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Soaps' Hottest Newcomers!
Soap Opera Digest - August 15, 2000

Soaps' Hottest Newcomer Who makes you laugh?
"Patrika [Darbo, Nancy] and Kevin [Spirtas, Craig]. We have so much fun. Everyone here is fun; we get giddy together."

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
"Night owl, big time. I'm at my best at night; my creative energy flows. My father used to compose late at night and play the piano all through the night. I would fall asleep to him playing."

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?
"It would be nice to have my dad back, that would definitely be my first. That would make my mom happy and make the family a family again. I would want everyone in my family to have a perfect, wonderful life. My last wish would be to have many more wishes."

Describe a perfect date.
"I don't think I've ever had a perfect date! I like to do things that are different: I don't like cliches. I would probably prefer to be at home with someone, making food and watching a movie."

What qualities do you look for in a guy?
Someone with a sense of humor, who can make me laugh. I like sweet and innocent guys, not cocky ones. Someone who will be devoted to me, who is honest and trustworthy. Usually it's what's on the inside. I don't think I've ever seen someone and gone 'Ooh.' But good-looking doesn't hurt!"

"Aside from her talent and her beauty and her soft-spoken and delicate ways, she's got this quiet fire within her that I think is very charismatic," says Kevin Spirtas. "I think she's destined for greatness, I really do. Not a wink of the eye; I think she has a big future if she chooses to keep doing it. She has quite a gift."

Editors' Choice - Digest Salutes The Best In Daytime

Blast Off!       When one soap day lasts for nearly three weeks, the plot had better be compelling. And when it focuses on teens, you have to wonder: Can the problems of kids be all that complicated? But DAYS OF OUR LIVES made all the right moves with its Last Blast Dance, an event filled with action, intrigue and romance.

      It all began when Philip lost a video game contest and was forced to invite oddball Chloe to the dance. The shy teen accepted, then went on a dress shopping spree with Nancy ("Do you have anything in black?" Chloe asked the bewildered saleslady.) As the dance approached, we wondered if Philip would keep his end of the bargain, if his classmates would pull off the nasty prank they were planning . . . and what would Chloe look like without her glasses?

      Meanwhile, Belle agreed to go to the dance with her crush, Shawn . . . and her pal, Mimi, who was keeping a secret. Gently pressed by Belle to reveal what was troubling her, a heavy-hearted Mimi kept silent.

      At the dance, the assembled teens, led by Jan and Jason, greeted Chloe with cruel chants of "Ghoul Girl" . . . which turned into applause after she shed her black clock to reveal a red, clingy dress. Philip was bowled over.

      As the event progressed, Philip grew more and more smitten with his date - especially when they were crowned king and queen. But while the couple danced, lost in their own world ("You're so beautiful," Philip softly told the girl he had teased for months.), Jan and Jason put their Carrie rip-off plan into action. Luckily, a quick-thinking Shawn saw Jason pulling on a cord and pushed Chloe out of the way so the bucket of blood fell on Philip. "Was that meant for me?" Chloe cried helplessly as Philip stood drenched in chicken blood. Meanwhile, Mimi and Jan engaged in a catfight that resulted in a well-deserved slap for catty Jan. Mimi fled the gym, followed by Belle, Shawn and Chloe, who trailed her to a shanty by the highway and discovered the awful truth: She was homeless.

      Heady stuff for a group of 16 year olds, no? Sure, we were drawn in by the adorable budding romance of Philip and Chloe (Jay Kenneth Johnson and Nadia Bjorlin have incredible chemistry) and the sarcastic barbs exchanged between a clearly infatuated Belle and Shawn (another great couple in Jason Cook and Kirsten Storms), but at the heart of the tale were situations that were realistic and not always pretty. Belle and Shawn are sweethearts, but some of their classmates were downright nasty - sound like anyone you knew in high school? Can't you remember a teen who was teased mercilessly just for being different, or someone so embarassed by her family situation that she had to lie to cover it up?

      While DAYS's dance conveyed the sweet simplicity of young love (as well as the sting of Mimi's unrequited crush on Shawn), the show didn't sugar-coat the high school experience. The anguish and insecurity those years can bring were drawn with clarity and conviction, and reminded us that the lives of teens are anything but simple.

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     "We're always finding reasons to goof off," confides Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe). "In the scene where Chloe had the fantasy where Philip picks her up for the dance and Jan and Jason come in and everyone says, 'Geek-Freak,' we had such a hard time. It was early in the morning, and we were laughing because it was so cheesy! We cracked up every single time and then they said, 'Okay, guys, you have to be serious, because once we dump the bucket of feathers, that's it.' In the end, I looked at Jay (Kenneth Johnson, Philip) and lost it completely. Luckily, everyone had chanted enough so they could edit. It took me an entire day to get the feathers off."

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