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New to Series 4, The News Avenger replaced Daisy Donovanís former interviewing character The Angel of Delight. Whilst essentially similar in style, there are some subtle yet significant differences in the two characters. Where The Angel gave it fully loaded to our politicians usually outside The House of Commons, The Avenger dives full bore into people who are famous for doing something remarkable with technical connections to boot. Sadly, that appears to be where The Avenger was falling down in the beginning.

Donít get me wrong. The News Avenger is not a bad segment. Itís just not a good segment either, and after having two series with The Angel of Delight in them, the difference in quality is quite astounding. The first three interviews I felt that the interviewees werenít suited to this sort of interview. Daisy did her best to get them to say silly things and stretch/bend the truth, but Tracey Edwards, someone I forgot who it was and Sir Roger Bannister were not buying it.
However, things have since improved. The fourth interview with Trevor Bayliss I felt was a big improvement on the first three. Although I was disappointed to see the technical room parts gone, the whole interview was of a far better quality. Bayliss was more interesting than the previous three guests, and this made for a better interview.
Now The News Avenger has paid a visit to Miss Universe 2000 UK finals, she is beginning to show some real quality. These are the sort of subjects The Avenger needs to be big on quality, people who donít really know what The Avenger is on about. This is Daisy back to her best, asking questions with more than a hint of double meaning to someone who hasnít got a clue. These always generate the best interviews. Hopefully The News Avenger is on track now and we can look forward to more quality interviews from Daisyís character.

And if anyone is wondering, those are real glasses Daisy wears whilst being The News Avenger. Apparently these glasses are the sort that help people to focus on distant objects, so this may explain Daisy's transfixed stare at the camera whilst she reads off autocue in the studio whilst not wearing any glasses?

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