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Winsor Harmon

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All About Winsor

It's been an emotional few months for The Bold and the Beautiful's Thorne Forrester, giving his portrayer, WINSOR HARMON, a lot of juicy material to sink his teeth into! gave B&B fans an opportunity to "interview" Winsor by sending in their most pressing questions for the actor via e-mail. Did Thorne intentionally save Brooke instead of Macy before the car crash? Where did Winsor get his name? Read on to find out the answers....

Question: I have been watching B&B since it has started. I have seen the different Thornes and I am pleased to see that you are doing such a terrific job. I hope they pair your character with Brooke. I feel that you two have so much chemistry. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing you every day. I enjoy watching you play Thorne. From your fan, Melissa

WINSOR HARMON: Thank you very much. It's my pleasure working with [Katherine] Kelly [Lang].

Question: What qualities do you admire most in a person?

WINSOR HARMON: Honesty. Loyalty.

Question: What's the best present you have ever received?

WINSOR HARMON: When my fiancée told me that she loved me.

Question: What's the most extravagant thing you've ever bought?

WINSOR HARMON: My house. It's brand new.

Question: I would first like to commend you on your acting abilities.


Question: I am guessing that you enjoy playing a more conflicted personality rather than "goody-goody" type personality. I am also guessing that in "real life," you would be attracted to a "wilder" woman such as Brooke. In other words, I see you as a person who enjoys taking chances and living a little dangerously. Am I right? Keep up the great work on the show. I am soooo happy that you are starting to get more storylines.


Question: What do you think about a Thorne and Morgan pairing? Saundra

WINSOR HARMON: I'd love to work with Sarah [Buxton, Morgan]. I think they'd have great chemistry. Sarah and I get along very well off-set. We keep each other laughing constantly, so we'd probably have to focus on our work a lot more.

Question: I've really enjoyed watching you as Thorne. Out of all of the Thornes B&B has had, you are by far my favorite. My question is, do you think Thorne would completely alienate his family if it was the only way he could have a future with Brooke? WINSOR HARMON: Stay tuned.

Question: Do you cook?


Question: What's your favorite thing to cook?

WINSOR HARMON: I don't really have a favorite thing. I cook a lot of different types of food. Anything. I just love to cook big, big meals. I like to cook Thanksgiving dinner for twenty people. I just learned [how to cook] because I've taken care of myself since I was fourteen years old.

Question: What do you think of your character having to choose between one of the two women he loves - the one he has made marriage vows to, and the one he has given his heart - to pull to safety first? I think it's an amazing storyline. I only hope to one day be as good of an actress as you are an actor. Dawn Wells

WINSOR HARMON: I don't think he was thinking about that. The fact was that Macy was pinned in the car. He couldn't get her out, so it would be easier to get Brooke out first and then come back and get Macy. He had every intention of coming to get Macy, without a doubt. It just so happened that the woman he wants to spend his life with now, he got out. It's still a very sad case. He didn't want to lose either one of them. He was just responding to the accident.

Question: You are great on the show and really put a fantastic blend of characteristics together to portray Thorne at his best, but I'd like to know if the fight scenes between you and Ronn [Moss, Ridge] are hard to perform? I know you are professionals, but do you have the occasional giggle fits trying to be macho Forresters? Do you work yourselves up beforehand to be in an angry state? Hopefully, you all have a beer afterwards and pat each other on the back! Thanks again, Martine Healy Brisbane, Australia

WINSOR HARMON: Absolutely. We get the biggest kick out of it because we're very close off-camera. We're very good friends. It's really funny when we have to come in and do that, but we do it and just laugh. We cut up and [then] we just go to that moment. We know how the brothers are on-camera, you know, how they are on the show. It makes it very easy for us.

Question: I am wondering if you are originally from Texas. I detect an accent sometimes. I was raised in Texas, but I'm not there right now. Hearing your accent makes me feel closer to home. Elizabeth

WINSOR HARMON: She's right on. I was raised in Rockwall, Texas, thirty miles east of Dallas. Every now and then [when] I'm not concentrating, sometimes a word will slip. I [feel like I] have lost [my accent]. I thought it was pretty much gone all the way. I guess every now and then that maybe you do hear it. I think it's in argument scenes that it sometimes comes out.

Question: When did you move from Texas to pursue television?

WINSOR HARMON: Probably about 1985.

Question: I've been watching B&B for a while now and I'm one of your biggest fans! I think you're the most talented actor ever! I've got a couple of questions to ask this handsome actor! When you do some hot scenes with Katherine Kelly Lang, such as the "tub scene" and "steam room," what does your fiancée think of you and those scenes? Doesn't she mind? Nilo

WINSOR HARMON: She knows it's acting. Kelly and she are friends off-camera, and Kelly's husband and she are friends off-camera. [My fiancée] is an artist, too. She's done videos in the past, with her music, where she's had to kiss a guy. I'm sure she watches my hands! [Laughs]

Question: What are your impressions about the part you play?

WINSOR HARMON: I love the part I play. I really started enjoying the part, I would say, about a year and a half ago, two years ago at the most. I finally was able to do this part as I see fit to play it. I had to follow a guide when I first started playing it because I didn't create this character. This character was created by Jeff Trachta. He's the one who really developed the character. What we've done with it is just completely move him to another level. He's a completely different person. This Thorne is more like his mother. He's hot headed. He doesn't take crap from any of them and he's willing to fight with any of them. When he believes in something he makes a stand for it. It doesn't matter what the consequences are. He'll make the stand. He's tough now. He stands up to Ridge. In other words, he's not in the background of Ridge anymore. He's side by side, shoulder to shoulder with Ridge now. He can compete with Ridge on any level, at anything. It's something that Brad [Bell, Executive Producer and Head Writer] wanted to bring to the character and he felt that I could, so he brought me on. It makes it more fun for Ronn [Moss, Ridge]. It makes it fun for me. When we're going at each other it's challenging and we really enjoy it.

Question: In real life, would you choose the woman you love or the woman you married?

WINSOR HARMON: I would choose the woman I love.

Question: Does the part you play have any impact on your personal life?

WINSOR HARMON: Yes. There are certain beliefs that I have that I will not do on the show. I don't believe in family violence. I don't believe in a husband and wife ever physically hitting each other. I don't believe a family should hit each other. Brothers are a different situation. Men should fight men. I think it's good [to have] a good old brawl occasionally, for men. I think in a family home, behind closed doors, that no results can be achieved by violence. It's a very negative thing. We've had a situation on the show where I got slapped by Bobbie [Eakes, Macy] one time when I didn't know that I was going to be slapped.

Question: Would you have objected to it had you known?

WINSOR HARMON: Absolutely. I have objected to other things before. It's just my beliefs. Susan [Flannery, Stephanie] was supposed to slap me in a scene once and I said, "I don't believe in that. I don't believe in violence and I really am against it." I don't think it came down to any arguments or anything. I think Susan even decided to take it out [of the scene].

Question: You're my favorite B&B character. What is your personal opinion of the relationship between Thorne and Brooke? Is he justified in choosing Brooke? Love, Anne

WINSOR HARMON: It's new. They've discovered and unleashed different things inside of them, which is [what is] so great about love. They've been friends for so many years and Thorne has always tried to help Ridge and Brooke be together. He's always believed that. Now, all of a sudden he's discovered this woman in her and she's brought a new joy to his life. They have a very explosive relationship. It's a very sexually explosive relationship. They can't get around each other without going crazy.

Question: You are a GREAT actor and you are so HOT! I am from Detroit, Michigan and I heard you on the radio about a month or so back on my way to school (Young Country, 99.5 in the morning with Dr. Don). Call me crazy, but that just made my day. I was just wondering what is it like to work with such beautiful and talented women such as Katherine Kelly Lang and Bobbie Eakes? You are all so talented. I would also like to tell you that you and Katherine have such wonderful chemistry and I hope that the Bells follow through with the Brooke/Thorne relationship. Thank you again for doing such a good job in your role as Thorne. Love always, Heather

WINSOR HARMON: I have a great job. It's a pleasure. I'm sure there are a lot of men who envy me!

Question: Were you a good student?

WINSOR HARMON: No. I was a hell raiser in school. I didn't have an attention span for school.

Question: Who is your favorite person to hang with on the B&B set?

WINSOR HARMON: I don't really have a favorite person. I hang out with so many people. I'm friends with everyone, not just the cast, but the crew as well.

Question: I am a big fan of yours and I like the storyline with Thorne/Brooke/Macy. Will Thorne and Brooke be able to go on with their lives together knowing that Brooke made the mistake of showing up with the divorce papers? If Macy hadn't been killed, would Thorne reunite with her or is he truly in love with Brooke? Keep up the excellent work.

WINSOR HARMON: That's what this story is all about. We don't know. I think he would have stayed with Brooke, but you never know. I think they have to go on with their lives now and be even stronger.

Question: I am a faithful watcher of The Bold and The Beautiful. I think Thorne is the best looking character on the show. He is HOT! Does playing such a conflicted character on B&B conflict with his "real" personality? I've always wondered if it's hard to play a character on-screen that is so different from you're own. What are you like off-screen?

WINSOR HARMON: I'm a lot different than Thorne. I have a lot of moral issues that are the same. I am a one-woman man. I would not ever have an affair. I wear my heart on my sleeve like he does. But first of all, I would never go out with my brother's wife or girlfriend. [Laughs] And thank you very much for that compliment. That was very sweet.

Question: What are the biggest "challenges" of being on national TV? Debbie Schmidt Irving, Texas

WINSOR HARMON: You lose your privacy. You open your life up to ridicule, to invasion. I'm very careful about the interviews that I do. I'm very careful that no one will ever come into my house and videotape. I will never show anyone where I live. I keep my private life out. I don't seek publicity.

Question: I think you are precious! You are by far my favorite Thorne that has been on Bold and Beautiful. I have watched the show since the beginning and it is you who keeps me tuning in day after day! I also think that you and Brooke make a great couple and have terrific chemistry. You are not planning on leaving the show anytime soon, are you? Thanks for all the entertainment! Love, Kimberly Williams

WINSOR HARMON: Not that I'm aware of, but you never know.

Question: B&B has many Internet discussion sites on the web. Do you ever read the sites? Have you ever taken part in any of the discussions? Also, when fans are unhappy with the way a storyline is playing out, are their e-mails and letters taken into account? Love you and KKL as a couple - the best couple on B&B. I'm a "Throokie." Do you think we will get to see more of you guys together? Thanks for some great acting - you have made the character of Thorne outstanding.

WINSOR HARMON: No, I have not [read the sites] and I don't [take part in discussions]. Not to say that I won't!

Question: Hello there. Let me say that I enjoy your work. You are an excellent actor. I have been doing genealogy research and I believe that there may be a connection between your Harmon line and mine. Do you have any ancestors from Virginia or West Virginia? Thanks and good luck with your career.

WINSOR HARMON: I don't know. I'd love to find out though.

Question: I was just curious, as I do like Winsor's acting, which woman would you prefer in real life - a Macy who is innocent, yet has a serious flaw (alcoholism), or someone who is "clean" and equally beautiful, but with a history of loving-and-leaving as does Brooke? I thought your answer to this one might be interesting. As for me, I'd stay with Macy. I've had enough problems with women like Brooke!

WINSOR HARMON: I don't know. That's a very good question, but very hard to say. I'm a very positive individual, so as far as I'm concerned they wouldn't leave me. [Laughs]

Question: If you had a wish list what would you like to see as far as the development of this role? I feel actors that have played the role long enough have a better angle on where the role should head.

WINSOR HARMON: I think he's developing exactly how I'd like to see him develop. I would never tell the writers or Brad how to do their job. I'm very happy.

Question: Lastly, where does the name Winsor come from? It sounds so English. Gayle Melbourne, Australia

WINSOR HARMON: I don't know. It's something that I really need to research because [it comes from] my grandparents. I am the third. My grandfather was Winsor Harmon, Sr. I think it's French Canadian. It could be English, but it's spelled without a "d," so that's the difference between the English and mine.

Question: Where do you get your inspiration from?

WINSOR HARMON: Life, just loving life.

Question: What do you have for breakfast and how do you keep in shape?

WINSOR HARMON: I have coffee and fruit for breakfast and I work out.

Question: What type of music do you listen to? Who's your favorite artist?

WINSOR HARMON: Rock and roll. Saint Eve.

Question: What three words would you use to describe yourself? Thanks a million, Gaynor

WINSOR HARMON: Loyal, positive and hungry. [Laughs]

Question: What's the best and worst advice you've ever received?

WINSOR HARMON: Speak your mind.

Question: Will you always be on a daytime drama, or will you fan out into feature work?

WINSOR HARMON: I don't know. I only play the moment.

Soap City Chat Event:Winsor Harmon (The Bold and the Beautiful)

Winsor Harmon: Hey, everyone! It's 4 AM here in Rome, Italy! Good evening there!

shan: Was it hard being the third actor to play the role of Thorne?

Winsor Harmon: I don't think it matters which actor you are, it's always hard to step into the role of someone from before... it was hard!

Nisat: Did you like playing the character of Del on AMC or do you like the role of Thorne better?

Winsor Harmon: I loved the character of Del... I got to create him, and got to do with him what I wanted... With Thorne, I had to adapt, but I like Thorne better... I'm closer to him.

lynne8: Is there someone on the show you would like to have more scenes with?

Winsor Harmon: Probably with Susan Flannery (Stephanie), Ronn Moss and John McCook... There's so many people I haven't worked with, and I'd love to work with Kimberlin Brown.

milwaukee2: How long is Thorne going to be conspiring with Brooke?

Winsor Harmon: Until all this stuff explodes! But we're to the point where Thorne and Brooke have built a trusting relationship, and this may last a long time... Very interesting between the two!

milwaukee2: Is Susan Flannery a tough lady... she seems that way?

Winsor Harmon: Tough to the point that Susan knows... Let's put it this way, she's a very secure individual! She's one of the finest actresses in the business. She's the nicest woman I've ever met, but not someone you'd want to cross.

Nisat: Is it tough having people taking you seriously as an actor because you are so good looking?

Winsor Harmon: Yeah... that always comes up... anyone in the business has to face this. We all want to be known for our acting, so we have to fight that extra element. I just say thank you very much, and go on my way — I don't rely on my looks, I study!

milwaukee2: Winsor, I remember seeing you in a lot of print ads, how long have you been a model?

Winsor Harmon: Not for about 8 years...

milwaukee2: What was your favorite and least favorite experience as a model?

Winsor Harmon: My favorite experience was with Cindy Crawford for the Halston campaign... I spent seven hours with her and it was an overwhelming experience. She was so down-to-earth, really sweet. I learned a lot from her... that was the pinnacle of my modeling career. In fact, after that, I quit! The first time that I was called to do a catalog shoot for underwear, my agents forgot to tell me that it was underwear... and that was my first job, modeling in front of 30 people in my underwear for the first time!

milwaukee2: Did you always want to be a model/actor?

Winsor Harmon: I always wanted to be an actor — since second grade — modeling was a door-opener and it paid for classes and travelling (Hawaii, Australia, Italy).

milwaukee2: What are you doing in Rome?

Winsor Harmon: I came over to do an appearance for a show in Rome.

ynne8:l Hi, do you speak any Italian... Have you been to Rome before?

Winsor Harmon: Yes, I have, and yes I can! I speak a little Italian.

shan: Who are your acting idols?

Winsor Harmon: Sean Penn. He's the finest, and I respect him more than anyone in Hollywood because he's a true artist who's not afraid to speak his mind, and he doesn't get caught up in the BS. He tends to stay out of the spotlight, and so do I... It's about what I want to create and study... That's what separates good actors from great actors!

Nisat: I heard that B&B is the number one primetime show in Europe, that you are treated like royalty... is this true?

Winsor Harmon: Yeah... 100% — it's amazing! It's weird, but exciting — the fans, thousands of them, shaking, crying... But it also makes you realize the impact that TV has on people. It's flattering though.

milwaukee2: Did you get along with Cady McClain and are you friends with any of your former cast members on AMC?

Winsor Harmon: Yes, me and Cady were very close, and I miss her... I wish we could work together again. I haven't talked to Sarah (Michelle Gellar, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), but I miss her too!

sfdesign: You have a southern accent, where are you originally from?

Winsor Harmon: Originally from New Orleans.

milwaukee2: What's been your favorite and least favorite storyline?

Winsor Harmon: I don't really have a least favorite... I think everything has been right on, very real. My favorite storyline is probably where we are now, with the baby situation. Thorne is very in love with Taylor and he wears his heart on his sleeve... His #1 concern is this baby.

milwaukee2: Do you feel a rivalry with Ronn Moss, who plays your brother, that he gets so much more air time?

Winsor Harmon: None whatsoever... my job is to bring the character to life, no matter if I work two days or five days... We all do our job!

milwaukee2: Who do you want to see Thorne end up with...Taylor? Or someone else?

Winsor Harmon: I think Thorne should be with Taylor, but maybe it would be exciting for a relationship with Brooke, or Macy.

shan: Is Thorne going to be a real villain?

Winsor Harmon: Absolutely... I think any human being is capable of that, depending on the circumstance... if he was pushed into the corner, oh yeah! He's suffering from second child syndrome, and his mother and father have never put him first... what would he do to get their attention? He feels he's just as good as Ridge...

janeebr: I read somewhere that you can sing. Will you be singing on B&B anytime soon?

Winsor Harmon: No, I will not. We talked about that, but that's what Jeff did, and it's not for me. I sing country music as a hobby, but I don't want to do it on air... That part of Thorne is gone.

janeebr: Do you think Thorne is going to get sick of playing second fiddle to number one son Ridge — and maybe try to shoot him again?

Winsor Harmon: Thorne has been tried... whether he does that, I don't know... but he will do whatever it takes to be even. That's up to the writers... personally, I'd rather him take Ridge on like a man.

janeebr: How long would you like to stay with B&B? Do you have larger acting aspirations?

Winsor Harmon: Honestly, I'll stay as long as I'm happy — that could be from now til I'm 90, or just two years from now... My whole contentment is with the show right now, and I'm signed on for four years... I don't care about being a big star, I just care about working everyday, and the cast is like my family, so I'm home!

janeebr: Are you happy with the direction in which the writers have taken Thorne? Is it fun playing such a manipulative control-freak?

Winsor Harmon: Yeah, I'm happy with how the writers have taken him... I can't see him as "manipulative" — he's going from his heart...

lynne8: Do you watch other soaps? And if so, are there any actors or actresses whose work you admire?

Winsor Harmon: I watch "General Hospital," and "All My Children" — John Callahan, Steve Burton, Robin Mattson, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. I just met Sarah Brown (Carly, GH) and I think she's a fabulous actress!

milwaukee2: Who taught you the most about acting?

Winsor Harmon: I would say... I don't know! Maybe Susan Flannery. She's said several things that have stuck with me like pins in a cushion, and have changed me in a lot of ways. That's a hard question! I learn a lot from movies too.

adri-anne: How do you get your gorgeous two-tone hair?

Winsor Harmon: My mother and father! Let's set the record straight: my hair color is NATURAL!

milwaukee2: Are you married? Do you have any children?

Winsor Harmon: Yes and no.

milwaukee2: Is Winsor you're real name?

Winsor Harmon: Yes — I'm actually the third.

shan: Who's the best kisser on B&B?

Winsor Harmon: Ronn Moss! So I hear... I haven't kissed enough people to answer that! Okay, I'll say I am!

milwaukee2: Do you prefer living in NYC or LA?

Winsor Harmon: Los Angeles, because I can get in my car, go to the beach, go the studio... it's too cold in NY.

janeebr: Can Thorne truly be happy with Taylor knowing she'll always love Ridge? Won't that just reinforce his No. 2 son status and doom the relationship?

Winsor Harmon: No, I don't think so... Taylor and Thorne are a lot alike, so Taylor will always understand that... she's looking for someone to settle down with and Thorne knows she can have that with him, but not with Ridge.

sfdesign: What's your favorite place to eat in Italy?

Winsor Harmon: Lake Como — a nice little restaurant called Gigorno.

milwaukee2: Do you want to do movies or have you ever been in one?

Winsor Harmon: I've been in several... a lot of independents, some I got cut from! That's actually why I'm here in Rome now. I need to try other characters — as an artist, that's what you do!

janeebr: Do you ever lurk in B&B chat rooms to see what the fans are saying about you and the show? You're welcome to lurk in ours anytime!!

Winsor Harmon: I don't lurk, but I do know what they say... I have a cousin in NY, and she keeps up with everything!

adri-anne: What is your favorite place on earth?

Winsor Harmon: It's either Lanai, Hawaii, or St. Barts out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean — only accessible by helicopter or boat. Picture two people, beautiful sand, champagne...

milwaukee2: Do you have dreams of winning an Emmy and will you submit yourself?

Winsor Harmon: That's a touchy situation with me... my management company will submit me. I don't want to offend anyone, but they're selected by other actors, but other actors don't have time to watch other shows. The whole process needs to be changed, and the fans need to have a vote... it's not fair for it to be all up to the actors! Sometimes it's an actors' popularity contest... I've seen other people do amazing work, and none of them get nominated! I don't think we (the actors) should vote.

adri-anne: You come across as so warm and supportive to Taylor. Are you getting the girl?

Winsor Harmon: I will do everything in my power to get her, but hey... stay tuned, things are going to get hairy around Christmas time!!!

adri-anne: You're a sharp dresser. Have you always enjoyed clothes?

Winsor Harmon: Absolutely... just bought a new suit today! Donna Karan, Hugo Boss, Armani, these are my favorite designers... I wear Calvin Klein underwear, if I do wear any!

milwaukee2: Who's the biggest practical joker on the set of B&B? And who was it on AMC?

Winsor Harmon: ME!! And Charlie Grant, but since George left, it's calmed down. On AMC, me, Michael Nader and Michael Knight.

milwaukee2: Are you a sports fan, if so what are you favorite teams?

Winsor Harmon: The Cowboys!!! I'm a tremendous sports fan... The Bulls in the NBA.

milwaukee2: Do you ever pigout on junk food?

Winsor Harmon: Yeah... junk food to me is fried foods, steaks, potato chips (entire bags) — but only once every now and then because I work out.

milwaukee2: What recording artists do you like to listen too?

Winsor Harmon: Pearl Jam.

milwaukee2: You have such a nice body, how often do you work out and how do you stay so lean?

Winsor Harmon: I watch what I eat, and I work out 5-6 times a week — sometimes two hours in the morning and again in the evening. Well, it's time for me to go — THANK YOU for all your support. I wish you were all here with me in Rome, and that you had to catch the plane with me (11 hours back to LA!). Thanks again... Stay tuned to B&B — and ciao bella!!

Chat Moderator: Winsor had to leave to catch a plane... Come by tomorrow for the chat with Robert Waldron and Martha Hollis, authors of the Official "Y&R" cookbook... 6 PM PST. Bye for now and thanks for chatting with us at Soap City. And be on the lookout for our Christmas chats with the Stars beginning December 8th with Emmy winner Linda Dano, from "Another World."

WINSOR HARMON (THORNE) SoapCity Chat, 15 juli '99

Winsor: Hello everybody, welcome.

xX_ladypanther_Xx asks: Winsor, how do you like your characters story line with Brooke?

Winsor: I think it is great, there is so much to play there. It is kinda like the forbidden fruit. She has always been with Ridge, so it is all new. I like their chemistry.

DaBomb_2545 asks: Winsor, you are so handsome! Is there anything else that you would like to explore? Other careers than acting

Winsor: Probably race car driving, or some day own a restaurant. I love to cook.

manolis_varnassinger asks: Would you ever consider leaving the show

Winsor: No. I don't think about that. As long as I'm happy. I guess if it ever got to the point where it wasn't fun, then I would probably go on to do something else.

Sunbeam198 asks: Hi Winsor, the fashion show was a hoot. Did you crack up when you read the script?

Winsor: Yes. It was pretty funny.

connyxx asks: What do you think about Katherine K. Lang?

Winsor: I think she is the most sweet individual in the world and one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has got this girlish charm about her that is charismatic. People like her.

dazed_n_confused_always_75 asks: Why did you leave AMC?

Winsor: It was time. The story had just wound down. The main thing was that Sarah was leaving. We were pretty much together. There was just no story. I wanted to move back to California.

smiles_1999_us asks: Is the fashion show going to cause long term damage for the Forresters?

Winsor: No. We will figure it out. I think it will cause damage for Spectra eventually.

xX_ladypanther_Xx asks: Did you have to do a lot of retakes when filming the fashion show?

Winsor: This is what was strange. The fashion show itself, with everything on the runway, we were not there. I didn't see the show until yesterday. We taped only the backstage stuff. When you'd see us behind the stage looking through the curtain, we were just looking at space.

Sunbeam198 asks: Hi Winsor, do you have any pets?

Winsor: No. No pets.

JAY_JC asks: Do you enjoy doing the love scenes?

Winsor: It is kind of hard, difficult and is very uncomfortable because there are so many people watching. But working with Katherine, we take a very profession angle towards it. We talk about it before hand. It is very technical. Who's face is where, etc. It is much harder than what you see on TV. Moca_Spice asks: What's the best part about being on a soap?

Winsor: The chance to create every single day. You can learn and grow as an actor. You are around a great cast and you get an intense training in evolving the character.

DaBomb_2545 asks: What character on the show would you compare yourself too?

Winsor: I think I have a lot of qualities of my mother, Stephanie.

Brokenwing123 asks: Thorne appears to try to be the peacemaker in the show a lot... where would you like to see Thorne's character go in the future?

Winsor: I like where he is headed right now. He is a very strong character, a sensitive individual and that is where the peace making comes in. He is very spiritual inside. He is aware of Buddhism and his philosophy is in the present. He doesn't worry about the future, he lives moment from moment. Assesses the situation and deals with it in a very rational way. Instead of blowing up. But he does have a bad temper. Like his mother.

manolis_varnassinger asks: Winsor, what music do you like

Winsor: I have a broad spectrum of tastes. The last album I bought was Skid Row. The album before was Andrea Bucceli. I love rock n roll, classical, alternative. I love music, it is one of my favorite past times. I'll wake up with Guns and Roses and go to sleep with Andrea.

wubbi2000 asks: What three words describe you best?

Winsor: Honest. Loving. Religious. or healthy, wealthy and wise! Haha!

coolest2 asks: How long does it take you to memorize your lines?

Winsor: Usually I read the script one time and retain about 70 % of the information. Then I study for a couple of hours, usually. I'll read it the night before, then work on it in the morning.

grasshopper asks: Do you feel like you've made the character of Thorne your own?

Winsor: Yes. I feel that I've taken the character over and made him my own.

coolee79 asks: Who is your best bud on the set?

Winsor: I would say Ron, or Mick.

jgayfield asks: How passionate are the love scenes and do they pose problems in your personal relationships

Winsor: No, they do not pose any problems in my relationships. My fiancée is a musician. She does videos kissing strange guys.

DALohman4 asks: What is the one thing you enjoy most about working on Bold and Beautiful???

Winsor: The relaxed atmosphere that we work in.

Moca_Spice asks: Do you feel soaps predict life in a realistic form or do they go more towards fantasy?

Winsor: I think a lot of the shows move towards fantasy. Ours is pretty realistic. Other show's stories are a little off the wall.

dmcd627 asks: Is it true you were the Marlboro Man? For how long? Do you smoke?

Winsor: I was the Marlboro Man. I'm not a heavy smoker. I'll have a smoke with a drink. I use to smoke heavily.

liza99_987 asks: I always found it quite interesting that you had a bit of a southern accent on the show. The show takes place in sunny California. How is the accent explained, and is that your normal accent?

Winsor: It is an accent I was raised with, from Texas. Certain words come out sounding like that. I've been working with a voice coach for a year. Sometimes the R's will slip out. There is no explanation for it.

coolee79 asks: Do you watch the show yourself after you have made one?

Winsor: Yes.

jeanniner99 asks: Do you have any imminent plans to start a family?

Winsor: I already have a family.

ttilman asks: Is there any rivalry or competition on the set?

Winsor: No.

liza99_987 asks: I have watched the show from day #1. You are an awesome replacement for the former Thorne. Is it hard to take over for someone who didn't exactly leave on his own terms?

Winsor: Yes, it is hard. The thing is you get a telephone call, asking to take over a role. I wasn't familiar with Jeff, his work or the show. I had no idea what I was coming into. I'm an actor, I take a role. I didn't realize what we had to go through to do the cast change. But, the decision was made and we stuck with it. I'm a fan of Jeff, his one man act is on the level of genius. I've heard nothing but great things. We don't have anything against each other.

connect asks: Have you got the internet at home ?

Winsor: I do have a computer. I do business on my computer, banking and things like that. I'll go into chat room and pretend to be a lawyer or doctor for fun.

coolee79 asks: Is the girl who plays Amber a sweet girl?

Winsor: Yes, she is very sweet. She is also a very good actress. I love her character.

ladyjillybean asks: What kind of sports do you watch or enjoy?

Winsor: Football. Dallas Cowboys. I love the women's soccer.

Sunbeam198 asks: HI Winsor, what are your hobbies?

Winsor: My Porsche, riding, writing...

liza99_987 asks: Approximately how far in advance do you shoot the shows before the actual air date?

Winsor: Right now we are seven and half weeks ahead of schedule. What you are seeing today we shot almost two months ago.

Jazz_dag asks: What's your favorite scene or show you've performed so far??

Winsor: I think my favorite scene is the one that aired yesterday with the break up with Macy. Probably the scene I first had with my mother after she caught me with Taylor. I thought those were very good; an eleven page scene. Seldom do you get material that heavy, where you can go to so many different levels. I like that Thorne didn't take the anger out on Macy. The anger was from the hurt and the frustration.

Moca_Spice asks: What is sexy to you?

Winsor: Sexy to me is independence, security in a woman. Romance is sexy. Being an individual.

connyxx asks: Have you got a nickname from your friends ?

Winsor: Yeah. Wiener. Susan Flannery created it. It was an inside joke.

glennda3 asks: How many hours are in your day at work?

Winsor: Usually anywhere from six to twelve.

Sunbeam198 asks: Hi Winsor! You and Ridge in an arm wrestling match... who would win?

Winsor: It would probably be a tie.

liza99_987 asks: If you want to drastically change your appearance, and I guess this might apply to women more than men (like Brooke's short cut),do you have to get permission first?

Winsor: Well, you go and discuss it with them. You can't just show up one day with pink hair if you are one of the characters. We have to stay in what is in fashion. I love short hair, but they like it long. I'd normally wear my hair like Rick wears his. But it wasn't the right cut for Thorne. He is a little more conservative. But he is changing. Thorne is starting to become and individual - step into an equal level with Ridge.

coolee79 asks: What female do you find most beautiful on your show. Not only physically but mentally?

Winsor: That's a tossup. all of the girls are so beautiful and they're all great. There's not one that's really outstanding. I've really enjoyed working with Katherine because we've never worked together before this. I've loved working with Bobbie. They and my mom are the only one's I've worked with.

How different is the character of Thorne from Del on AMC?

Winsor: Del was a bad guy. Big difference. He was a chameleon. He could do anything in every situation. He could turn on that charm and have girls do exactly what he wanted so he could take advantage of any situation. He was ruthless. He destroyed Maria in high school, didn't even blink about it. Thorne would whip Del's ass.

fire_femme6 asks: I wasn't crazy about the change in actors when you came on the scene, but I could not believe it was the same person on yesterday's episode!!! I loved seeing you get intense w/Macy. It is hard to prepare to scream your head off at someone you work with everyday?

Winsor: No, it is not hard. It is the character. Provided you do your homework. It is weird, because don't rehearse the scene that way. I'm a different person in the scene. He has got to bring the pain and anger into the scene. It is part of being an actor.

starrbopp asks: Do you pick out any of the clothes you wear and do you keep any of the clothes on B&B?

Winsor: No, I don't keep them. I do get to say if I don't really like a color or something. I pretty much where Donna Karen or Armani. They are very elegant.

veronicalynnharvey asks: Do you cook for your fiancée?

Winsor: Yes. Well, she isn't my fiancée yet. We've been living together for over a year.

thornesfan asks: I'm Officially the Keeper of Thorne's shirt ;-)... can you tell if there will be many scenes this summer with "Shirtless Thorne?"

Winsor: I would suggest you watch tomorrows show, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

glennda3 asks: Are you ever surprised by your script?

Winsor: No, I don't think there is anything that ever surprises me.

rtb1234 asks: Do you and Ronn Moss hang out?

Winsor: Yes.

glennda3 asks: Are you ever embarrassed?

Winsor: Yeah... It is embarrassing in front of 60 people in a Speedo, they are spraying you with water and it is cold! There are times you can have a kissing scene, you move the wrong way, bite each can be funny sometimes.

mom4two_98 asks: How would one go about getting an autographed photo of you ... and the cast?

Winsor: You can join the fan club or call the studio or write a letter in. They will send you a signed photo of everyone. Or you can write me at the show.

cheap411 asks: I just recently started watching B&B about four months ago. I've pretty much realized that Thorne and Macy love each other but can't have one another. It relates to the whole Romeo and Juliet scene. Is that where they're getting it from?

Winsor: I don't know if that is where they are getting it from, but it is definitely that love story. It is always soothing. The two kids in love, but the family is at war.


Winsor: Because it is an ongoing story. We bring our lives to you every day. It is disfunctional problems we go through that are so crazy they become interesting. I get caught up in certain things. I'll get involved.

jeanniner99 asks: Do you believe a gentleman still does things like opening doors for a lady, and opening her car door before she gets out? Are you an old-fashioned gentleman, or a modern "do it yourself" man.

Winsor: I'm old fashion. I believe in chivalry. I open every door for my girlfriend, absolutely.

ttilman asks: Who would you like Thorne to end up with: Macy or Brooke?

Winsor: I'd like to see him and Brooke right now. I like what it would do to the family and give Thorne some tremendous scenes. I'd like to see how many would handle it. I love when sge and Brooke fight. Winsor: The next few days there will be some great stuff coming.

Moca_Spice asks: What is your favorite room of your house?

Winsor: The kitchen.

thornesfan asks: Would you like to be a part of the crossover with Y&R?

Winsor: Yes. I have not done that. I would love to go over and work with Eric (Jack) and Victor.

Country Time: Bold & Beautiful’s Winsor Harmon

By Suzy Byrne

Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester, Bold & Beautiful) has worn many different hats in his lifetime — he was a football star at Texas A&M University, an international male model (pitching Halston cologne with übermodel Cindy Crawford and posing as the Marlboro Man) and, as soap fans know, an actor who has appeared on All My Children (Del Henry, 1994-95) and B&B. But his latest hat is the ten-gallon type: Harmon has released his first album, Winsor, an 11-track collection of original country-music songs, including one that he co-wrote. Digest & Weekly Online’s Suzy Byrne caught up with the busy songster recently and chatted about his music debut (“I’ve always wanted to do it”), what’s coming up for Thorne on B&B (he just signed a new contract!) and his recent wedding to a fellow songbird, Deanna — including a variety of celeb sightings and the big-name actress/singer that helped divert attention away from the newlyweds.

Favorite Tunes: Creed’s “Higher” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns ‘N’ Roses.

Favorite Album: U2’s The Joshua Tree. “It was phenomenal.”

No. 1 Performer: His wife, Deanna, a pop/alternative singer who records under the name St. Eve.

First Concert: Michael Jackson, The Victory Tour. “That was pretty amazing.”

Last Album Purchased: Alicia Keys, Songs In A Minor. “She rocks.”

Why you won’t bump into Winsor at a concert: “I love to see people perform, but it’s just so crazy at concerts. There are too many people, and the parking situation... If I could go VIP, I would.”

Byrne: Your taste in music spans a wide scope.

Harmon: I like all kinds of music, obviously — from Guns ‘N’ Roses to Alicia Keys to country.

Byrne: So why did you decide to make a country album?

Harmon: Because I’ve always enjoyed country music. I love country because I love the songs, the stories in the songs. They’re great. Making the album was a matter of timing: I always wanted to do it, but I just didn’t know when I was going to be able to do it. It’s not easy — you don’t just decide to do an album — but I’ve always wanted to do it, and it just fell into my lap. It took about a year to make.

Byrne: Explain how the album deal came about.

Harmon: My wife’s producer met [music legend] Ray Ruff, who was looking for a new artist. Ray has produced for everyone from George Strait to Reba McEntire to Hank Williams Jr. Her producer said, “I know this guy who’s on B&B,” and Ray happened to watch the show and knew who I was. So, we met, I sang for him and he liked it. And here we are.

Byrne: What’s your favorite track?

Harmon: I have about five, actually. [Laughs] One is “Megan,” which I co-wrote with Deanna. It’s about a guy in love with a stripper. We made it up. The rest of the songs came out of Nashville, by very well-known writers. My favorites are “She’s Getting The Rock,” “Coupe de Ville” and “I Bring Her Flowers,” which is a ballad.

Byrne: What distinguishes your album from other soap actors who also have albums?

Harmon: To be honest, I really don’t know. I know that Scott Reeves [soon-to-be ex-Ryan, Young & Restless] has an album, and I think it’s very good. He gave me a copy of it and I listened to it the other day. But I don’t know what’s going to distinguish my album from the others — hopefully sales. [Laughs]

Byrne: Have any of your co-stars heard the album?

Harmon: George Alvarez [Ray, Guiding Light; ex-Enrique, B&B] came came by this morning and I gave him a CD. Actually, he woke me up; the maid let him in and he peeked his head into my room. She lets anybody in. [Laughs] So I gave him one a few hours ago. I also gave copies to Ronn Moss [Ridge] and Bobbie Eakes [ex-Macy]. They both loved it.

Byrne: Can we expect to hear Thorne singing again on B&B?

Harmon: No. That’s something I’ve never really wanted to do on the show. Jeff Trachta [ex-Thorne] brought that to the role, and I think it should stay there.

Byrne: Speaking of B&B, let’s talk a little about your character. Now that Ridge rejected Brooke, should Thorne take her back or is he done with her?

Harmon: No, I don’t think he should take her back. That’s not like him. I don’t think he would take her back.

Byrne: Who would you choose as a love interest for Thorne?

Harmon: Right now, I think he needs to go solo. I’d like to see him go out and play the field and not even think about a love interest. He hasn’t had a good track record — his first wife [Macy] is supposedly dead, and Brooke never got over Ridge. Brooke never will get over Ridge, but Thorne was blinded by that. Brooke’s betrayal hit him pretty hard; it takes a while to recover from something like that. So I think he should play the field for a while.

Byrne: What would be an ideal storyline for your character?

Harmon: There’s a storyline coming up — and I can’t say what it is — but I think it’s going to be one of the best that I can remember in my many years of doing daytime and watching it.

Byrne: Does it have anything to do with the rumors that a major character is getting killed off?

Harmon: I haven’t heard that. I hope it’s not me. [Laughs] No, I just re-signed a new four-year deal with them. I’d be rich and not work. [Laughs] I don’t know anything about a death, but something else is going to happen that I’m going to be involved in that is going to be great. I can’t wait.

Byrne: You and Deanna recently tied-the-knot. Tell us about the wedding.

Harmon: It was a blast! We got married in Hawaii on July 17. It was just me and Deanna, and my best friend and his wife at the ceremony, which took place on Lanai, [an island of central Hawaii west of Maui]. But we had a lot of guests at the hotel who came down.

Byrne: Did you have time for a little R&R?

Harmon:Yes, we laid on the beach and relaxed. It was cool. While we were there I met Pat Sajak, who was [staying at the same hotel] with his wife. He’s a really nice guy — great family. And then Jennifer Lopez showed up with her [then-]fiancé [Cris Judd], and they stayed in the suite next to us so we met them. It was wild!

Byrne: What were they like?

Harmon: They were very private but very nice. She doesn’t like being bothered. And I was glad she showed up because everyone else in the hotel left me alone! [Laughs] It was great. We didn’t have to worry about [being noticed] — we could go to dinner, we could do everything. And the day we were leaving, [Secretary of State] Colin Powell came and it was wild, with the Secret Service and everything... I was tripping on it.

Byrne: Would you ever team up and perform or record with your new bride?

Harmon: Absolutely. I would love to work with Deanna one day. She’s amazing on stage; I love to watch her sing.

To purchase Harmon’s CD, visit his official Web site,

Winsor Harmon Q&A with Digest Online

DIGEST ONLINE: How is Hollywood treating you? We heard that you and Candice are renting one of those movieland houses that Siskel and Ebert would kill to live in.

WINSOR HARMON: They told us this house has a long list of celebrity tenants. I think George Peppard used to live here, and Candy Spelling lived here in the 1960s when she was dating Aaron. She later moved out of here and into his big place. Maybe I can move there next [laughs] . I want to live in a 45,000 square foot home.

DIGEST ONLINE: Can you describe the house for us?

HARMON: It's a French Normandy house, built in the 1920s. It's got all the original moldings, a fireplace and French windows all the way around the whole place. We get a tremendous amount of light, and the place looks like a tropical garden because I'm a plant freak. I've got six trees in the house, three in the living room and three in the dining room, I've got a rubber plant that's about ready to go through the ceiling -- it's just growing like a weed. I also take all the flowers home from the [B&B] set, so the house constantly has fresh flowers in it.

DIGEST ONLINE: When Soap Opera Digest interviewed you in February, you were getting the couches reupholstered. How's the furniture rearranging coming?

HARMON: When you move into a new house, you put a piece of furniture here; then you immediately want to move it and put it somewhere else. Pretty soon, what started in the front of the house goes to the back of the house, and vice versa, so it's like a jigsaw puzzle till you get it just right. In terms of furniture, things are coming along, but we still haven't found a lot of stuff that we're looking for.

DIGEST ONLINE: You moved out to Los Angeles in October. How's the adjustment been?

HARMON: I love the LA lifestyle. We were at the beach all day yesterday.

DIGEST ONLINE: Do you hang out with any of the people from the show?

HARMON: I see quite a few of them, actually. [Unfortunately] most of them have left. I used to do a lot of hanging out with George Alvarez [Enrique] and Schae Harrison [Darla] and Lindsay Price [Michael], but lately I've been seeing Ian Buchanan [James], Susan Flannery [Stephanie], Charlie Grant [Grant] and Ronn Moss [Ridge]. We had dinner the other night. We're a very close knit group there; it's amazing.

DIGEST ONLINE: What was the audition like for the role?

HARMON: Well, there really wasn't an audition. They called me in New York, and I flew out here to LA and met with Brad Bell and Bill Bell and [casting director] Christy Dooley. Christy knew of my work from ALL MY CHILDREN. When Brad was talking about recasting the role, she said, "I think we should see this guy," and they got my tapes and they brought me out here. They asked me how I felt about it and we made the deal right then.

DIGEST ONLINE: A lot of B&B fans want to know if there's still a chance for Thorne and Macy?

HARMON: I really can't answer that. I don't know; that's up to the powers that be, that's up to Brad [and his staff] and they're gonna do what they want. We had some great moments, we had some great scenes, and I really love working with Bobbie Eakes. I think there's a possibility that Macy could come back [into Thorne's life] if he gets together with Taylor. She could come back to fight for him then, because they did have something very special together. That twist could be very interesting, but it's up to the writers.

DIGEST ONLINE: You and Hunter Tylo [Taylor] seem to have a lot of chemistry on screen.

HARMON: It's a blast working with her. I don't think they had any intention of putting me and Hunter together, but we just had a couple of scenes [that worked well]. When you have chemistry with someone, it's something that's really nice and [the writers] can write for it, and we did have that. It's interesting. I try never to think about what creates chemistry, because if you do, you're liable to mess the chemistry up inside your head, thinking this is why we have good chemistry. Then you start reaching for that and I think you lose it.

DIGEST ONLINE: Instead of just letting it happen naturally on screen?

HARMON: Right. I think [off camera] Hunter and I are similar in a lot of ways in our daily life -- in the way we feel about things, the way that we approach things. We're both very laid-back, and we're always laughing. I look at life as a big bubble of joy. I just step into the bubble; I go about it that way, and I feel Hunter's the same way. We're also two people who are very committed to their work.

DIGEST ONLINE: Do you keep in touch with any of the ALL MY CHILDREN people?

HARMON: Not really. I keep in touch with Robin Mattson [Janet] and [her b.f.] Henry Neuman, and that's it. I saw Mark Consuelos [Mateo] and Kelly Ripa [Hayley] at the Soap Opera Digest Awards in February. It's funny; we were such close friends when I was on AMC. We went out almost every single night. Mark hung out with me with all over. But when I left the show, we each had different things going on in our lives, and you get so busy. Hopefully, one of these days we'll be able to see each other. I didn't see anyone at the Emmys I didn't even see Michael Knight [Tad] at the Emmys and he was there. But Candice and I have kept in very close touch with Henry and Robin; as a matter of fact, they stayed in our house for a week, during the week of the Emmys.

DIGEST ONLINE: Your wife left her job at THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW, back in New York, to move out to LA with you last fall. Has it been a hard adjustment?

HARMON: It's an extremely hard adjustment for her. I'm more of a Californian than I am a New Yorker, but she's born and raised there, so that lifestyle is something that she's used to and her whole family is there. Right now Candice is pretty busy working on the house and trying to get it in order, but I guess she's probably been getting a little bored, because she's been looking at work [opportunities] again.

DIGEST ONLINE: When couples start doing serious nest feathering, we can't help but ask: Are you thinking of adding a nursery at some point?

HARMON: We haven't talked about that yet. I don't know what we're going to do -- obviously, we'll have children someday, but I think that's a big responsibility. I think that you have to get your personal life set up first -- your base and your job and everything -- so as to have some stability before you have children. My job right now is good -- I mean I'm not worried about anything by any means -- but you never know. [I think it's good to wait] till you put enough money away. I think, with children, you just know when it's right, and right now we don't think it is.

DIGEST ONLINE: Getting back to the soap for a minute, it seems like B&B has given you much more of an opportunity to showcase your talents than AMC ever did. Are you glad you made the move back into daytime?

HARMON: Oh, yeah. When I left AMC, I discussed it with my agents and managers and we really didn't want to do another soap right away. Like every actor, I wanted to go straight into something else and I did some episodic work on nighttime. But I missed soap opera because it was a family [atmosphere]. I missed working every single day. I thought, "I'm going to acting classes and I'm paying a lot of money," and I thought, "If we get offered something [on daytime], let's take it, so that I can go to school and get paid for it." But I never expected this role on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL to turn out the way that it has. I can't take the credit for it. The credit has to go to my castmates and to the operation of the Bells and the way that B&B is run. They've given me a wonderful opportunity. They've written me very well, and they've let me create this character more on my own than [making me] follow a norm of what the character was. I couldn't have done that without the help and support of my castmates and Brad Bell.

DIGEST ONLINE: Before you took over the role, it seemed like Thorne was generally part of the secondary storyline with Macy. Now in recent months he's become much more front-burner, especially in his collisions with Ridge over Taylor.

HARMON: Thorne and Macy were always the stable couple on the show, and you could always count on them. In discussing it with Brad Bell, [I sensed] that Brad wanted to make the second brother [Thorne] as strong as the first brother [Ridge] because it gives [the writers] so much more opportunity to do things with the show. Ronn Moss and I have really have had some very nice scenes. Actually, we're very similar. You know, it's really funny; I laugh about it. My real life is Ridge Forrester's, and I think Ronn's real life is Thorne's.

DIGEST ONLINE: You mean you were always the golden boy in your family -- or just the wild one?

HARMON: I'm the one that always lived on the edge. Now maybe I could be completely wrong about this, and Ronn may have a dark side to him that he's never showed anybody. Bu there's a really big dark side to me that's just wild. People just don't know it, but I was a maniac I ran through a lot of situations like Ridge does.

DIGEST ONLINE: So you'd violate a restraining order and zoom off on a motorcycle in the middle of the night to be with the woman you loved?

HARMON: Absolutely, absolutely. I live life on the edge. I moved around the country a lot. At the age of 19, I just got up and walked out of college on a full scholarship. I was at Texas A&M, one of the finest colleges in the country, where I was getting a free education and I walked out of it. I said, " I'm going to Hollywood!" That's always been my lifestyle, there have never been roots for me. I'm just very nomadic, a trait which I see in Ridge. Sometimes, I think it would be easier for me to play Ridge, but you know what? I don't think it would be. I think it's probably much easier for me to do what Thorne does. I know Thorne better than I know myself [because he's the opposite of me], so I know the kind of decisions that Thorne makes.

DIGEST ONLINE: So Thorne is definitely not Winsor...

HARMON: If I sat down and thought, "Well, this is what Winsor would do in the situation," I think Thorne would be a very confused character. I've yet to find out what motivates me to do a lot of things. [laughs]

DIGEST ONLINE: Was it hard for you taking over for Jeff Trachta? Back in December, the cast change generated so much controversy.

HARMON: I've never stated this before, but it's probably time to do it. I'm the type of person that does not let outside interference bother me or distract me from what I'm doing. Yes, to be completely honest with you, it was [hard taking over for Jeff]. I was very upset with some people and some letters they wrote and the way they handled the situation. I will never fault anyone for being upset at the fact that their favorite [actor] has left the show, because he was replaced, because he was fired, that's fine. They have the right [to be upset about that]. The problem lies with the hurt -- with the complete disregard for human respect in the some of the letters [we received]. I think the people that wrote these letters really need to sit down with someone and get some help, because it's absolutely sick to do the things that some of these people did. The letters came to me; they came to the studio.

DIGEST ONLINE: And you were just the new guy on the show trying to do a good job.

HARMON: Brad made a decision [to switch Thornes] and I understand that. I know that we have a huge following of fans. We're the number-one show in the world, the number 3 in the country. The thing about it is, Brad makes a decision -- he knows what he's doing, the Bells know what they're doing. You don't have a number-one show in the world, the number 3 in the United States, by not knowing what you're doing; they know. We don't have the right to question them. They know what's best. I understand how the fans feel, and I know it's difficult for the fans to turn the TV on one day and see there's a new person playing the role. But you know what? It's very simple. Either you keep watching the show and hopefully you'll get to like the [new actor as that] character, or you'll change the channel. But I don't feel that you have the right to completely go after a human being the way some of these people did. Now I'm an actor, I was offered a role, I took the role, and that's all I can do, really. I talked about it with my wife and then I just completely forgot about [those letters].

DIGEST ONLINE: At Digest, we thought you took hold of the character of Thorne very quickly, made him stronger, more of a match for Ridge and Stephanie.

HARMON: I've had conversations with Brad Bell. He'd been very frustrated with the fact that he didn't know what to do with Thorne. I have complete respect for Jeff Trachta. I think Jeff Trachta is a genius; that one-man show that he does is absolutely phenomenal. This has nothing to do with Jeff; it has something to do with the fact of where they wanted to take this role. I guess they felt it wouldn't have been believable [with Jeff playing the role], maybe because he was a certain way for seven years -- and to just wake up one day and to completely play the role like I do, and just start going after people and standing up to your mother [wouldn't be realistic]. There was some ad libbing in those [conflict] scenes [I had], some of that stuff wasn't written. I discussed it with Susan [Flannery, Stephanie]. You have to find out the back storyline. When I read all that, it was like, "My God, this child was abused!" That's the way I felt about it, and it made me angry. I felt that pain [that Thorne was carrying inside] and that's something that I had to get across.

DIGEST ONLINE: You did some interesting primetime work after leaving AMC...

HARMON: I did an episode of BAYWATCH NIGHTS with Eddie Cibrian, and I guest starred on ACAPULCO HEAT. It was the show that used to have Fabio on it. That's how I met John McCook [Eric]. I played "Dave the Wave," a world champion surfer who became a smuggler. I killed people actually. John McCook was the leader of the smuggling racket. He was a big, rich importer who wanted to take over the world. The episode was about the spear of destiny, supposedly the spear that the Centurions used to stab Christ. The legend is, whoever gets control of that spear will rule the world. Well, I break into a museum, steal it, and shoot several people on the way out. Then, I sell it to John McCook, because all I care about is surfing, and I need the money so I can go to Hawaii or Australia or wherever. That's what the show was about. We shot it in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for six days, and we had a blast.

DIGEST ONLINE: How do you like working with Susan Flannery?

HARMON: I've learned a lot from her. Susan Flannery can make you a better actor. Great teachers have a knack of reading the material and they can see something in the scene that nobody else sees, find something that makes it closer to real life, which is what we try to reproduce in these scenes. Susan has that knack. Susan can say something to me [in rehearsal] and I'm like, "Oh wow, that's great." It may just be a little bitty thing, but it'll completely turn a scene around and make it go in another direction. The scene will suddenly come alive just by that one word or one look or one thought -- it's simply amazing. And Susan does that on a daily basis.

DIGEST ONLINE: If you were visualizing your life five years from now, how would you like it to be?

HARMON: I'd like to have my own home, instead of renting, and I'd like to have children. Hopefully, I'll still be on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, because I'm really enjoying what I'm doing. There's a reason why people like Ronn Moss and Susan Flannery and John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang have been on this show for 10 years. It speaks for itself. There's something that keeps those people here. It's a family. We all work very hard to continue to make this show number one [in the world], and if we ever get the chance to go to an hour in the U.S., I think we'll be knocking on Dad's door and I think Mr. Bell knows that. Overseas, some of the countries play an hour of B&B a day -- they put two shows together -- and in those countries, we're number one.

Living in the Moment

Thorne recently became engaged to his long time on again off again love Macy. However, a few kisses with his good friend Brooke (who's also been romantically involved with his brother and father) have him distracted. Not to mention that his family's feud with Macy's family goes back to the ice ages. What's ahead for Thorne? We went to the man behind the character, WINSOR HARMON, to get the scoop! You must be pleased that Thorne is front and center once again.

WINSOR HARMON: I'm having a blast. Fans are divided online regarding the Brooke relationship. Some think it's horrible that Brooke has been with two other Forrester men, but others think you have great chemistry. How do you feel about it?

WINSOR HARMON: Oh, I think they do have great chemistry, and I think that the other people who say that they don't, are denying it. [Laughs] Because there's no doubt they have a great chemistry and it's fun. They bring something that's exciting. You never know what's going to happen with the two [of them]. I think we complement each other very well. The relationship with Thorne and Brooke seemed to build over time. There was always the friendship there. Were you surprised when you read the script that Thorne was to kiss her?

WINSOR HARMON: No, I don't think I was really that surprised. I think it was a fact where we were leading to that for some time. It's just fun how it just happened; it seems like they've been this way for so long. I don't know; it's hard to explain. But it's good! I'm having fun doing it. How do you think the rest of the Forresters will react to this pairing?

WINSOR HARMON: Well, I know Mother is going to go berserk, Ridge is going to go berserk, I'm sure Dad's going to go berserk, but that's what makes it so fun. They're not going to be too happy about it. [Laughs] Do you think it's weird for Thorne that Brooke has been involved with his brother and his father?

WINSOR HARMON: I think it's been a part of it, yeah. He has maybe been holding back because of that. The thing about it is, Thorne believes in it. He doesn't live in the past and he doesn't live for the future. He lives for the moment. I don't think it really bothers him about the past. He doesn't want his family to go up in smoke again obviously. You know how he is; always the peacemaker. I don't know; we're going to have to wait and see how it works out. But I don't think it bothers him that much. Do you think Macy and Thorne can make it, despite their past problems and warring families?

WINSOR HARMON: I don't know about this time. It seems like there's a lot of problems now. They've got a hard battle ahead of them. And now with the Brooke thing - they've got an extremely hard battle ahead of them. Do you think they'll make it down the aisle?

WINSOR HARMON: I don't know. I really honestly can't say that. How ugly do you think the fashion show will get?

WINSOR HARMON: It's going to get very ugly. Very ugly. What would you like to see in the future for Thorne?

WINSOR HARMON: I like exactly what's going on now. I really do. I leave that up to Brad [Bell, B&B Executive Producer/Head Writer]. Whatever Brad has in his head to do for me is fine. I just rather not predict or ask. I like the way that it's going. It's just fun; it's just something new for me everyday. It's great that the fashion business is in the forefront of the show again. Do you know anything about fashion personally?

WINSOR HARMON: It's exciting. Yes, I was a model for years. I was in Europe doing all the shows and everything like that. I know a lot about it. Absolutely. It's been a part of my life - and now it's really a part of my life! [Laughs] How are you like Thorne?

WINSOR HARMON: Well, that's hard to say. You know, you can't ever judge yourself compared to a character that you play. You have to bring some of the similarities of you into the character. I guess there are certain things that he does that I would do. You know, this is complete fiction. I wouldn't be chasing my brother's wife, first of all, as was the situation with Taylor. I don't know. I think the things that Thorne likes in life, Winsor does, too. We like the finer things in life. I don't wear my heart on my sleeve. I am a peacemaker, like Thorne is. I don't like conflict. Maybe in those aspects. What do you do when you're not on the set?

WINSOR HARMON: I'm usually at the beach. I'm usually working out. Are you working on any outside projects at the moment?

WINSOR HARMON: No, I'm way too busy right now. I wouldn't even look at a commercial right now. Good luck with your storyline!

WINSOR HARMON: I think [the fans are] going to like it. There's some great stuff coming up. We'll see [who Thorne ends up with]! But I'll tell you, it's going to get nuts here in the next four or five weeks.