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Soap Opera Digest - February 2, 1999

Absolute Feb-ulous
Days of Our Lives: John and Marlena ... Finally, A Story (at the end of the article)

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Sami is sentenced to death, so Austin has run off with a convicted killer and will be looking at a prison cell when he returns. As far as Carrie is concerned, he put his whole future on the line for Sami. The only thing she can think is that Sami is more important that her. Throughout everything, Mike has been there for her. She will realize he sacrificed everything for her. There will be major sparks for Carrie and Mike, and where there are sparks, there could be fire. Will Austin see those sparks, even from a distance?

Meet the Contestants
Meet the actors and actresses who are nominated for the 15th Annual Soap Opera Digest Awards (1999).

Outstanding Female Newcomer, Patrika Darbo (Nancy, DAYS)
DIGEST: How did it feel to find out you were nominated?
DARBO: I was astonished. I've had to pinch myself and say "Do they know who I am?" I am so not a typical soap lady, but I've been accepted.
DIGEST: Who did you tell first?
DARBO: My husband. That was a piercing scream. He said, "What's wrong?"
DIGEST: What were your favorite scenes?
DARBO: I guess my bedroom scene where Kevin (Spirtas, Craig) grabbed my butt like it was a size 2 was the best. My darling husband loves me, but now I know my television husband does, too.
DIGEST: What will you wear?
DARBO: I found a lady in Denver named Marcy Myers; her design label is Christina Covington. When I first started on the show, (Costume Designer) Richard Bloore would find great stuff, but he had a problem sometimes. I gave Marcy a call and put her in touch with Richard. She wants to do my dress.

Round Up - What musical group would you love to be in?
Roark Critchlow (Mike, DAYS)
"U2, because every album they've put out has (shown) progress in a lot of different ways. Their growth, emotionally and musically, has mirrored my own emotional growth. Bono (lead sing/lyricist) touches the truth. And musically, they kick ass."

Days of Our Lives Recap - A Look Back
Carrie receives a note from Austin saying that he has run off with Sami and Will. The Brady’s search for Sami, to no avail. The guilt verdict is read, which Sami hears in the car with Austin. Later, they hear an emotional plea from Roman and Marlena, asking Sami to come home. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Carrie turns to Mike for comfort.

Once again, Mike tries to break it off with Ali. She asks Mike to come home with her, but he declines. Later, he learns she was mugged in the parking garage. Ali seeks solace from Mike. Carrie is suspicious and wonders if Ali was really attacked. After stashing Sami and Will in a hideout, Austin returns to Salem to assure Carrie that he's okay. He finds her in the hospital parking lot and prevents Carrie from being attacked. He's sorry for what he did, Austin says. Will Carrie forgive him? he pleads.

Sound Off - Friends and Lovers
For over a year now, we have watched the relationship of Mike and Carrie on DAYS OF OUR LIVES grow from a deep friendship into a love deep within their souls. These two well-written characters, beautifully portrayed by the Emmy-worthy talents of Roark Critchlow and Christie Clark, are the ticket to continued success for DAYS, well into the 21st century. They are extremely compatible, both driven to work for the common good, with family support. The only obstacle in their path is Austin, her childhood sweetheart and now just a fizzled flame. Free Carrie to be with the man she loves ... Mike.

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