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Hunter Tylo

Hunter Tylo plays B&B's Dr Taylor Hayes Forrester. She's been on the show for years and is one of the show's most popular actors. Hunter was named one of the world's 50 most beautiful people in 1993 and 1998.

First off we have a Chat Transcript with Hunter.

Hunter: Hello to everybody who is fans of B&B, and also my own fans. Hello and it'll be fun hearing what you have to say and ask!

Hunter: The baby's doing great, so let's not ask a thousand questions about that!

Hunter: The baby's helath is great. She has had a little virus, but as for her more serious health problems, she's been doing great. She's growing and happy and she just turned a year old.

IzzyBnJohn4Ever asks: When you played on Days as Marina,did you have a good time acting with Staci Greason??

Hunter: Oh, yeah, I did! We thought she was just going to be a short term character, she was supposed to be somewhat crazy, and my character had her locked away in a mental hospital, which we find out later that Marina kinda had bad intentions for her

Hunter: As the story unfolded, they really liked the character of Isabella, and expanded on her, and I thought Staci was a really sweet girl, and she was so excited that her first acting job turned into such a big role

Hunter: I had done AMC first.

Sunbeam198 asks: Hi Hunter, what are your plans in regard to the fund you set up from your legal win ?

Hunter: First of all, there was no five million... you have to understand the legal system to know what I mean by that.

Hunter: I will not say how I funded it, but I have a chariy I started called Chosen Child that I am going to use to help all pregnant women in various situations of difficulty.

Hunter: This week we will be making more solid plans and strategies for helping mothers make the choice of keeping the child easier.

Hunter: Such as one of the great ideas that we brainstormed about is providing scholarships for daycare, because a lot of women or families with too many children feel pressured by the added expense the child might bring to the family through daycare

Hunter: We are looking into ways to provide scholorships for the first five years of life to help the mother or family get on her feet

Hunter: The basic goal is to give mothers every reason to want to keep their child and never be forced into the choice of having an abortion

RowdyGirls99 asks: You have been called the most beautiful woman on daytime tv . How do you react to comments like that?

Hunter: I don't know what to think about it!

Hunter: I guess I feel embarrassed like anyone else does when they get a compliment, but of course I appreciate it.

Shamu_95 asks: Hello. I think you are a great actress. How was it being on Oprah???

Hunter: It was a lot of fun. I found her to be a very personable, very warm person.

Hunter: Very accomodating. They took wonderful care of me, flew me in from L.A. to Chicago, and I thought the whole staff was very kind and friendly and they've offered to help me in any way in the future for promoting my book and such

Hunter: It was a very enjoyable experience3

Kilster_E asks: Hunter, as a Christian, would you honestly make a man an idol like taylor sometimes does with ridge?

Hunter: That's a tough question.

Hunter: I wouldn't say that any woman should make a man her idol, but I believe that with Christian values every woman should put her husband on the highest pedestal possible, just a step below God, because that's God designed a marraige to be

Hunter: The husband is a head of the household, and the wife is just below that.

Hunter: Although the Bible also says all people are euqal, so that doesn't mean one can treat the other meaner. Therefore, I think Ridge would fall under both.

Hunter: According to what I believe as a Christian, a husband should love his wife as Christ loves the church, and I don't think we'd have half the problems we do in America with marriages.

Hunter: That's just my opinion.

cjam_1 asks: Hunter..will you please leave ridge and go be with pierce who truly loves you?

Hunter: I'm kind of at the mercy of my writers

Hunter: But I do feel insofar as the character being true to herself she would stay with Ridge no matter what. She's sacrificed so much before for him, it would only make sense for the character to love Ridge come hell or highwater.

karina_17aout1996 asks: i was just wondering if you are friend with Katherine Kelly lang?Cause in the show you really dont like her.BY the way i really like you.You are one of my favourite actress.Im from Canada and in 20 years old.

Hunter: I'm glad you asked that, because there have been all kinds of goofy rumors that I don't get along with Katherine, which is absolutely untrue. Our dressing rooms are right next door to each other. She has a little girl named Zoe who's about a year and a half, and my daughter Isabella is 2

Hunter: We let them play together. They're buddies. Katherine and I love and respect each other as mothers and actresses. Maybe in the beginning there was competition but that's normal with any job

Hunter: We've grown to respect and love and help each other and try to be considerate of what the other's going through in real life

Hunter: A lot of time when we're running lines, we laugh because some of the lines are so catty. We get it out of our system and we do our scene and that's what you guys see. But it's not real.

lizard615 asks: Hunter, What is the book about?

Hunter: It's about what really happened in the Aaron Spelling case, in my trial. All the stuff behind the scenes, that goes on in the business, the stuff that really happened with my pregnancy and in the courtroom

Hunter: It's writen by me. I added a creative touch where there's a mystery, a third person who tells you parts of the story and you don't find out who that is till the very end

Hunter: There have been a lot of rumors about problems my husband and I had a few years ago. I tell the truth about things in my life that have been distorted or twisted in the media. I'm very honest about everything I tell. I don't try to mince words because it makes me look good, because it doesn't all make me look good.

Hunter: It does point out the things I learned. I think it'll be a very encouraging book for anyone who's going through problems in their own life.

Hunter: There's been many times that I've just been so overwhelmed that I would either come home and cry and tell my husband what was happening or how I felt. Good thing I have a good supportive family, and good thing I'm a Christian, because I could never have gotten through some of the stuff I have if I wasn't.

Hunter: No way!!!!!!!!!!!

ne1sname asks: Hunter.......Did you and Michael ever feel your fatih waver during your ordeal with Katya?????

Hunter: There were other times in my life when my faith would waver, so I know what you mean, but my walk with God is more committed and different since I became a born again Christian, where my walk with God is a daily thing

Hunter: I read my Bible every day. There's a big difference in the way I live my life now, when you read the bible every day your faith can't waiver

Hunter: You might ask God why something is happeneing, and you will get an answer when you begin to read and your spirit will be settled

Hunter: I've been doing this for the last four years in my life, and so have my husband and children, and there's been such a difference in my household

Hunter: God will give me an answer, and as long as I'm looking to Him I'm always at peace.

Avis_99 asks: How were you discovered?

Hunter: I was doing dinner theater plays in Dallas and a casting director form AMC happened to be there. I think she was in town looking for the character which I ended up playing

Hunter: She was holding auditions at a commercial agency or something, but I had no idea that was going on. She just happened to be there for entertainment and she came backstage afterwards and asked me to come read for this part of Robin in New York.

Hunter: And I did, and the rest is history. I got the job within 3 days and I lived in Nerw York.

ne1sname asks: Do you regret not getting MP, especially now that the charcter is no longer on the air????

Hunter: Absolutely not, but I will say that I believe if I had been able to develop the role as originally intended -- they had me in mind when they created it -- I could have made it last longer, because it had been created for me

Marty2634 asks: Hello Hunter, What makes Bradley Bell a great Head Writer of "The Bold and The Beautiful"?

Hunter: The whole Bell family is wonderful because they really care about their show. You can tell that their shows are run just like a fmaily business. They respect their employees, take care of them, have parties and get togethers.

Hunter: They honestly not only give us a nice job, but take care of us and respect us and treat us like part of their family.

Hunter: Part of what makes Brad a wonderful boss is that he's following in his father's footsteps and doing a wonderful job.

Hunter: He's holding it together extremely well. He's adventerous to try some new things. The storylines may be taking some new directions that will be interesting. He's young and daring and willing to do it.

Hunter: I think it's great to work with someone who was trained probably his whole life by someone as talented as Bill Bell Sr.

Hunter: I've worked with other shows, and this show has the least friction of any I've worked on, and it's great.

LaceyLuvsHT asks: Are you going to attend the SOD awards this year?

Hunter: I'm going to try!

Hunter: I probalby will.

Hunter: It's kind of unpredictable when you have 4 children, but I always am planning to.

Screaming_in_Digital_27 asks: Away from the Hollywood Glitz - what do you like to do for fun?

Hunter: I seem to be preoccupied with being a mom these days. However I have other hobbies like riding horses and I do like to play football, basketball with my older boys.

Hunter: I used to like to ice skate, but I haven't done that in a while, though we did at Christmas. I like to read Christina authors. I like to shop -- I'm a woman, what can I say -- bit I haven't done it much with the baby

Hunter: I collect Dept. 56 snow villiage. It's the only little weird collection thing I'm doing right now. Those little houses and villiages that light up that you put up ususally in the wintertime.

Hunter: I've still got mine up from Christmas!

Hunter: So those are my hobbies.

pootytat_99 asks: what would you like to see happen to your character, Taylor?

Hunter: I would like to see Taylor and Ridge have a calm period where they just are husband and wife, and maybe they plan to have another baby

Hunter: It would show - within a marraige there are some interesting stories to be played out. There are other problems than other people interfering, and I don't think any show has really explored that.

Hunter: Between Ronn and I there's enough playfulness that that would be fun. Let the audience get attached to the marrqaige for once, and then when trouble is stirred up, see that happen.

LongHairLover99 asks: Hunter, what is your secret to your incredibly beautiful hair?

Hunter: I've been so frustrated with it lately!

Hunter: I cut it shorter to get the layers out, because I hated the split ends and everything. Everyone's been wearing their hair straight. I tried it and I hate the flat look.

Hunter: One of the things I think is most important, because I do so much to my hair like spraying, hot rollers, which is what I've been doing recently

Hunter: I think conditioning the hair is very important, and not washing too often. If you wash too often you dry it out.

Hunter: I do conditioning in a steam shower, like a sauna, at least once a week. It oepns the cuticle of the hair and helps it hold in the moisture that you strip out from styiling.

Avis_99 asks: Whats your most memorable moment on set?

Hunter: On set... I think a very memorable moment -- we weren't on the set in LA, we were in St Thomas -- was when Ridge and Taylor were there and he had her go on the treasure hunt with little notes leading form place to place

Hunter: It ended up being an X marks the spot in the sand, where Taylor dug up a chest and found her engagement ring

Hunter: I thought that was a special moment. Ronn and I really bonded on that shoot. We both think that was a very special time in the storyline and we really enjoyed it because we had our spouses there and we all got to be buddies and get to know each other

Hunter: I would have to say it goes to that, then the bizarre, when I was dancing with my snake for Prince Omar in my belly dance outfit. We were laughing at that whole segment, especially the belly dancing

Hunter: I don't think we've gone that crazy in a while. I think that's why they need to get the Ridge-Taylor marriage stable again. That was fun.

No_bod_e_Special asks: What kind of music do you enjoy listening to Hunter?

Hunter: I listen to groups like DC Talk, and Audio Adrenaline... these are all Christian alternative rock type sound

Hunter: I like Petra, which is more rock and roll Christian music, and there's a new group called... well, it's a great CD and they sound simliar to U2. The latest album is called "King of Fools"

Hunter: They're really good.

Hunter: There are some very talented Christian groups. My oldest boy is in high school. There was a suicide of a close family member a few years ago, and we found out the music this person listened to was Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins

Hunter: You get negative thoughts pounded in your head all day and it affects you. My boys listen to Christian music and it's made big changes in their attitude.

Hunter: You can rock out and everyone's in a good mood. Nobody feels like smashing chairs!

lindylu24 asks: Do you have a favorite clothing style... are you a jeans sorta girl or do you like the fancy stuff?

Hunter: I have two definite looks: jeans and a tighter-fitting top, quarter-length sleeve. Then I go from that extreme -- from dressed down with flat boots -- t-shirts, sweater, boots -- to the extreme of a very classy elegant clothing for when I go out.

Hunter: I like fitted, elegant stuff, sometimes a busienss jacket so it looks professional and classy.

bretty1992 asks: I really like your first name? Is it a given name or stage name

Hunter: It's my maiden name. It's been my nickname my whole life.

Hunter: I went by Deborah on AMC.

Sunbeam198 asks: Hi Hunter, what is a typical day for you on the set?

Hunter: We get there about 8:45. I get my makeup started.

Hunter: Then I go upstairs, they call us when they're ready for us and give us our blocking -- they tell us where we're going to move on what line, if there's a kiss or hug on this or that line

Hunter: I go back downstairs work out in my room or get a bite to eat or run lines or whatever I have time for. If I'm up first I'm on camera at noon, so I have to pick one or two and be ready to go on camera

Hunter: In that case I'm out of there by 2pm

Hunter: If I'm shooting later, I do my workout, play with my children if I brought them to the set, run erands, whatever till it's time for me to go on

Hunter: Each day is different.

pootytat_99 asks: Who inspired you to become an actress?

Hunter: It's a very long story...

Hunter: It was never an intended career choice.

Hunter: That would be best explained by reading my book, when it comes out in the late summer, if you want the details!

Hunter: A brief answer -- I'd have to say I fell into it as a way to pay for college, doing plays and commercials on the weekend. That's the shortest version I can give you.

No_bod_e_Special asks: Hunter, do you get to keep all the clothes you wear?

Hunter: No. Absolutely no. CBS won't give them to us! I tried to buy some of my clothes they bought me when I was pregnant, and they were buying these really cute clothes, and my character wasn't pregnant anymore but I was 9 months pregnant

Hunter: They had all these cute dresses they were going to ditch. I said 'I'll buy them,' but CBS has a policy of not selling them.

Hunter: B&B doesn't own the clothes, CBS does. It's a weird business thing.

RowdyGirls99 asks: What is Michael up to these days? Is he an a soap right now?

Hunter: No, he just did a movie with Harvey Keitel

Hunter: He's playing a bad guy

Hunter: He's doing stuff here and there. Michael is more into -- he seems to get more film roles these days. It gives him freedom. He turns 50 this year; he needs some freedom to chill out!

Hunter: He's also been wonderful being there for the baby while she was sick. He's been a great dad.

Sweetheart_694u asks: hi hunter! what is your favorite TV show besides B & B? :-)

Hunter: I don't really like television. I know that sounds weird because I'm an actress, but it's hard for me to enjoy any kind of film or tv or theater because I know it's just pretend. It's too hard for me to lose myself in enjoying the story

Hunter: Anything that's a comedy I can usually enjoy because I love to laugh

Hunter: A show I really enjoy is "Everybody loves Raymond." Sometimes we watch the Drew Carey show - my husband loves tv - sometimes I hear what's on and get interested. I seem to get draw in to "Everybody Loves Raymond" for some reason. I think it's hilarious.


Hunter: I pray for him as often as I can!

Hunter: (laughs)

elo1010 asks: Did you like the trip to Italy when the fashion show was taped?

Hunter: I didn't go!

Hunter: I was 7 mohts pregnant and they wouldn't let me travel for health reasons. I guess it's not a good insurance policy thing.

GuestR asks: Are you conscience of what you eat, or do you naturally have a terrific figure?

Hunter: No, I'm very aware of what's good and bad for you. Primarily I try to have a diet of fresh healthy fruits and vegetables -- If I can find a store that uses no pesticies or fertilizers -- I eat little breads and starches.

Hunter: My weakness is Mexican food. I try to stay chilled out on too much cheese or dairy, but I love them.

Hunter: Wy weakness is Mexican and Italian, which are two of the most fattening categories you cna find. Then comes French, which is also fattening...

Hunter: I don't deny myself those things, but I try to be intelligent about it

Hunter: When I go to a restaurant I can choose to have a salad or something lighter, like a pasta fazool soup. I find ways to enjoy it but not go crazy. And I do exercise, which is most important.

Gice5 asks: Hunter do you ever watch your finished work on B&B and watch a show?

Hunter: Every now and then I'll catch it. I wanted to see how the hair change looks on air -- I hated it so I changed it. Occasionally I'll do a scene that felt good so I'll see how it turned out. It's difficult because half the time I'm on the set while it's airing, so I'm not able to see the television

No_bod_e_Special asks: What was the first thing that attracted you to Michael?

Hunter: Hmm... his rogue like sarcastic attitude.

Hunter: I'm laughing hysterically as I say this!

nj_mack_daddy asks: do you have any pets?

Hunter: Not right now. I used to have all my reptiles. I lost most of those when I lost my job at Spelling because I had nowhere to put them. Right now I have one dog, and I'm probably going to get a few cats because where we moved there are a lot of rattlesnakes. I hate rattlesnakes!

USCgirl69 asks: Do you ever answer any of your fan mail?

Hunter: I go through all my fan mail. Most of the questions are the same -- an autograph, what lipsitck I'm wearing, like some of the things I'm answering now. I send them on to a lady who's a family friend named Pat Freeman. She gives more detailed answers to questions because she knows the basic answers

Hunter: She usually gives them an invitation for a newsletter every 3 months, special photographs -- takes care of them in a way I couldn't on a daily basis, because our show airs in 96 countries

Hunter: The foreign ones are often hard, because a lot of people write in other languages

Hunter: We answer everything that comes in. Some people get frustrated because they don't get a personal handwritten letter from me, but we do the best we can

Hunter: A lot of people write the web site asking for pictures. What they don't understand is I get so many requests through the Internet that it's impossible for me to answer

Hunter: We every now and then post something saying if you want a photograph, send a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to the studio, to 7800 Beverly Blvd

Hunter: I would be on the Internet all day retrieving mail, and it just doesn't work. Believe me, we've tried!

kat_in_detroit asks: How has it been working with Eric Braeden lately

Hunter: I didn't have any scenes, other than to yank Ridge away from a table. That's about it!

Hunter: He seems very romantic and mysterious

Learner_Driver asks: Didn't you star on Wheel of Fortune for Soap stars week?

Hunter: Yes.

velma7172 asks: any plans for b&b to go to an hour instead of a half hour?

Hunter: I hear about that talk off and on and nothing ever happens. As far as the actors go, we like it the way it is.

Hunter: We're on a half hour show, #2 on the network, which says a lot for a half hour show. We're only there late if we have a big wedding or party on the show. For the most part we have really great hours.

rumski30 asks: 'Hunter from what I have read about you, you seem to be very religious But by being an actress in daytime and the storylines you get into does that not conflict in beliefs

Hunter: No, it's all a matter of how I play it and what I will and won't do

Hunter: I am a very strongly convicted Chrsitian. In the past I used to do whatever the script said, but in the past 4 years if there's something I'm uncomfortable with or that might cause someone to do something harmful to themselves I have to use my own discernment.

Hunter: I don't mind if my character makes a mistake and does something that is strong as long as the ultimate message to the audience is that you don't want to do this because these are the consequences

Hunter: You have to have a character that makes mistakes occasionally, or you have a predictable character

Hunter: I have to use my own discernment as the story unfolds to decide whether my aspects would hurt or mislead someone

Ann_106 asks: So are things going to get more strained for Taylor and Ridge or will things work out for them?

Hunter: (laughs)

Hunter: I think there's getting ready to be an interesting twist, that Brooke did not see coming and I think was very clever of Taylor

Hunter: I think it will solidify things for a little while for Tyalor and Ridge.

Patticake98_ga asks: Are you and Susan Flannery as close in real life as you are on the show?

Hunter: I think Susan Flannery is a doll. I love her

Hunter: She's really not like her character. She's a much more genuine and not this uppity person -- almost woodsy

Hunter: She comes to work in khakis and a lumberjack shirt, not a stitch of makeup. She's someone that makes you laugh, makes you feel so laid back. It's like hanging out with one of your aunts

Hunter: Very different from Stephanie, but we still have that warm relationship

dream_gal_ asks: when would you like to finish your role on the b&b?

Hunter: I thought I had finished it a few times before, but I'm still there. I'm an actress, and from a business standpoint I'm always looking to see what else is out ther. If I wasn't, I'd be stale and boring and unmotivated

Hunter: I'm always looking to see what else is out there

Hunter: At the time being, I'm under contract and I'm happy

karina_17aout1996 asks: Do you like to kiss Ridge and how is it?

Hunter: Well, I just did that today... I've kissed a lot of different men on different shows and even on our show, and Ronn is so considerate and sweet. He's litke a little boy, like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. Ronn is goofy, but in the midst of it all he's trying to be sweet

Hunter: He's unpretentious, considerate, concerned about his breath and if he's biting your lip or steping on your toe

Hunter: He's a pleasure to kiss simply because he's considerate and sweet

K_Micah asks: Will Taylor and Thorne ever hook up?

Hunter: No.

Hunter: (laughs)

Hunter: We tried that. didn't work.

kathyde13 asks: When you chose not to have an affair with Eric, I was interested in the moral ethics of it. Is that how you like the show to go for you?

Hunter: Yes. That was one of those situations where I had to say, look, I don't think this is right, this is not going in a direction I feel right about

Hunter: They were getting a lot of calls, people saying it was incestuous, and I agreed, and they agreeed, and ultimately we moved on.

yogi_38_99 asks: Hunter, you were great in the 70's thing, Did you keep the lip gloss?

Hunter: (laughs)

Hunter: My makeup artist pulled out makeup I haven't seen in years-- the frost, the sparkle, and I'm so glad that stuff is gone. It was so hard to get off!

RowdyGirls99 asks: Do you like to surf the internet?

Hunter: No. I hate computers.

Hunter: (laughs)

Hunter: I'm not sitting there chatting with you in secret.

Hunter: I know some of the actors go in in disguise and try to get the people to talk about them, but I don't have the time or patience!

michaelGApark asks: Is it true that Gillian Anderson despises you, I read it in Movieline.

Hunter: I don't know her! I've never even heard of that rumor. We've never even met!!

Hunter: I think someone had speculated on the fact that she was pregnant during X-Files, and I got fired when I was pregnant, and maybe they speculated she didn't take my side.

Hunter: I didn't rely on her pregnancy to win my case, so I don't know where that rumor came from.

AbFabSweetieDarling asks: don't you think that Taylor and Ridge has a better chemistry than Brook and Ridge?

Hunter: Yes I do!

Hunter: Tuesday night, make sure to join in from the webcast at 6pm pacific for B&B's 3000th show

Hunter: I'm going to stop in for a quick hello to everybody, because I had plans, but I was excited to hear what they were doing on SoapCity

Hunter: I wanted to make sure to come in and say hello and be part of it

Hunter: My book, I'm not sure what the title will be, will be out in late summer

Hunter: My new charity is called Chosen Child, and pretty soon we'll be able to give you a web site address.

Hunter: Thank you! Take care, guys.

_______________________________________________________ 25 Most Fascinating Stars - Hunter Tylo

HUNTER TYLO, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (TAYLOR) made headlines all over the world when she won her courtroom battle against TV producer Aaron Spelling, convincing a jury that she had been unjustly fired from Melrose Place because she was pregnant. She was awarded nearly $5 million in damages. The juicy details of that celebrated case, as well as her tumultuos marriage to Michael Tylo (ex- Blade/Rick Bladeson, The Young and the Restless), the devastating eye cancer suffered by her young daughter, Katya, and the star´s religious rebirth, are all vividly depicted in her recently published, candid autobiography, Making a Miracle (Pocket Books, 2000).

What do you think people find intriguing about you?

I think it´s my sincere desire to give them hope, and by that I mean, being so honest about my own mistakes that it gives them hope to see past their own mistakes.

Is that why you chose to make your life an open book?

It´s not so much about my life as it is about somebody out there who might be struggling with some of the same issues, who needs help - and finds inspiration in the book.

How did you start on this career path?

I never intended to be an actress. It was a hidden desire that I didn´t think could ever become a reality. But it happened out of necessity, as far as making money to take care of my child (her oldest son, Christopher).

What do you consider your biggest success?

I think winning the lawsuit against Melrose Place, because it meant that all women across America won. A lot of women have attributed their freedom in the workplace to that lawsuit, so to me, that is a wonderful success.

What has been the biggest obstacle that you´ve overcome?

As a young girl, I was very shy. It was a huge stumbling block, especially if you´re going to be an actor. I overcame my shyness by deciding to step out of that pattern. It was just one of those patterns that I got tired of being in, so I started making every effort to change it. It was a choice, because life is a series of choices.

How do you combine your personal and professional life?

It´s a balancing act that is very difficult. I try to put my family first, but I also realize I have a responsability to my employer. So sometimes my family has to pull together and make those sacrifices. But I don´t do it without conferring and making agreements with my family insofar as what they need first.

What motivates you?

Finding the beauty in life every day. And for me, personally, that means not taking my children or my marriage or any of the provisions God has given me for granted.

What is a common misconception about you?

That I´m a victim, in fact, I believe - and I assert - I´m an "overcomer". In the book, I give some illustrations of where I was placed in the position of being a victim, but the point is, I chose not to stay in in that place by doing something about it.

Whom do you find intriguing?

Diane Sawyer, insofar as her strength and her femininity go, and her ability to balance and juggle everything at once, and maintain her professional demeanor even when discussing very diffcult topics with someone. Sometimes during interviews she´s conducting, I find her more intriguing than the subject of the interview. (Laughs) I find her very interesting to watch.

Would you ever consider conducting TV interviews yourself?

Maybe. Believe me, I´ve been through enough of these things. I could think of some really good questions to ask!

What fork in the road changed your life?

It wasn´t a fork in the road, but a realization that I was repeating unhealthy patterns in my life over and over again. I´m talking about destructive relationships, which have to do with broken promises and unclear agreements. Miscommunications. So when I started taking responsibility for those patterns, thing began to change for me. When you do that - and you consider other people´s feelings - then those relationships are going to be a lot healthier.

Is success as rewarding as you envisioned?

What I´ve learned is, life is not about career success. Life is about the people in your life and how you are working together for the betterment of the bigger picture.

What kind of impact did your upbringing have on you and the person you are today?

I´m very grateful to my mother and father for instilling moral values in me, even though I strayed from them at one point in my life. If they hadn´t taken that responsability seriously, I would´ve probably been in real deep trouble. I think that´s a message for parents today: If you´re depending on schools or your church to be the responsible party, you´re asking for deep, deep trouble. If you don´t give children a role model in your own behavior now, then don´t question why that child is in serious trouble when they grow up.

Are ther any goals you haven´t accomplished?

I might like to sing. I love the sound of upbeat, hip, rock-type music. I like the lyrics of Christian bands. Some of my favourite Christian bands are Fono, Jars of Clay and White Cross. You never know. I´m not a person who imposes limits on herself.

Hunter Tylo tapped as specialist for Caroline

Brunette bombshell, Hunter Tylo promises to add pizazz to The Bold and The Beautiful when she appears as Dr. Taylor Hayes, a specialist.

Recommended by Dr. Christine D´Angelo (Jane Higginson) to treat the mysteriously ill Caroline Forrester (Joanna Johnson), Tylo will appear on the show for the first time on June 6. Tylo has a contract with B&B, and is expected to have a longterm storyline, after the story involving Caroline is resolved.

Tylo´s last soap spot was on Days of Our Lives, where she portrayed Marina Toscano. Marina was hooked up with Days superhero Steve (Stephen Nichols), when it was discovered she, not Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), was actually Steve´s wife.

Coincidentally, the editors of SPW (Issue #4) thought Tylo would be an interesting choice to play the part of Caroline, when Johnson considered leaving the show late last year. Fortunately Johnson changed her mind and will continue to play the part of Caroline, at least for now. Perhaps the good doctor can discover what mysterious illness is ailing poor Caroline. Stay tuned.

Twice chosen for People magazine's "The 50 Most Beautiful People in the World" feature, and widely hailed as the most captivating actress on daytime television, Hunter Tylo may seem untouchable, a star out of our orbit. Nothing, as she reveals in this candid autobiography, could be further from the truth. This is the story of a down-to-earth woman -- mother, wife, and friend -- whose grace and class in the face of extraordinary challenges are an inspiration. Meet the real Hunter Tylo and get to know a remarkable person.

As Dr. Taylor Hayes, the sexy psychiatrist of CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful -- seen by 350 million daily viewers worldwide -- Hunter brings to life a complex character whose "compassion can sometimes turn to passion, " as the actress describes her; it is this quality that exemplifies Hunter's life as well: she has emerged as a woman whose understated strength turns obstacles into triumphs.

Here at last, Hunter tells the complete story of her successful court battle against the producers of Melrose Place, who had fired her before she appeared in a single episode because she became pregnant.

But Hunter's motherhood odyssey has taken dramatic twists more heart-wrenching than any television drama. For the first time, Hunter tells the story of her infant daughter Katya's rare eye cancer -- and how her deeply rooted Christian faith has seen her through the ordeal.

With honesty and without pretension, Hunter Tylo also takes chances in Making A Miracle -- by revealing much that her millions of fans do not yet know, including a personal crisis that left her to make a choice no woman should have to make. Reading these candid revelations, you may come to see Hunter Tylo in a new light -- and perhaps understand more of who she is and what forces motivate her every day.

Beyond the glamour of stardom and celebrity, Making A Miracle is a story about motherhood; for Hunter Tylo, it is the role of a lifetime.

The author, Hunter Tylo , April 6, 2000

Struggling With Life?

Hello Friend and Reader, As you may have heard, my book is extremely candid and people have speculated as to why this is so. Why would someone display their life, even the un-flattering parts...? My answer is simple. No one has a perfect life or has made the perfect choices in every circumstance. I do not claim to be a victim, but I affirm that I am an overcomer -- a person who is now choosing in life to take responsibilities for my own actions and look for the postitive in life. I believe there is someone out there right now who is struggling with some of the same issues and difficulties in life and who needs hope. Could it be you? My life went to hell in a handbasket at one time: From my own choices and mistakes as a teen-mom to the heartbreak of a baby diagnosed with cancer. My message: There is hope. Life is precious. Stop wasting life on bickering and fighting with others. Seek forgiveness. Look for ways to make life beautiful for all those around you, and you will enjoy this gift we call life. Has someone "wronged" you or are you holding grudges? Is there someone you know who is dying? Are you afraid to stand up for what you believe in? You will see your own life reflected in mine at various times -- carefull, it might touch you... My wish is that you will laugh, cry and enjoy this fun read!

My Two Loves by Hunter Tylo (Taylor, B&B)

Hunter Tylo on her real-life husband, Michael:

What do you love most about Michael?

His sensibility. He´s able to look at life in reality and find ways to fix problems.

When did you know you were destined to be with Michael?

We were standing behind the set on ALL MY CHILDREN (when they were castmates), arguing about a scene. We locked eyes and almost in slow-mo, we came together in a kiss.

What´s the most romantic thing that Michael has ever done?

Every Valentine´s Day, be books a room for us at a hotel and just babies me... gives me a back massage and usually, he presents me with a gorgeous gown or a piece of jewelry.

What do you and Michael usually disagree about?

Music. He likes oldies rock´n´roll. I like stuff with an edge to it.

Who is Michael´s favorite B&B resident?

Darlene Conley (Sally). I have to watch those two when they´re in the same room together.

What´s Michael´s worst habit?


Hunter Tylo on Taylor´s husband, Ridge:

What does Taylor love most about Ridge?

His romanticism and sensitivity.

When did Taylor know she was destined to be with Ridge?

When she was counseling him after (his wife) Caroline´s death. She connected with him on a level he might not have opened up to anyone else on.

What´s the most romantic thing that Ridge has ever done?

I think those same things. I think we´ve got an even score on that one.

What do Taylor and Ridge usually disagree about?

Ways of dealing with life. Taylor wants to talk about things and feel every shred of it. Ridge just wants things to go away.

Who is Ridge´s favorite B&B resident?

His mommy.

What´s Ridge´s worst habit?

Minimizing heavy-duty situations.

Hunter Tylo´s Brave New World

Catch a rising star - The Bold and The Beautiful soap siren behind the scenes

Gleaming in a pool of sunlight, Sugar, the calico cat, is lazily coiled on a windowsill beside the antique wooden dining table. Then there is Bear and Roxy, Keeshond and Rottweiler dogs respectively, looking out the bay windows. Stuffed giraffes of various colors and sizes seem tucked in every nook and cranny of the Tylo residence, nestled in a trendy Los Angeles neighborhood. "I would have been a veterinarian," muses Hunter Tylo, 37, gesturing to her animals, "if acting hadn´t happened." Among the more than 400 giraffes (her favorite animal) in Hunter´s collection there is even a large one from a dismantled merry-go-round that Michael, Hunter´s husband of 12 years, gave his wife.

Today, Hunter has been pulled in a million directions since 5:30 am. "I wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles like everyone else," she says. Now with a fresh scrubbed face and dressed in a baseball cap, jeans and worn sneakers the actress looks like any working mother about to drive her kids to school - a far cry from her alter ego, glam Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester on The Bold and The Beautiful. "I´ve been packing lunches, getting people out of bed, finding socks and shoes and yelling at everyone to move it!" Typical day. That is, until she gets to the studio, where hairstylists and make-up artists help turn her into soap siren Dr. Taylor Hayes. "I change gears when I get to work," says the mother of four. "But it´s me out there doing the grocery shopping, buying socks, pants and underwear for the kids and trick-or-treating."

For the real Hunter, it´s a long way from her childhood in Fort Worth, Texas (she was one of four children), to one of People Magazines 50 Most Beautiful People in 1993 and 1998. "I was a real tomboy growing up. My mom finally sent me to charmschool," Hunter says with a laugh, "but I was a hopeless case."

Her exotic high cheekbones (her mother is part Cherokee) and lanky good looks led to a modeling career in the late ´70s and early ´80s. Like the Cameron Diazs and Charlize Therons who followed Hunter made the switch from modeling to acting in 1985. She appeared on All My Children as Robin McCall, where she had a three-year run. While viewers watched the romantic hijinks on-screen, behind the cameras Hunter was falling in love with her second husband, Michael, who played suave Matt. Though it may be hard to believe, they hardly spoke for the first year. "I thought she was way too young for me," says Michael, who is 14 years older than Hunter. The May-December romance blossomed, and the two were married in 1987. After AMC, Tylo segued into Days of Our Lives before she landed the role as sexy psychiatrist Taylor on B&B, a soap character who´s up there with All My Children´s Erica Kane as an all-time favorite (even if she is good-hearted, not scheming!).

The blip in her perfect career came in 1996. Hired to play a vixen on Melrose Place, she was fired when she announced she was pregnant with her third child Izabella. The producers maintained that a pregnant woman couldn´t play a seductress. Hunter retaliated and sued, accusing Spelling Entertainment of pregnancy discrimination (other TV shows including The X-Files and Beverly Hills 902 10 - also a Spelling production - have accommodated pregnant actors). A Los Angeles jury disagreed with the producers and warded Hunter $4,9 million. At the end of the trial, an elated Tylo was quoted as saying the cerdict was a victory "for every woman, for every child that´s not born." For people who weren´t B&B addicts and had never heard of Hunter Tylo, the story - which had appeal for defenders of women´s right - launched her star.

Following the lawsuit, Hunter resumed her role as Taylor Hayes on B&B and founded the charity Hunter´s Chosen Child to assist expectant women in finding support, as well as provide legal guidelines for workplace discrimination. She also hosts First Priority, a parenting show for CNBC. "I´ve been there," she states. "I was 17 when I got pregnant [with now 19-year-old Chris]. I was in love and wanted to get married, but I had no idea what I was getting into... I want young women to know there´s nothing wrong in trying to do the right thing and being responisble." Hunter´s charity work is a vital component in her life. "We don´t have to be stuck if we get pregnant young. I didn´t let me life fall apart... I made strong choices." Even though she was empowered by her legal victory as well as her subsequent charity work, Hunter´s real fight was yet to come. Last year, her daughter Katya was diagnosed with life-threatening retinoblastoma - a form of eye cancer - at one month old. One eye was removed and scar tissue almost blinds the remaining eye. Constant reminders of Katya´s brush with death are also evident throughout the home. "Katya receives her own fan mail," remarks Hunter. "People have sent her so many things from all over the world." While the cancer is in remission, Katya gets regular eye exams until she´s three, when the eye is mature. Still, Katya looks at books, identifies letters, runs up and down the driveway and rides her tricycle. "She can even see her 'Binky' across a crowded room." Like any other toddler, Katya has learned how to use Binky to her best advantage. "She became addicted to her Binky when going through painful procedures. So Binky has become her security."

Hunter is now using her fame to raise money and awareness for the disease. She appeared on Larry King Live to discuss the importance of checking your kids for retinoblastoma, and this spring she´s releasing a book about her battles, called Making a Miracle.

Busy as she is with her family, career and charities, Hunter still seems relaxed - especially when she talks about her favorite subject: her kids. But does she ever feel overwhelmed like so many working mothers? "It´s always a challenge to keep going forward," she says. "I guess the thing that motivates me is the need to take care of my family and nurture them. I was laughing with my girlfriend the other day about this, saying, 'Remember me? The slob who used to have jeans and socks lying on the floor for days?' Well I can´t do that anymore, because for one, the clothes need to be washed, and two it doesn´t look good - I´m thinking about my family. It´s family that keeps me motivated."

If you´re wondering what Hunter does in her downtime, ask and she´ll grin like a teen getting ready for a prom. "Saturdays are date nights," she says. That means the kids stay home, and she and Michael get to spend some time together. The 'date' doesn´t have to be a glamorous night on the town (sorry Taylor). "Lately, Michael and I have been going to the movies and I just put on a pair of jeans and boots." Which proves you can take a woman out of Texas, but you can´t take Texas out of the woman.

What´s in a name? Everything!

Would you think this woman was just as exotic if she were named Deborah Morehart? We didn´t think so! Changing her name to go with her image, B&B´s beautiful Hunter Tylo owes her looks to a part Cherokee Indian background. Not surprisingly, she is one of the chosen few to have been named in People Magazine´s "50 Most Beautiful People in the World", not once but twice.

Born on July 3, 1961 in Texas, Hunter is one of four children who all remain very close. She is happily married to soap actor Michael Tylo (ex-Blade, Y&R) and they have four children: Chris (from a previous marriage), Mickey, Isabella Gabrielle and Katya Ariel, who has struggled in her young life with he rare form of eye cancer, rhetinoblastoma. Before landing her first permanent acting part on All My Children in 1985, Hunter Tylo was enrolled to study medicine and for several years was considered to be on leave from her university. But it was soon apparant where her destiny lay - amidst the glamorous world of daytime drama! After three years on AMC, Tylo moved to Days of our Lives, where she captivated audiences around the world for two years as fiesty Marina Toscano.

The Bold And The Beautiful as the much-loved Dr Taylor Hayes Forrester, where she has stayed, on and off, for the best part of 10 years. Briefly venturing into primetime in the mid `90s, Hunter landed a much-publicised role on the Aaron Spelling hit Melrose Place. But before she could shoot her first scene, pregnant Hunter was sent packing.

Spelling claimed Hunter breached her contract and would not be able to pull off her character´s "sexy vixen" image. Hunter sued the tycoon and shocked the jury by wearing elegantly-fitted clothes that showed off her trim figure, announcing she was actually eight months pregnant at the time! Needless to say, Hunter won the landmark case, and she labelled the verdict "a victory for every woman". Besides, the likes of Heather Locklear and, later Lisa Rinna, had had their pregnancies "disguised" in the very same show, so Spelling´s blatant discrimination was evident.

Daytime fans were elated when Hunter returned to The Bold And The Beautiful and character Taylor finally beat archenemy Brooke Logan to wed the man of her dreams, Ridge Forrester. Back on the soap which has made her a household name around the world a slightly "war-weary" Hunter Tylo is now more popular than ever.

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