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Adrienne Frantz

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Adrienne Frantz

Best Vixen, Amber (Bold and the Beautiful)

When Brooke hired free spirit Amber as a live-in baby-sitter for Rick and Bridget, we had a hunch that she'd shake things up, but even we underestimated Amber's impact.

When the nubile nanny started parading around the house in those skimpy, barely there outfits, 16-year-old Rick's hormones went into oeverdrive. Fully aware that he had the hots for her, Ms. Blonde Ambition tried to parlay his crush into financial backing for her singing career. Andy boy, did Rick love her bedside manner.

Amber never planned on getting pregnant, but when she did, she saw dollar signs: Her baby was the key to opening the Forrestor vault. (FYI: The kid might not be Rick's, but he's clueless thus far.) Brooke sees Amber as a shamless fortune hunter taking advantage of her son. (How ironic, since Stephanie has always accused Brooke of doing the same thing with Ridge!)

Cheeky Amber is alternately scheming, scared and sincere, so we find ourselves rooting for and against her as she tries to keep Rick under her spell. To put it in terms she'd understand: Amber rocks.

Interactive Q&A with B&B's Adrienne Frantz

After a fairly inauspicious daytime debut -- her stint as Sunset Beach's Tiffany lasted under six months -- but when Adrienne Frantz blew into Bold & Beautiful as sassy, trashy Amber Moore, it was clear a star was born.

Three years and one Daytime Emmy nomination later, Frantz has emerged as one of soaps' most deft and dynamic young leads. After soliciting questions from fans, Digest Online caught the actress on her lunch break and posed some of your most probing and provocative inquiries. Her candid responses follow.

Dear Adrienne, First let me say that you're the reason I started watching Bold and the Beautiful. My question is: Sometimes, when a character on a soap gets raves and recognition for being a "bad girl," it seems the more popular these characters become, the more the writers seem to soften them, turning them into boring "good girls," instead of leaving them the scheming, trouble-making hussies that fans like myself love to hate. How do you plan to help save "Amber" from such a fate? -- Tracey

Adrienne Frantz: Thank you for the compliment! To answer your question, one good thing about Amber is that she's never completely been a bad girl -- she's kind of walked the in-between line at all times. So I don't think there's a chance of her ever completely being good. She's always got that wild streak! So I don't think you have to worry…. Though Amber definitely does have a good side to her.

Hey there, Adrienne!

Your performance as Amber is awesome day after day. Do you have an all-time favorite scene from your time on B&B? -- Andie

Adrienne Frantz: I'd have to say my favorite scene was when my baby died on the show because I just completely went all out. I don't have any inhibitions when I act; I just kind of do it and then go, "Wow! Whew, that took a lot out of me!" and then I go home exhausted. I just felt that scene so deeply, you know? It felt amazing to do a scene like that. I was bawling my eyes out in that one!

Amber's scenes with Stephanie are always terrific. What is it like working with Susan Flannery (Stephanie), and what have you learned from her? -- Marika

Adrienne Frantz: Susan is such an amazing actress; she totally gives 110 % to every scene. I think that's what I've learned from her: you can't do anything half-a**. You just have to go all the way. She has such guts; she's got such an amazing power on-screen. I've learned a lot from her. When she won her Emmy, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, I was so happy for her! I was crying, screaming… I knew she was going to win, I just knew it, and I was so happy for her.

Hi there, Adrienne! I wanted to e-mail you a question since you my favorite actress on the planet! Anyway, my question is: who are your role models and how do they inspire you? -- Kelley

Adrienne Frantz: I don't know if I really have a role model per se, but an actress that I've always really admired is Meg Ryan. I think she just has such a presence that she brings to the screen. You always want to watch more of her; you never get sick of her. And she's just so cute, you know? LOL

Hi Adrienne !

I absolutely adore you as Amber in The Bold and the Beautiful. Your name, Frantz, sounds kinda German -- where do your ancestors come from? Do you travel a lot? What countries have you already visited, which country did you like best and what other countries would you like to see? -- Sophie

Adrienne Frantz: I actually don't know that much about my father's side of the family, so I'm not sure if our roots are German. Sorry!

As for traveling, oh my gosh, I travel all the time! I can't even remember all the countries I've been to. I've been to Europe tons of times, like at least nine times. I've been to Italy, London, Amsterdam, Finland. I've been to Tahiti. My next trip scheduled is at the beginning of October; I'll be going back to Amsterdam. And I'm going to South Africa, too, sometime in the near future. I love Italy, love Italy. My favorite place I've been in the past year has to be Pompei. I loved Pompei. I'm a big freak for learning. I love to learn stuff, and anywhere I can go where I can learn something, I'm going to love. Pompei was amazing.

Hi Adrienne, Being an actress and obviously being envied by a lot of women, do you find that girls get jealous of you, especially the ones that you used to know before you became famous? as well as your friends? I just wonder what happens to the girls who are out there in the spotlight. -- Joelle

Adrienne Frantz: I don't really stay in touch with that many people from before I was on TV, because nobody really believed that I was going to make it as an actress. So I basically said, "See ya later! Buh-bye! I don't care, I don’t need someone like you in my life." Really the only person I've kept up with is my best friend, who has been my best friend since I was a little girl. But to answer the question, most women hate me. (Laughs) Really, they hate me! But I don't really care. I'm like, "You hate me? Do I care? That's your negative thoughts just being wasted on me, because I don't really care." I have no use in my life for that kind of person.

Hi! I love the show and just wanted to know how you stay in great shape considering your hectic work schedule. -- JJ

Adrienne Frantz: I never worked out before except for the last two days I decided that I was just going to attempt working out! I've actually gone on the treadmill for the past two days for a half hour, running two and a half miles. I was pretty impressed that I was in such good shape given that I never work out! I don't know how I've stayed in such good shape, but now I am going to work on it because I want a killer, killer body. I want to wear a bikini and feel great about how I look!

Adrienne, I am your biggest fan. I am going to have my dad drive me 10 hours to meet you at the B&B luncheon. Who would you like to see Amber with: C.J., Rick, Ash, or hey, maybe Thorne? LOL -- Amber (yes, that's my real name)

Adrienne Frantz: Thank you for your enthusiasm! I look forward to meeting you at the luncheon. As for who I'd like to see Amber with, I don't know… Probably Rick. Everybody seems to want Amber with Rick, so I'm going to side with the fans on this one.

Do you miss playing Tiffany on Sunset Beach? Sara

Adrienne Frantz: I had fun playing Tiffany, but because Amber is a far more complex character, she's a lot more fun to play than Tiffany. They never really gave Tiffany anywhere to go. She was a one-dimensional character, which is hard to play day after day. I wanted something to work with, some type of storyline, that would help me develop her. But the second I went onto B&B, I got an amazing storyline, and that's much cooler.

Hi Adrienne, Hope things are going well for you on The Bold & The Beautiful. I met John Rzeznik only once, but the impression that he made was a good one. He seems to be a wonderful person and very sincere. He cares about his fans, especially those less fortunate. I wish you happiness in your relationship with him. So my question is . . . "Are you sick of Goo Goo Dolls fans asking you questions about John?" (lol) -- Melissa

Adrienne Frantz: Yes! (Laughs) I like to keep my personal life very personal… I have my life and he has his life and I just like to keep it private.

If you could match your personality to an animal, which animal would say best matches your personality and why? And just for fun, what is your favorite flavor JELL-O? -- Janet

Adrienne Frantz: A cat best matches my personality because I never know what I'm going to do next, you know? I'm always surprised by myself when I do things, and cats are very unpredictable. And cats always seem to know how to go about getting what they want! LOL

As for JELL-O, well, I don't like JELL-O! I don't know why… I think I heard a horror story about it when I was a kid or something. I like JELL-O chocolate pudding, but that's about it!

To Adrienne, Hello from Australia! Have you enjoyed playing the character of Amber when she is doing wrong or when she is in the right? And another question, when are we going to see your lovely self in a movie at the theatres or hear you in your album? I love your voice! -- Jerry

Adrienne Frantz: I enjoy her more when she's in the wrong because it gives me something to play, something fun to play. Nobody likes being the good girl! As for your second question, thank you for the compliment, and look for me soon, because there are some things in the works right now, some projects I'm working on.

I'm 16 and I want to be an actress on a soap opera. What is your advice about how I can achieve my goal of being a soap star? -- Joann

Adrienne Frantz: Here's my advice: Work hard, take acting classes, and don't let anybody tell you that you can't do it and that you suck! People told me that and I just kind of laughed at them. Just follow your dreams, because you're the only one that can make your dreams come true. No one is going to do it for you.

Nearly all your scenes these days have you holding baby Eric in your arms. Is it hard working with an actor that young? -- Jennie

Adrienne Frantz:

Yeah, it's hard, because he's gaining weight! You want to know how I stay so thin? It's because I'm always carrying around a 30-pound baby! I've gotten so used to holding the twins and now they're so heavy! They know me so well because I've been holding them since they were two weeks old; we're very used to each other. But they'll pull my hair or try to pick my nose during scenes. They've shoved food up my nose during scenes… It's so funny, I've really had everything happen to me with these babies! I had them pee on me before. One of the babies didn't have a diaper on and I was supposed to be changing him on the bed, and he peed all the way up my arm. (Laughs) But I do like working with the babies. And it's given me a little bit of practice, not that I plan on having babies anytime in the near future! I'm only 22!

Is it true that you and Marissa Tait (Becky Moore) were really good friends? Do the two of you stay in touch? Also, who is your best friend on the set? -- Robin

Adrienne Frantz: Yes, Marissa is one of my best friends and we hang out all the time. I was just on hiatus for a week and we hung out all the time. She actually comes over to my house almost every night and we hang out and have fun. Marissa was my best friend on the set, but now that she's gone, I would say that Justin Torkildsen (Rick) and Sarah Buxton (Morgan) and Susan Flannery (Stephanie) are my best buds on the set.

Adrienne, your character has gone through so much devastation lately, and it seems like she cries ALL THE TIME. How do you do that so often? Do you use drops, rely on memories, or what? -- Samantha

Adrienne Frantz: I use a technique called substitution, which is when you take something from your personal life that makes you cry and you stick it into the scene. Needless to say, I have to use substitution a lot as Amber! She does cry quite a bit!

Adrienne facts from different magazines:

* She once lived in Manhattan, NY.

* She got her grandfather Hal Curtis and his sister Barbara a gig on B&B playing an old married couple.

* She took SID on a tour through her new dreamhouse a while ago. The house is a three story Spanish house which perches over a Los Angeles overlook and has separate entrances for both herself and her mother Vicki (who lives on the ground level of the house, built in 1925). Adrienne loves the arrangement, as her mother is close by but each of them is able to maintain her privacy. Adrienne plans to build a recording studio in a crafts room in the house, and she may add a spiral staircase from her area to her mom´s... and in the meantime, she is enjoying docorating the place, including adding a glass chandelier she bought while B&B was in Venice.

* When asked who of her co-stars has taught her the most Adrienne´s answer was Susan Flannery (Stephanie). She feels that Susan is an amazing actress who have taught her a lot with her ability to play scenes at many levels without going overboard.

* She noticed that ever since the truth about little Eric came out the Amber and not Kimberly is the one always crying. She tells SID that all the crying scenes have literally left her drained dry, to the point where she wonders if she has any tears left. And in order to keep her eyes from getting puffy, she uses a combination of cucumber pads, gel masks and eye cream when she´s off the set.

* Her idea of a perfect Valentine day is for her man to blindfold her and drive her up to a beautiful mountaintop meadow where they would share a romantic picnic meal.

* If you ever watch Amber on screen, you´ve seen her in an assortment of different looking outfits... and off camera Adrienne is a lot like Amber in that regard. Adrienne recently was amazed at how much clothing she had accumulated when she was packing to move into her new house she bought last year. In addition to brand names like Bebe, DKNY and XOXO, she tells SID, she can also get comfortable in a pair of grungy jeans and a t-shirt. She likes to shop on Los Angeles´ trendy Melrose avenue, and she has even tried on-line shopping. However, she found herself facing connection problems when she ordered from the Internet, so she decided to try calling the company´s toll free # instead.

* She isn´t so much into present buying, although she does put up stockings in her home for her cats. One thing she did this year to try to bring a little more fun to presents was to start a Secret Santa exchange among her castmates; this way, everyone who participates gets one gift and doesn´t have to worry about buying for so many people.

* She and Marissa Tait (Becky) are best buddies off the set and she and Susan Flannery (Stephanie) is also close.

Best vixen, Amber B&B

When Brooke hired free spirit Amber as a live-in baby-sitter for Rick and Bridget, we had a hunch that she´d shake things up, but even we underestimated Amber´s impact.

While the nubile nanny started parading around the house in those skimpy, barely there outfits, 16-year-old Rick´s hormones went into overdrive. Fully aware that he had the hots for her, Ms. Blonde Ambition tried to parlay his crush into a financial backing for her singing career. And boy, did Rick love her beside manner.

Amber never planned on getting pregnant, but when she did, she saw dollar signs: Her baby was the key to opening the Forrester vault. (FYI: The kid might not be Rick´s, but he´s clueless thus far.) Brooke sees Amber as a shamless fortune hunter taking advantage of her son. (How ironic, since Stephanie has always accused Brooke of doing the same thing with Ridge!)

Cheeky Amber is alternately scheming, scared and sincere, so we find ourselves rooting for and against her as she tries to keep Rick under her spell. To put it in terms she´d understand: Amber rocks.