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The Library

These are all the stories I have at the current time, but there shall be more to come very soon. The Jack Files is now complete, but some others are still a working process. You'll notice a lot are by Ashley, without whom this site would be practically empty. If you want to send feedback to her, send it to me and I'll forward it. Enjoy!!

The Jack Files Summary:(X-Files/JOAT crossover) Mulder and Scully are sent back in time where they meet two spies name Jack and Emilia. As they struggle to get back home, they make a few interesting discoveries about themselves and these strange people from another time.

The Nuptial Nightmare -by Ashley Summary: It is obvious that Jack and Em love each other. No one can deny that. Now in the year 1803 Jack propeses, and Em agrees. You'll never believe what happens next!

The Dawning Day -By Ashley Summary: This is a prequel to the Nuptial Nightmare. In 1802, Emilia is getting stalked by a mysterious stalker. *Please read the Nuptial Nightmare before you read this story, or else the ending won't make sense

Em's Night Out Summary: This is a silly little pointless story I wrote out of comlplete bordem. It is utter fluff, so you have been warned.

It's A Small World -by Ashley Summary: Jack and Emilia's partnership has been over for 9 years. Now interesting circumstances bring them back together . . . at fort McHenry, where Emilia is sending the English a layout of the fort so the can steal the Declaration of Independence. What happens next? Who knows!!

Count Jackula -By Ashley Summary: The curse of Count Jackula and the Golden Medallion hasn't been around for five hundred years. However, this very day, on the island of Pulau Pulau the medallion strikes again. Its victims? Mr. Jack Stiles and his English partner, Emilia Rothschild.

The Revenge of Count Jackula-By Ashley Summary: This is a sequel to Count Jackula

The Red Plague-By Ashley Summary: The Red Plague is tearing through the island of Pulao-Pulao!!!! Can Jack and Em stop it before it is too late?

First and FinalSummary: In this story (actually written by me, yea!!) Jack's secret is revealed and we hear the two phrases we never thought we would. "I love you" and "Goodbye"

Beware the Things That Walk at Night-By Siona Summary:The island of Pulau Pulau is being plagued by a murderer of a most unusual kind and it is up to Jack and Emilia to stop 'em. . . .or join 'em?

Time Warp-By Rachel Summary:Jack and Emilia live their usual morning, until the mail comes. They were invited to a funeral of Emilia's father, Rupert Smythe, in other words, England's greatest spy. The invitation says that he died from an unknown disease that has symptoms that start ten years before the death. Jack and Emilia know their mission- find out about the disease and go to the future to get the medicine. After that, they must go to the year 1791 to give it to Rupert. Will they make it in time?

Nightmares Not Far From the Truth-By Madeline Summary:Em has a strange premonition- will it really come true?

The Following are completed story trains written on the Jack of All Trades Message Board

Head Of The Class Summary: This story train was contributed to by LMRS, Emmy Girl, and Jawbone. A Caravan claims to be carrying the head of Marie Antoinette. Only Jack and Emilia can reveal the truth.

Jack and the Spawn of Prometheus Summary: This story train was writen entirely by LMRS. Jack and Emilia have an encounter with one of the worlds most famous monsters.

Jack and the Predecessor Summary: This story train was contributed to by LMRS and aeverett. Who was the original Daring Dragoon? Find out here.

More than Black and White Summary: This story train was contributed to by aeverett, LMRS, EmmyGirl, Melody, and EmiliaStyles. Jack and Emilia protect a certain scandelous pair, and bring a life into the world.