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Soap Opera Magazine - October 7, 1997

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Mike and Carrie Share A Kiss
Rome's annual Renaissance fair is the perfect place for some romantic fun, and this week Carrie, Austin and Mike get stuck in a medieval comedy of errors. Both Austin and Mike end up wearing the same period-style costume and mask, and Carrie accidentally kisses Mike, believing he's Austin. Austin finds humor in the moment, but Mike can barely cover his pain.

How long can he keep his feelings under wraps? "Carrie is a married woman now," notes Roark Critchlow (Mike). "Mike loves her and also respects her a great deal. He wants to be honest with Carrie, but not cause her any problems. (But) her mixed signals confuse him."

Later, a disappointed Debra tells Carrie that Mike is in love with a married woman who lives in Salem. Stunned, Carrie asks Mike why he never told her. She also wants to help a smitten Debra find out how Mike feels about her.

Meanwhile, Austin is concerned about his sister, Billie, who is in bad shape. He insists on getting her a doctor, but that could prove dangerous, since under Italian law she would be thrown in jail for drug use. Austin sees for himself the needle tracks in Billie's arm.

Meanwhile, Mike and Carrie talk, and Carrie's words give Mike the impression that she's admitting her love for him. Although he's not completely certain how she feels, he's more certain than ever about his feelings for her. Mike aches to tell Carrie what's in his heart, but will he?

Days of Our Lives Recap - A Look Back
Sami uses her hospital secretary job to ingratiate herself in Mike's life, hoping he'll split up Carrie and Austin. Sami sends Mike to Rome as a "wedding present" for Austin and Carrie.

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