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Nadia Bjorlin Talks About 
Soap Opera Update - April 11, 2000

Nadia Bjorlin
discusses her character Nadia Bjorlin plays Chloe, Nancy Wesley's daughter, on Days of Our Lives. Her character doesn't fit in with the other teens in Salem and as a result they pick on her tirelessly. Her one friend, Belle Black, is also part of the 'in-crowd' that likes to be cruel, but Belle voices her objections to their behavior towards Chloe.

Nadia says of her character, "I can relate to what Chloe is going through in school with her peers. Even though I attended performing arts school all my academic life -- and in our school -- everyone was different. Some were picked on, but I wasn't. However, as Chloe, I feel it when the other kids tease. Something inside me feels awful! It's like a nightmare come true...I feel sorry for Chloe because her parents cannot relate to her or the way she feels about music. And she's clearly having a hard time relating to them -- especially since she has to keep the secret that she's Nancy's daughter! It's really great that Chloe has discovered that Shawn knows about classical music. It's good to see that, since in real life it is true that some high school students do know more than rap and rock!...It's nice, as an actress, to be different from so many other characters who are usually so glamorous on soaps. It's also great that I can take a character feeling as Chloe does, with all her emotional levels and, eventually see her evolve."

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