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The Romance Report: Philip and
Soap Opera Digest - May 30, 2000

DAYS's Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) and Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) are haunted by pier pressure.

Relationship Milestone: Walking home from a party together

The Scene: For months, Philip has called Chloe everything from a "witch" to Ghoul Girl. Philip was cast under her spell, though, when the talented teen belted out an aria at Shawn's birthday party. Intrigued, Philip cornered Chloe on the pier. A few compliments later, Chloe allowed him to walk her home.

Stumbling Blocks: Image-conscious Philip isn't too eager to be seen around school with glasses-wearin', black-clad Chloe. Sure, he escorted Chloe home, but then he called her to ask that she not tell the other kids about their rendezvous. Chloe's too hurt to admit she's attracted to the cocky Kiriakis.

Current Status: Philip and Chloe are fascinated by each other ... from afar.

The Odds: Expect Philip and Chloe to spend more time pining for one another than dining together. But once they get past the cliques ... this twosome's sure to click.

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