Welcome! This site is, basically, a repository for all the GH fanfiction Iíve written or am in the process of writing. Several are finished (including all short stories); others are currently being updated.

A wise, wise person (who was also a fanfiction writer, LOL) once said that replies are a fanfic writer's paycheck; it's very true. I'd love to hear any thoughts you'd care to share on any of my stories. You can contact me by clicking on my email below or dropping a note in my guestbook. Every reply is cherished/adored/responded to! I look forward to hearing from you:) Thanks for reading! --Elizabeth

My relatively defunct essay page can be found here.

Mortal Stakes: A Luke/Alexis vignette. Luke/Alexis is one of my favorite fantasy couples. This short, rather bitter-sweet, stark vignette explores what could have been on a dark, not-so-stormy night...

Rain: This story was written in reponse to a fan-fiction challenge posted by Aimstark on PCO. She assigned characters and a song; the rest was up to us. My characters were Luke, Alexis, Sonny and Carly; the song was "I Won't Dance; You Can't Make Me" by the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald. One of the couples finds romance, one doesn't. But, both are changed by the events of this night...

In The End, There's You: This is one of my only non-GH fanfics; it's also my very first fanfiction! It stars my favorite couple from OLTL and possibly from all soaps, Todd/Blair. Set a few years back, around the Georgie Phillips murder. Todd/Blair are locked in Asa's wine cellar o' love...

Night On The Terrace: a short, haunting Carly/AJ vignette. A rather different version of Carly pulling a gun on AJ at the Nurses' Ball.

White Knights: my farewell to Jason/Carly. Rest in peace you guys; I loved you once.

Awful Grace: A Journey: a Carly/AJ journey of the soul set in the not-so-distant future. It's not a romance, guys. It's -- well, it's just what it says. Both literally and figuratively. It's a journey.

Forever: Carly/Sonny/Jason. And so it ends. Sappy alert. Non-happy ending alert. Yikes.

Once In a Lifetime Love: A challenge fic. I was given lyrics entitled -- wait for it -- "Once In A Lifetime Love" and had to work them into the fic. It was supposed to be Carly/Jason. It ended up being Gia/Lucky. Go figure.

1001 Nights: Look, I don't even know what this one is. A portrait, perhaps, painted in shades of grey. One night, five people (Jason, Gia, Carly, Luke, AJ). You figure it out, drop me a line. (Nominated for a Reader's Choice Award; vote HERE!)
Vol. 1
Vol. 2 Emily, Sonny, and Alexis
Vol. 2 Elizabeth, Janine, Stefan

The Color Series: A series of shorts that combined, tell a larger story. Each chapter takes one character and one color and entwines them; the larger framework is Brenda's return.
Red (Sonny)
Black (Carly)
Yellow (Jason)
White (Brenda)

Five Things That Never Happened To Carly: This one was inspired by a challenge making it's way around the Buffy fic-fandom. The premise is thus: write five things, five events, five moments that never happened to a character but could have changed their life forever. I chose Caroline. Here's what happened.

Full Circle: (complete) When I began this, I called it an unabashed love story between Sonny/Carly. Eventually, other characters came to play, but it ended as it began -- the love story of S/C. *Note* Full Circle is posted at the fabulous Caren's wonderful-beyond-words Wicked Games site. Thanks Caren!*

Strange Bedfellows: (on hiatus) A spy story with a twist. Sonny, Carly and V are all working for the WSB in this one; they're assigned together, and complications, especially of the heart, quickly ensue. *Note* Posted at the ever-patient Toukie's fanfiction site and unfortunately, on what may be a permanent hiatus.*

After The Fall: (complete) This one's what happens when my brain hits on a strange idea and goes...interesting... Carly/Taggert, Sonny/Alexis, Lucky/Emily are the main players; some other GH and PC folks keep popping their noses in, too!

Little Earthquakes: (complete) This one involves Carly, Jerry Jacks, Sonny, Alexis, Scott, Luke, Blair Daimler (OLTL) and a slew of other folks. Life gets...complicated when Jerry Jacks and Sonny Corinthos both come back to PC after some time away. As Toukie said, these are little earthquakes, LOL?

Burning Down Love: (on hiatus) Jason/Gia/Nik/Emily. Jax/Hannah/AJ. Carly as a mother, a business woman, scarred by both love and death. Chris Ramsey. Alexis Davis. Stir. Bake at 350 degrees. THIS is what you get.

Surrender: (on hiatus) Justus, Tracy, and Dillon are all back in the Quartermaine fold; Gia's married AJ; Skye/Stefan have embarked on a dangerous affair; Sonny's about to hit rock bottom; Carly's on her way home after an -- interesting four months away. Four months can change EVERYTHING...

Coming Home: (on hiatus) It's five years from the present day. Life in Port Charles has changed a great deal for most of it's citizens, and with four homecomings, it's about to change even more. Stefan, Gia, Lesley Lu and Sonny are all coming back to town after time away. How will that change the lives of the people they've left behind? Focus on Carly/Jax, Taggert/Alexis, Lucky/Em/Nik/Gia and, of course, the returnees.

Letters In the Sand: (in progress) The inevitable end to Carly/Sonny isn't pretty. A story told in letters from Carly, to Carly after she fled Sonny and left pain and death behind. Carly, Jason, Courtney, AJ, Bobbie, Lucas figure prominently. Others'll pop in now and then. It's a rambling kind of fic and in the end, it's all about healing.

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