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A SoapNet Exclusive
SoapCenter - July 7, 2000

Behind the Scenes at the Last Blast Dance The exciting end-of-the-year dance at Salem High was a chance for everyone on the production team to shine. The production team co-ordinated a video screen and incorporated monitors - so it would look like some video games that are popular with teenagers.

It wasn't just the set that made these scenes so special. It was hair and makeup as well. "It's very rare we get to wear elaborate makeup," Kirsten Storms says. "And we have really fun hair!" Castmate Farah Fath agrees: "Yeah, we have all this fancy glitter and I even have false eyelashes on and everything!"

For almost eight months, Nadia Bjorlin hasn't seen the inside of the hair and makeup room, but that changed with these scenes. Her character, the eccentric Chloe undergoes a remarkable transformation.

"I actually feel a little bit like my character - a little self-conscious," Nadia says. "I'm so used to wearing all the big black clothes...but I'm sure I'll warm up to it!" A big part of Chloe's Cinderella evening is her magical dance with spoiled rich kid, Philip Kiriakis. Actor Jay Kenneth Johnson describes his character's reaction to the new and improved Chloe: "He's stunned. He cannot believe it - you know Philip has been making fun of her for months...He's stunned, definitely."

Choreographer Christy Curtis Buss worked closely with the two young actors to help create this romantic connection between Chloe and Philip. "Dancing is ... an art - it's a feeling, and it brings out a different kind of acting they don't get to do everyday," Buss says of the experience. "Giving them choreography is almost like staging, and then once they have their staging, it's going to be great for them to get into the scene and make that moment work for them."

It definitely works, and Days of Our Lives fans will cherish these magical scenes for a very long time.

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This was taken from Soap Center on the cable soap channel, SoapNet. Visit their website HERE. This feature was transcribed by the webmistress of this website. The picture above is from SoapCity's Days of Our Lives Website.