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Soap Opera News - December 23, 1997

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Ex-AMC Star Carrie Genzel Joins Days
Carrie Genzel (ex-Skye, AMC) will join the cast of Days of Our Lives for four episodes beginning December 31 - and the beautiful actress couldn't be happier.

"They called and offered it to me and I just thought it would be so much fun to do," Genzel tells SON. "My character's name is Ali McIntyre. She's a nurse at the hospital and she works with Mike. He asks her to the New Year's Eve bash and that ruffles a few feather. I'll be causing a little tension between Mike and Carrie, which is what I do best," Genzel adds. "I get to hang out with those folks for a few days, wear a beautiful gown and look fabulous, so what's not to like."

Information, Please
Question: Why doesn't Days of Our Lives ever say anything about Stefano DiMera being Carrie Brady's grandfather? Wasn't Anna DiMera her mother?

This is a commonly asked question. But there is a very good reason Stefano is never acknowledged as Carrie's grandfather - because he is not. Anna DiMera was indeed Carrie's mother, but she was not Stefano's daughter: She was his daughter-in-law. Anna was married to Stefano's son, Tony.

Days of Our Lives Year In Review - 1997

The year started with Sami center stage - as usual - but this time, she was comatose after Austin accidentally ran her over. When she came to, Sami conveniently took to not only being wheelchair bound but to forgetting her bad-girl past - to keep her hooks into guilt-ridden Austin.

Scheming Sami was happily playing house with Will and Austin - even after her memory returned...and Sami kept right on scheming as she set up Mike and Carrie and blackmailed Kate to keep her silent.

In the fall, Carrie halted Sami's wedding to Austin by decking her and revealing all her dirty secrets and - despite her feelings for Mike - Austin and she finally wed.

Outstanding Supporting Actor
Roark Critchlow (Mike): Any man who can make Carrie forget Austin has got to be a helluva actor, which is definitely what Critchlow is. Fans cheered when Mike got a love life - let us hope DAYS keeps it going.

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