. Basically I think I was born with it. It's in my blood! I grew up hearing it every day. I would sit at the piano and play and I went to concerts and the opera. I became extremely interested in music at about age six when I started playing the piano.

What is it like to have to "stage kiss" someone?
Nadia: The very first time I had to do a screen test, it was extremely nerve-wracking...I wasn't exactly sure what I should do and I felt a little stupid because I had to ask...I guess it was very uncomfortable. You see all these eyes and cameras on you and you hope that it looks good and that it looks believable and that you're actually enjoying it. Although you're not in the least -- no matter how good looking of a person you're kissing. :)

How many hours to you spend filming the show a week?
Nadia:The show itself films 5...Sometimes, before the Holidays, like before Christmas it films on Saturdays as well. For me, it depends. The schedule differs. I can be working 5 days a week, or only 1 day a week. It depends on how the story line is going. The hours are very long...Sometimes you show up at 7 in the morning and don't leave until midnight or 2 in the morning!

How do you feel about how Hollywood shows beauty as being thin?
Nadia: I don't like it at all! I think a woman is beautiful when she has curves and actually has breasts and a backside! My view on beauty is someone who looks more like Marylin Monroe. But I guess the fashion industry has told us that everybody is supposed to be so thin! Which I think gives everybody a wrong impression of what they're supposed to look like. And it gives people unrealistic goals and hopes about what their bodies should look like. What I've noticed is that -- what you don't realize is that most actors and actresses (especially actresses) are quite short. So their bone structures are smaller, so most of them are naturally thinner...Myself, I'm 5'8 so I can't possibly be as waify as the people on the show who are a lot smaller. It leads people to have these unattainable goals for thinness that can't and shouldn't be reached. All these models and covers on magazines set bad examples for teenagers and young women...Beauty shouldn't be measured by your dress size anyway.

Do you only sing opera or do you do other music as well? You have a beautiful voice
Nadia: Thank you! No, I sing all kinds of music. I started off singing classical and opera music which is a really good foundation to begin with...Then I also got interested in musical theater and broadway .. a little bit of jazz...I would actually like to persue a recording career as a pop singer some day! Or like Celine Dion-oriented music.

What are your other passions besides acting, performing, and singing?
Nadia: I don't have time for anything else! But I do love to dance. And I love to see really good movies as well.

What was your life like in high school?
Nadia: I went to a performing arts high school..I didn't go to a regular high school.. I was in the music department in my high school and went to school with lots of "artsy" people... Sometimes I can relate to my character Chloe as well.. I wasn't like her in High School but everybody has a little bit of that, that they feel at some point in their High School careers...In New York City I also went to a school for professional children..There as well it was very different. I was always very busy in high school, with my singing and acting. I did it in school as well as outside of school...But I never had a boyfriend .. I never went out on dates... But it was all worth it. :)

Do you have any input on the storyline?
Nadia: No I don't actually...I never know what's going on... I find out about a week before I'm filming something

Whats your fav story line ?
Nadia: It's interesting for me because for me it's like reading a story because I don't find out until right before it happens...It's very exciting in that way. My favorite story line on the show ... my own of course!! :-)

Nadia, are you single?
Nadia: Yes I am indeed!

If you could have your pick of a boyfriend on Days of Our Lives, who would it be?
Nadia: Do I really want to say this ? :) I would have to say Jensen Ackles. He's a very sweet and sincere person..Very kind...But don't tell anyone!

What's your favorite tv show?
Nadia: I like several TV shows.. It depends...When it comes to comedy I really like "Will & Grace"...For Drama I really like "ER", "Law & Order". The NBC shows!! And not because they're NBC shows, it's just because they happen to be good shows...Except I don't really have a lot of time to watch TV anymore

Who is your favorite comic and why?
Nadia: Don't really have one specifically. For comedic actors, I like the cast from 3rd Rock From the Sun !

I run a website dedicated to you and your character, Chloe. I was just wondering if you ever got a chance to surf the Internet and read e-mail?
Nadia: I do once in awhile but I've never seen this web site! What is it called? Type it in the "ASK" box and I'll take a look at it :)

Do you have a big family?
Nadia: I do have a big family indeed! I have three brothers and two sisters.

Marc: Hey -- guy/girl who runs the Official Nadia web site -- what's the URL for Nadia? :-) Type it into the ASK box...err -- the unofficial nadia site that is !! :>
Nadia: I have a hard time with the Internet, I still might not be able to find it!

Do you watch any of the competing soaps?
Nadia: I don't. There's no life outside of Days of Our Lives...There are no other soaps!!!!

What was your first acting job?
Nadia: I did commercials when I was little. And I actually did some acting in Europe. I'm originally from Sweden so I acted there for awhile.

Could you offer any tips on getting into the business?
Nadia:Just keep going at it. Don't quit. If you really love it, don't ever stop. No matter how many people say no to you or how many times you're rejected.

How old are you really? Do you have a tutor?
Nadia:You never ask a lady her age. I'm 15? :) And.. there are tutors on the set.

What was it like dancing in Ricky Martin's video, Shake Your Bon Bon?
Nadia: Exhausting! It was lots of fun though. Definitely lots of fun. I would think I would be sick of that song by now but I'm not. He's a very nice guy too.

How did your friends react to your stardom?
Nadia: Most of them just think of me as Nadia. They're like "oh yeah, it's just you.. no big deal". A lot of them are very happy for me. Since I haven't changed, they don't really think of me differently.

I have heard that Kevin is a jokester. Is it easy doing scenes with him?
Nadia: Yes, he's great! He's so much fun to work with. I absolutely love him! He's an extremely talented actor as well. That makes him very easy to work with -- plus he has a great sense of humor.

What are your acting plans in the future?
Nadia: To always keep acting. Those are my plans. I don't have any set plans, I take everything one day at a time. I'd love to do movies and move on to bigger things in the future. That would be my ideal.

Are you going to go to college? What will you study?
Nadia: No, I'm not going to college. Too busy with work. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't. I made straight A's in high school !

Did you ever watch Days before you landed the role of Chloe?
Nadia: No, I didn't. Of course I'd heard of Days and I knew of some of the actors on the show, but I never was an avid soap opera watcher. I never really had time.

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