Episode Summaries

Episode Summaries

These are my brief Episode Summaries. Beware of spoilers. The summaries have links up to 98 but i am not that far so the only ones that work are the ones that are also on this page.

Saiyan Saga

[The Arrival of Radditz] [The Worlds Strongest Team] [Gohan's Hidden Powers] [Gohan's Hidden Powers] [Gohan's Meta Morphosis] [Gohan Makes A Friend] [Trouble On Arlia] [Home For Infinite Losers] [Princess Snake's Hospitality] [Escape From Piccolo] [Showdown In The Past] [The End Of Snake Way] [A Fight Against Gravity... Catch Bubbles!] [The Legend Of The Saiyans] [Black Day For Planet Earth] [The Batle Begins... Goku Where Are You?] [The Saibamen Strike] [Nappa... The Invincible?] [Tien Goes All Out!!] [Times Up!!] [The Return Of Goku] [Goku Strikes Back] [Goku vs. Vegeta... A Saiyan Duel] [Vegeta Saiyan Style!] [Stop Vegeta Now!!] [Battle's End]

The Frieza Saga

[A New Goal... Namek!] [Journey To Namek] [Friends Or Foes?] [Hunt For A Dragon Ball] [Who's Who] [Touchdown On Namek] [Face Off On Namek] [The Ruthless Frieza] [The Nameks vs. Frieza] [Escape From Dodoria]
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