Past Presenters and Reporters

There have been a number of faces that have appeared on The 11 O’Clock Show that have since disappeared. Here is a quickish run down on those I remember…

Presenters in Series 1 were Fred MacAuley, Brendan Burns with Iain Lee. Whilst Iain is obviously still on the show, both Fred and Brendan departed after this two week pilot series and were replaced by Daisy Donovan and to a certain extent MacKenzie Crook. It is not known to me whether they left by choice or by push, but I feel the show is better off for it. Fred MacAuley is still in various shows on TV, most often as guests, but I have seen nor heard nothing of Brendan Burns since.

As for reporters, the most famous and best to have left is Ali G. He is so good he gets his own page. In addition, The Angel of Delight was played by Daisy Donovan and is also popular enough to warrant her own page.

MacKenzie Crook joined the show in Series 2 as an outside reporter and also did a fair amount of studio work. I thought MacKenzie Crook was good on the show, and I was initially disappointed when he was replaced by a team of four outside reporters (Paul Garner, Alex Lowe, Alan Francis and Ricky Gervais). However, it has turned out for the best. MacKenzie is living in a London flat with Iain Lee at present, and has done no major TV work since his departure.

Dan Demetriou also debuted in Series 2 and lasted only one series. Dan was a generally dogs body of Iain, doing a number of sketches, most notably the ‘Nicky Campbell for Mayor’ campaign. However, Dan appeared rather infrequently, and to me it was no great surprise that he left the show after the series. I have not noticed Dan doing any work since.

Alan Francis was part of the team of four reporters that essentially replaced MacKenzie Crook and Dan Demetriou for the start of Series 3. Whilst by no means a bad reporter, I don’t feel he was up to the standard of Paul Garner, Alex Lowe and Ricky Gervais, and for whatever reason (maybe this one?!) he left the show after one series. Like Dan and MacKenzie, I have not noticed Alan on our screens since.

Street Trader was a character that appeared in Series 3 and early shows in Series 4. He went onto the streets and sold dodgy merchandise connected to a major news item of the day. Mildly amusing, but not missed not it seems to have disappeared.

Finally, Arj Barker who played R.T. Fulton in a segment called What The Hell’s Going On? in the latter parts of Series 3. Here, R.T., a clueless Texan, went to various events trying to find out what the hell was going on. I enjoyed these segments, and was a little disappointed when he disappeared from the show. I am unaware as to what Arj is doing now, but I guess he has gone back to America?

Apologises to anyone I have missed. If I have missed anyone, please let me know.

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