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The Proposal

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We see a limosine pull up to a small pathway in the woods. The driver gets out and opens the door for Carrie.

Carrie: Why did we come here instead of picking Mike up at his place? We'll be late for our flight.
Driver: Dr. Horton was very clear to drop you off here and that you should wait for him...over there.

The driver points, and Carrie slowly heads over. She seems confused until she turns and sees Mike riding up on a white horse.

Carrie: What in the world?
Mike: Surprise!
Carrie: Mike, what have you done?
Mike: I checked the weather reports, and it calls for sunny skies, so there's no chance of a rainbow, so I thought I'd better opt for Plan B.
Carrie: (looking up at the horse, grinning) Some Plan B!
Mike: Would the lady do me the honor of joining me on this white stallion?
Carrie: The honor is mine.
Mike: Well, first I've got something to say.
Carrie: Allright.
Mike: I love you Carrie Brady.
Carrie: I love you Mike Horton.
Mike: I was kind of hoping you might want to take the name 'Horton'. That is - if you agree to be my wife.

Carrie just stares at him as he gets down on one knee. Mike takes a deep breath.

Mike: Carrie, will you marry me?
Carrie: Yes. A thousand times, YES!!

Mike kisses her hand and slides a beautiful diamond ring onto her left hand. She opens her mouth in amazement, and looks up at Mike lovingly. He kisses her passionately, and she wraps her arms around him tighter.

Mike: We're going to have one incredible life together.
Carrie: You bet we are.
Mike: My lady, your stallion awaits.

He helps her up onto the horse, and Mike hoists himself up and sits behind her.

Mike: Hold on tight! We're going for the ride of our life.

Mike wraps his arms around Carrie and they gallop off into the sunset to start the rest of their lives together.

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