Vegeta... Saiyan Style!

Episode 24:Vegeta Saiyan Style!

In this episode Vegeta now discovers that Goku is a match for him..... unless he is in his apre form!! Vegeta creates a moon and transforms into a huge ape increasng his powerlevel by 10!! Gohan and Krillin, on their way to Master Roshi's realize that Goku is in trouble and rush back to save him. Goku realizes that in order to stand a chance he must try to create a Spirit Bomb. So he blinds Vegeta with a Solar Flare and use Kaio-Ken to put enough space between them. Just as he readies the all powerful Spirit Bomb Vegeta, after the Solar Flare wears off counter attacks with a mouth-beam that causes Goku to drop the Spirit Bomb. Is there any hope??

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