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This site was created for the fans of Nikolas and Gia, and General Hospital. To get anywhere on the site check out the menu on the left hand side of the screen.If you need help check out the Help section in the Fan Forum, or Contact Me at I love to chat about GH or hear suggestions! So sit back, relax, and enjoy!
Now that the dumb "accident" plot line is finally over, Nik and Gia are finally getting back to the good stuff and showing why I created this web page in the first place! Although i'm a little miffed about the Sonny/Alexis stuff that is coming up soon I did create this page for Nik and Gia, who obviously have what it takes to be a supercouple. They have withstood the odds and will continue to do so, I'm really enjoying watching them again.... All that being said I've had a lovely run but I thinks it's time for me to end this page, I simply don't have the time to update it as much as I would like and don't think it's worth it to update once every few weeks. I still love Nik and Gia and will as long as they are on the air but I simply don't have the time anymore to make this a really great page and who wants mediocre when there's already tons of it on the web. I'm not going to actually take the page down for a bit so I encourage everyone to check out the links before my site goes down. I've really appreaciated the support:)
Ashley, R.W.B webmistress,
April 21st 2002

My Email addresses are below, you can also click Contact me, to well contact me:) or

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I promise no more voting stuff besides this 1, R.W.B is about great Nik and Gia info and fan input.It doesn't matter to me where I am on any list because I know the people who take the time to visit my site rock and help to create an awesome atmosphere for Nik and Gia lovers!

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