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Soaps In Depth - August 4, 1998

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Status: Days of Our Lives
Nancy, the scheming wife of Dr. Craig, now is a full-time villainess. Her portrayer, Patrika Darbo, has landed a contract.

The In-Depth Story
"I'm hoping to be around for a long time," says the actress, who first aired last month. Nancy has proven to be as malicious as her husband, plotting against Mike. "Ultimately, her goal is still to get her husband the chief-of-staff job," Darbo says.

And how does Nancy plan to do that? "She's going to work for Carrie," Darbo reveals. "I'll try to get in there when she becomes the PR director."

The Diedre Hall Nobody Knows
Mother's Daze
Now that Marlena finally has gotten back John - the love of her life - in her life, it is her young-adult children who are causing her worry. She witnessed the shattering kiss between her married stepdaughter, Carrie, and Mike on the Fourth of July. . . Not only is Marlena concerned about Carrie's decision to accept a hospital position that will keep her temptingly close to Mike, but she is trouble that Sami has become engaged to Franco...

Of course, now that John and Marlena finally are together, rumors have arisen that he may stray into Hope's arms...Can anything really break up Salem's supercouple again? "Better chemistry," Hall answers promptly. "That's a fact of life. For years, you would have gone to war if anybody had said that Carrie could love someday other than Austin. But turn the page. Everybody now want Mike and Carrie together."

Top Actors and Actresses
Roark Critchlow (Mike) - #5
Christie Clark (Carrie) - #2
TOP COUPLE: Carrie Reed and Mike Horton, DAYS - #3

Prelude To A Kiss
Carrie spent four long years fighting to prove that Austin was her soulmate, not her sister's. After finally knocking Sami out of the competition with a wedding-day slug, Carrie claimed the hunky boxer as her prize. But while helping prove to the hospital board that her "friend", Mike, hadn't been playing a doctor with the woman hired to make him look bad, Carrie came to realize that her feelings for him were a bit more than friendly. In fact, the two celebrated his Fourth-of-July victor with a kiss that set off their own private fireworks display!

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