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Soap Opera Magazine - September 12, 1997

Sami Strikes Again

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Her latest scheme on DAYS lands Austin right where she wants him - on bended knee - but where does that leave Lucas and Carrie?

Austin faces Sami with the bitter fact that their relationship was a lie - a move forced by her finding the annulment papers. Then Sami, clinging to their relationship and to her illusion that true happiness can be built on lies, uses a cunning ploy to slither back into her idea of paradise.

Later in the article...
Sami's manipulations are paying off. "After a lot of emotional struggle, Austin decides to do what's right with Sami," says Reilly. "He never stops loving Carrie, but after going over all the things in his own past, with Curtis, and now with Will, he decides Carrie is better off with Mike."

Meanwhile, Carrie and Mike are on their way to Los Angeles for the medical conference. In a quiet moment, Carrie takes a magazine test about love and is shaken that she fails it with her answers regarding Austin.

Later, she pretends to be Mike's girlfriend to impress an old medical school classmate who used to one-up Mike. But even while they are playing their little game at the conference, they are trying to find a cure for Roman. Then Austin calls the hotel to talk to Carrie, and is shocked when Mike's old school pal tells him how close Carrie and Mike supposedly are. Hearing that, Austin has no doubt Carrie and Mike are in love. Later, when Carrie and Mike dance at a chic L.A. nightclub, Mike realizes his feelings for her are growing.

Meanwhile, Austin heads down a hellish road of good intentions. "Carrie gets back to Salem to find out that Austin and Sami are getting married," says Reilly. "He believes it's best for both Carrie and Will. It's a selfless choice on Austin's part."

Carrie point out there is no love in the upcoming marriage, but Sami reminds Carrie that her great-great-grandmother had an arranged marriage in Europe, and that union turned out to be filled with love and respect. "Sami loves Austin and is convinced she will be the most wonderful woman and wife to him," notes Reilly. "Austin has taken to the new Sami. They've spent time together, bonded with Will, established a comfortable situation. Austin has confided in her things he has not told anyone else. And as far as he can see at this time, Sami is a nice, pleasant person."

-- Lorraine Zenka

Daytime's 60 Most Beautiful People
"There are no ugly people on soaps. If they want an ugly person, they take a beautiful person and put glasses on them."
- Paul Reiser

Clean-cut Roark Critchlow (Mike, DAYS) has the quiet, brooding demeanor of an artist filled with passion, thought, and intensity. A classic example of "still waters run deep", Critchlow is reserved but always respectful of others. Like the kindly doctor he plays, this handsome actor tries to engender "a sense of caring and concern for other people's feelings," he says. "When someone cries, no matter who, adult or child or actor in a scene, it touches something deep inside me. I leave my cynicism and sarcasm aside and vent those things at traffic jams and TV newscasts."

Castmate Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) has seen Critchlow's gentle side. "He has a shy quality and dry wit which are endearing," she says. "He's sensitive to others, and seems to get quickly embarrassed."

As for Critchlow's athletic shape and all-American good looks (uh, he's Canadian!), he's a 10 - but a reluctant one at that. "I don't revel in it, but I do appreciate it," he says, stumbling over his words. "I'm not totally comfortable talking about it, but my looks are part of what I do, who I am."

He's not the only one who appreciates that!

Days of Our Lives Recap - A Look Back
Austin is devastated to hear Carrie say that she and Mike are a couple. When Carrie learns that Sami has already told Roman the news, Carrie is sure that Sami's memory has returned. Carrie asks Eric to help her deal with Sami. Lucas is shocked by what Sami does to fool Eric. Sami seeks comfort from Austin when she learns that Roman is dying. Austin hides the annulment papers, convinced Carrie is happy with Mike, but Sami finds them.

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